Aubameyang wants to be the best and that means winning the Golden Boot

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not ready to lie down and concede defeat to Mohamed Salah in the race to win the Premier League Golden Boot despite being two goals behind the Egyptian with just two games left to play.

Aubameyang acknowledges that it will not be easy, but points to his time in Germany when he beat Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski on the final day of the season to be the top scorer in the Bundesliga.

‘It’s a tough battle. We have great strikers in the Premier League” he said. “Hopefully they won’t keep scoring, but I’m a guy who is confident and I know that I can do it. If I don’t, no worries, that’s no problem. But there are still two games to play in the league so I have my chances”

“Why not? ‘I won it two years ago in Germany, in the last game. Me and [Robert] Lewandowski were level on 30 goals and on the final day I scored a penalty. When you are a striker it means a lot. If you want to be the best you have to win the Golden Boot.”

I am not sure you have to win the Golden Boot to be considered the best but it shows the drive and attitude of the Gabon international.

It also means that he will enter the final two games absolutely focused on scoring, and in all fairness to our upcoming opponents Brighton and Burnley, he does stand a good chance of finding the net a few times.

Of course, Salah is in a very good position to claim his second Golden Boot but Aubameyang will not go down without a fight and is still very much in the running, albeit as a bit of a long shot.


  1. Wow spurs loss it in the last kick of the game. Arsenal still alive for top 4 with 2 spots up for grabs!!!!

    If arsenal are to do it, Auba will need to go for that golden boot

    1. Chelsea are still above us and their last opponents are just Watford/ Leicester

      But Emery is a lucky man and the ball is round, so anything can change in the last two games

      1. Well if their last match is JUST Leicester what have we to worry about? Oh wait . . . this isn’t the same Leicester who beat us 3 – 0 is it?
        So as long Chelsea have your ‘inverted wingers’, ‘towering (not just tall) defenders’, a ‘mazzela’ in good form and of course a Japanese player – just like we have Iwobi-San as you call him – then they should win easily, right?
        And to think – all this time I thought the ball was square not round. Thank you for your help.

  2. I don’t wanna discourage Aubameyang, but Salah benefits from his position on the right side where he can cut into the center and shoot with stronger left foot. This means Salah can always try his luck by making as many shots as he wants and it is reflected on the most shots in EPL currently (128 shots by Salah vs 82 shots by Aubameyang)

    Whereas Aubameyang often plays as a supplier for Lacazette and the CAM on the right side, where he dribbles and shoots with his right foot

    The problem is Aubameyang played badly when playing on the left side. I’m afraid his goal tally would not increase a lot until he can utilize his weaker foot to shoot better like Walcott or until he can play well on the left

      1. That isn’t difficult to figure out but gotanideal always like to be dramatic in his comments. If PEA takes half of his chances, he would have scored more than 30 goals already.

          1. His inability to finish the easy chances affects his goal statistic as well, but the main problem is what I explained above

            Salah and Mane also missed a lot of chances, but they can always try their luck by shooting more often, due to their role as inverted wingers

            1. Oh my God
              Saying that a winger have more opportunity at goal than a CF
              U should be checked
              And if salah and mane have missed the same clear cut chances as auba then they should not have scored up to 10 goals this season

              1. Aubameyang should be out of sight for the golden boot, given the chances he has spurned.

          2. 30 odd goals in 40 odd games is nothing to be sneered at. Bring Ramsey back with his 3.7 goals a year over ten years

  3. Surely arsenal can’t bottle it from here, bring back st totteringhams day lads ❤️


      1. Let us also pray for the safety of riders and horses for Kentucky Derby today Sue.

  4. If you can dream it you can achieve it. go ahead auba.
    we need 5 new players straight in our starting XI next season in my Opinion.



    What do you guys think, can we afford it with the money available and the player sales? is it really what we need?
    is it good enough to challenge for the title?

      1. if in consideration the additional £60m per season adidas deal, improved tv rights, and massive player sales for the likes of Iwobi, Miki, Mustafi, elneny, chambers among others, some of them will bring a reasonable amount. plus if we are back in the champions league.

  5. We are still relying on other teams to screw up and can’t win an EPL game ourselves. Europa League remains the better bet. Not getting too excited about the recent result.

