Aubameyang trolls Manchester United fans after ‘Phil Jones’ pocket’ claim after 2-0 win

Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has trolled some Manchester United fans that attempted to belittle his abilities before the mammoth New Years Day clash between the Premier League rivals.

The Gunners beat the Red Devils 2-0, sealing the first ever win of Mikel Arteta’s managerial career. The Spaniard enacted a masterplan to keep Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side quiet.

Prior to the clash, some Manchester United fans shared a clip on social media of themselves with Aubameyang, with one telling the striker that he’d score ‘no goals’ against the Red Devils. Take a look at the clip here.

AFTV contributor DT referenced the incident with a reply to the Gabon star on Instagram after the north London outfit’s win.

DT told Aubameyang: “Your work rate again today was insane, where’s that Man United fans that was filming you last night.”

The Arsenal talisman responded with “They are sleeping already.”

Take a look at Aubameyang’s response to the Man United fan’s unsuccessful attempts to rattle him below:

Aubameyang’s original Instagram post that led to this savage reply here.

Arsenal have struggled in big games recently, so fans will be over the moon after seeing the side get a win over one of their heated rivals.

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    1. He can get past defenders and has got some good skills and is also an expert in holding the ball(he is an artist,the way he uses his body)but ya he is currently got some bad luck in front of the goal but he will improve soon.

    1. I agree Jon, but now Mikel Arteta is building his team around that mentally frail, lazy, bleeding the club dry, shirt selling, charity seeking, sinking fan base footballer that is Ozil…what else can we discuss?

      How about mourinho reverting to type, or Kane’s injury hit season?
      Perhaps we could discuss an extension to Ozil’s contract, in order to ensure we tie him down before other big clubs poach him from us…probably have to increase his reported basic £350,000 a week salaery though!!!!!!

      1. That is just sick, Ken. Can we refer you to a mental institution?

        Did you watch the game against ManUtd? My comment is based on the firm belief that you could not have watched that game and then made your comment.

        1. SAGooner, do you have a sense of humour anywhere in your entire body?
          Your comment is based on having a german sense of humour it seems!!!

          I was actually at the manure game, but what on earth that has to do with Jon and myself pulling each other’s leg, I just cannot comprehend…It was a wind up meant to demean the article and I think I am actually ALREADY IN a mental institute, as someone took my post as being serious.

          1. Ve Germans haff vays of makink you Englishmen laugh. Ya! Don’t worry KEN, as at least I realised you were being humourous. Ya, an Englander wiz a sense of humour. Ist very goot! Unt I also zink zat ven ze sainted Ozil plays like he has for zese last three games, zen he must haff ze large pay rise. Ya!

            And are not all footbll fans everywhere deserving of being in mental institutions? Ya, I zink so!

          2. Jon, even jim, ll fix it is at it!!!!!

            Zank got you ave used my season ticket, at least I have someone to vouch for me..heil jon vox and don’t mention the war or do silly walks…now about that pay rise………………….

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