Aubameyang to Arsenal transfer hopes raised again

A few days ago when the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club to a possible January move for the Borussia Dortmund and Gabon international striker first started to hit the headlines, I dismissed the reports because the player himself had spoken before the Bundesliga winter break about how happy he was at Dortmund.

But the rumours continued and it was being said that Aubameyang had let it be known that he was in fact keen on a transfer move to the English Premier League. And his current club felt the need to reassure their fans, which always suggests to me that there really is something going on.

Dortmund have felt the need to act once more today after the news was reported by Sky Sports that the goal-a-game forward had been absent from the first training session since the squad broke up for the holidays. Now that really has got tongues wagging in the football rumour mill.

There has been talk of the player having a ‘personal appointment’ but would you not organise any such thing to not coincide with a training session? It is not as if a footballer does not have more than enough free time on his hands is it?

So I for one am starting to give some credence to the rumours, although we should know more if Aubameyang turns up for training tomorrow and the story simply fades away. What do you make if it all Gooners?

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    1. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!………just what we needed………another Aubameyang to Arsenal rumour…….keep em coming!

      1. it wont happen
        why not cheeky bid for sadio mane – he just gave interview saying he wants to leave an will not sign another contract at southampton…
        they are looking at replacements in the eredivise

        hes premier league ready young and athletic- sadiooooo

  1. I am 99% confident that the rumours are true. If Wenger wants to get Aubameyang, this is his best and maybe only opportunity to do so. BVB will be in the UCL next season, so it’ll be more difficult getting him then. Furthermore, the comments by the BVB chief that no one player is indispensable are encouraging. I hope Wenger is decisive with this one, unlike the Suarez transfer. I’ll go as far as £50M to get the move sealed.

    1. Wenger is a fool, he’d rather sign Troy deeney for £10m than Aubameyang for £40m.We had the chance to sign him for 12m when he was at Saint Etienne but the old frog went for a free Yaya Sanogo instead. If he doesn’t win the league the league this season he be flogged off,not upstairs, we don’t need his outdated nonsense influencing the next manager

      1. @antiwenger
        Because he knows Emerick wants to link up with Klopp. That doesn’t make him a fool though. Just makes you a “hater”…Keep hope alive though.

      2. Anti Arsenal. We are top of the league.
        Wenger is the most successful manager of all time -I bet that hurts!
        I will message you when we win the league and you can kiss Wengers ass.

    2. WHen i Think we Could have signed Suarez that season ANd that he wanted to come to Arsenal MAkes Me feel physically SIck !!!!!

  2. I don’t think it has to do with a transfer, read somewhere that it is all about the Africa best player thing.. We ve been here before.haven’t we??

  3. Some fans on this site are extremely gullible, or rather, suffer from memory loss, no way is Wenger buying auba in January. DId you guys just become gooners this season, transfer Windows are wengers kryptonite.

    1. Monreal and Gabriel were bought in January, during our title challenging days Wenger bought a player from Atletico for big money so really I don’t know where you get your generic facts from.

  4. Aubameyang is on his way to Nigeria to pick up an award.

    People are really guillible when they think Dortmund is going to sell Europe’s top scorer in January. Just be happy with Walcott, Giroud and (eventually) Welbeck, that’s fine as it is. Rather see another body in midfield alongside the Elneny deal.

    1. There is different rumours/stories coming out of Dortmund at the moment, Person reasons and Flying to Africa to pick up an award are the main ones, but what makes things more interesting is the comments from some player’s and directors at their club.
      The mood their seems to be of uncertainty regarding Aubameyang, during this transfer window.

      Even if the player is sold, that doesn’t mean that he is 100% coming to Arsenal, So don’t get your hopes up high until someone spots him outside KFC near Charing Cross.

    2. That’s not a personal appointment, that’s an invitation to a ceremony, two very different things.

      1. I’m glad you noticed Sherlock!

        Tuesday’s excuse for Aubameyang missing training was for ” Personal reasons”

        Wednesday’s reason was because of flying out to Africa for an award ceremony, which the player has confirmed on his Instagram site!

        Congratulations on being the most irritating fan I FIND on this site. … Here’s your trophy Gooner Lad ?

  5. I find it difficult to imagine Batman would agree to such a move with Dortmund sitting comfortably in 2nd place and his recent revealed affection for the club. However impractical it may seem, Dortmund is the one club that has demonstrated the willingness to sell its best players over the past few years and could be tempted byva HUGE offer from Arsenal.


    $80M spent and Wenger walks off into the Emirates sunset with the EPL and FA cup title

  6. If Wenger didn’t spash that kind of money in the summer, with all the pressure from fans and media, he definitely won’t now, remember we’re the only club in Europe who didn’t buy an outfield player, and we’re top. Plus the guy is a better version of welbeck so we need to sell welbeck before that happens.

  7. “Aubameyang to Arsenal transfer hopes raised again”

    The Dortmund star is spotted caring a red and white bag to the airport. Earlier he was spotted eating some red apples while reading a superman comic instead of his usual batman.

