Aubameyang turned down two bids to sign new Arsenal deal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is set to sign a new Arsenal contract, and Fabrizio Romano has reported that he turned down two offers to remain with the Gunners.

The Gabon striker has been arguably the most important player at Arsenal for much of his time at the club and he has entered the final year of his last deal.

The club has been desperate to get him on a new deal for some time now, and fans have been hopeful that he will stay.

Top European teams like Barcelona and Inter Milan have been monitoring his situation with a view to making a move for him.

However, Arsenal remained in negotiations with him and was always confident that they would be able to get him to sign a new contract.

Romano has now confirmed that he has agreed to stay with the Gunners for the next few years, before adding that the striker had offers from Spain and Italy but he turned them down to commit to Arsenal.

His contract extension will provide a much-needed boost to the Arsenal dressing room and the club can now look to build on winning the FA Cup and Community Shield last month.

They can also now focus on strengthening other areas of their team before the transfer window closes.

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  1. He has always wanted to stay and loves the club & our fans. His interactions with Troopz of AFTV is pretty cool and shows he cares about the fans which will make him a legend in the fans eyes when he signs the new contract.

    He has carried us to an FA Cup & Community shield as Captain and looks to do so the next 3 years.

    1. All you Brits ,should b gratefull Africa is not in the position to keep Our players.By the way England’s own players are over rated.U can walk down the road in S.A. then you wil see a boy better then Rashford ,Khane etc.

  2. So, the club has been desperate to get him on a new deal for some time now and the fans have been hopeful that he would stay. And yet our captain took time to consider bids from Barcelona and Inter Milan and will soon be signing for close to 375 pw – just two days before the start of the season?
    What does this say about the state of our Club?
    (just quoting from articles on this forum)

  3. I always had a feeling Auba would stay, pandemic or not. He’s smart. I think Auba’s looking past his playing career. Some of our past stars are journeymen if you ask me. Yes they made money elsewhere but dont have that one club that they can easily walk in when theyre retired and honestly say this is home I could easily start my coaching career here.The likes of RVP learned it the hard way, he could only join Feyenord’s management despite spending many years at a top club like Arsenal. Based on his recent change of heart I’m sure as hell RVP would jump at the opportunity to join the BFG at the academy.

    1. Why are you picking on RVP? Why do you think you know what’s important or best for him?

      There are many Arsenal legends who are still not part of our management, so it’s not clear why you’re particular about RVP? He left and won the EPL while earning a sizable wage, and you’re here still hating on him.

  4. Yes, very much so, AUBA no doubt has shown absolute loyalty, commitment and dedication to his job while Mesut thinks and believes that he is
    ger than Arsenal Football Club. For now. There is no comparison.

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