    Could he be falling for the red, blue and white associated with the Arsenal colors?

  8. I personally don’t want to see that fraud guardiola near arsenal, the guy’s team plays extremely boring football, much rather the Germany coach Joachim leow. Plus we don’t have the funds he likes to spend on players, don’t want another mourinho.

  9. Guardiola ruined that heynces side that won the treble, they played some of the best football I’ve seen and pep ruined it with his tiki taka, won’t be long before he’s exposed at city for the fraud he is.

  10. It just does not makes any sense. Why would Wenger splash such a hefty amount and that too in January when he has promoted Walcott to the CF position, has Giroud fit, Sanchez and Welbeck nearing return. On top of that don’t we know Wenger well enough ?

    This is going to be another pain in the arse transfer episode where Media keeps churning the rumour mills with “connecting the dots” stories to keep increasing their visits on the site in the month of January and generate more and more revenue. And Arsenal over the years have become their darling club for this. Mysterious manager, injury hit squad and gullible fans screaming for signings. What else do they need ?

    Chill people. Elneny is the only signing in Jan for us and thats it. Period.

    1. Yep we all know Wenger, and this probably won’t be happening. The only reason why I’d be allowed a little optimism about this actually happening, besides me rating Aubameyang highly, is that we were top of the pile two years ago…in pretty much the same situation. And everyone knew we needed a CDM then and a CF too. Wenger didn’t splash and the season obviously capitulated pretty badly. Now apparently we’ve got the CDM covered. And that way, it makes all the sense to spend that 40+ mills. Don’t wanna beat it to death, but we’ve really got an authentic chance this season
      Whimsical? Maybe, yeah… But damn it’d be nice if this actually goes through

  11. if you believe Emerik is coming to emirates then you are completely deluded. Please wake up it is january.

  12. OT:
    Looking @ our team I think we need one good attacker more especially on that right wing, not necessarily a striker as walcott and sanchez can play there, as in someone like Pedro…If we use our best line up up front which Sanchez,Giroud and Walcott,then imagine what we will have on the bench offensively..Ox,Campbell,and Welbeck
    Ox needs a loan so that we can get another very useful attacker there..we need offensive depth pls
    At the moment, no player can come off the bench and change our game completely..buh I have a feeling Adelaide is better than Ox,let’s give him chance to impress,starting with the Fa cup this weekend,coyg!

  13. Please allow me to go into fantasy/dream mode for a moment

    I would love Aubmeyang to come to us. I hooping he does
    Aubmeyang would be ideal! He can play on both wings, up front as striker/cf and attacking mf. He is absolutely a high quality, versatile player who will most definitely enjoy Ozil and Cazorla and Alexis$ passes. He would make us world beaters

    That said I shall return to realistic mode.

    We didn’t get a single outfielder this summer. I don’t know the reason. Maybe Wenger was planning to get players in January for whatever reason, maybe he really believed we didn’t need anyone. However, please don’t get your hopes up because it leads to great disappointe

    Im keeping my hopes low so that I won’t be greatly disappointed if nothing happens

    However, if we do get him whatever happened this summer will most certainly forgiven Because we are number 1 in January, got Elneny to help us in the back of Midfield and getting Aubmeyang shows Wenger is doing everything he can to win trophies

    1. He said he was openly seeking quality players and even inquired about a couple of strikers including this fella along with your man Zaza off Juve. Not enough available quality, we got priced out of Higuain too. Hopefully we’ll have better luck this window and Wenger realises he has built up quite a large piggy bank.

  14. Everything that needed discussing on Arsenal signing a top quality striker this January window has been exhaustly discussed, commented on, analysed, punditried and opined. So, we wait to see what the Boss will do over the matter. If he does nothing, then we leave the matter and continue to support Arsenal, the Boss and the Gunners with our prayers to win the 3 titles they are vying for this season. Let’s also hope for Elneny from Basle to Arsenal to finally materialised.

  15. Confession:
    I love transfer windows,transfer rumours…dnt know why some people don’t…whether the rumour is true or not its always interesting..You read some and laugh at the media’s stupidity,you read some and you become stupid and deluded, thinking its true…Aubameyang to Arsenal in Jan is one which makes some people become deluded,imagine Sanchez being like to Athletico now eh..what would you do when see a rumour like that??

  16. The only reason I can think of why Borussia Dortmund would sell Aubameyang now is because they can get far more money now than in the summer. In other words someone is willing to pay way over the odds. Is that someone Wenger? No, unless he is going to break the habit of a lifetime.

    So if Aubameyang is moving I cannot see it being to Arsenal.

  17. You want Auba at Arsenal in Jan, its possible just wake wenger up in the middle of the night and tell him to bid 70m….I bet you, u will see Auba in Arsenal…

  18. If a rumour takes longer than a 2 weeks, you know its poppycock. Most of Wenger’s signings have been pretty straight forward

  19. Arsene Wenger have bought players in January before ,but were never eye-catching hot properties of Europe like Aubameyang.So there is no need making comparisons. Stop dreaming about Auba.

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