  6. That was another Ryan Fraser assist V spuds.. I believe that’s 14 for the season now.. sign him up!

      1. Not all of it Kev, as when I got in from work, I put soccer AM on.. then checked my phone & saw the 2 reds, so had to put it on ? did you watch It? Oh the force certainly was with Bournemouth ?

        1. No I try not to watch Tottenham games Sue ? and the dark side was with Totts ? 13 defeats for them now 3 more than us but apparently we’re the easiest to beat ? ? Oh so you didn’t miss the John Arne Riise Arena then ?

          1. Well I don’t either if I’m honest, as Dele Alli winds me up & you know how he has that face you just want to punch ?
            Oh I love it Kev! It’s all gone Pete Tong for them now… Come on Ajax!!
            Haha no, and there was a legend playing in it today – Tony Adams!! Aww bless him – he’s still got it!! You never lose it, ain’t that right Kevin? ?

            1. Yes and Jesse Lingard ? haha it certainly has Sue and they played a full strength team and it backfired with son now out against Everton ? Mr Arsenal himself ? speaking from experience you never do ? remember Sue, it’s not the Miles it’s the Make ?

              1. Yes for sure!!
                I thought he’d have seen red for diving, but no ? I nearly passed out haha!
                Ooh come on Everton ?
                Not the miles, it’s the make – love it ? that really is brilliant! Full of one liners aren’t you?! ?

                1. We must win at Burnley now even with the green kit ?? it’ll be ironic if Theo Walcott scores the winner ? who dived Ali ? ? Haha well Sue being an Arsenal fan you got to have a sense of humour ? so howay the lads tonight cmon Newcastle ?

                  1. One last outing for the green kit?! ?
                    Sorry, I meant I thought Son would have been sent off for diving… but amazingly he wasn’t!! ?
                    That’d be brilliant & he could do the score with his fingers again ?
                    Absolutely Kev… Shelvey to bag a brace ?

                    1. Wey aye man up da toon ?? haha he’ll get a statue at the Emirates if he does ? how relieved will you be Sue ? ? Pray Adidas don’t bring out a mint kit ? well at least he was sent off ?

                    2. ???
                      Very, Kev!!! I’d even settle for a draw!!
                      Oh no don’t say that ? I never thought about that!!
                      Seen some “leaked” adidas tops – I think they look nice & no they weren’t green ?
                      I’m watching the women’s cup final..
                      So did you have a star wars binge?!!

                    3. No I took a quick call to my mum’s house Sue but back home now for the Newcastle game ? I seen about 10 kits so not convinced which ones true ? oh right who is playing then ? I never watch women’s football so I’m not tuned into it ?

                    4. It was Man City V West Ham.. I only watched about half an hour of it. City won 3-0 in the end. You missed your gf, Alex was there! So was Phil Neville ?
                      Is your Mum ok?

                    5. Rondon!!!! ? So the women’s team are good too ? damn I probably would have watched it ? ? hahaha. She doesn’t really keep that well and she’s on her own now but thanks for asking Sue ?

                    6. I was just thinking how crap Rondon is ?
                      They have a former Arsenal player as their captain.. so yes they must be! If it had been Arsenal women playing, I’d have watched all of it ? haha well I’m shocked you weren’t! ?
                      Aww Kev ? at least she has you!
                      I am sooo nervous & Arsenal aren’t even playing!!

                    7. Haha bet you were cheering his goal though Sue ? who’s the arsenal captain Steph Houghton ? Hopefully Newcastle can win it now oh the nerves this stress will bring on a heart attack ? oh she knows I’m busy but I visit every month ?

                    8. Oh FFS…
                      She’s City’s captain. I think Kim Little is Arsenal’s captain
                      Oh bloody hell…that will be dodgy on Monday night (City v Leicester) that’s where it could go horribly wrong…..

                    9. That Liverpool team are steeped in luck! How many decisions and late goals have they got this season! Man city better win on Monday night ? oh I never heard of her Sue ?

                    10. Bloody jammy sods Kev! If only that had stayed 2 all ? if City lose on Monday, I may actually cry…
                      Auba really needs to score a couple tomorrow! Salah’s ahead now ?

                    11. It’s probably salahs last game though ? Aubameyang and that stupid sinus operation that could have waited until the summer! Liverpool fans actually cry that refs and fans all want them to lose and they get no luck! Are they serious? About 8 last minute goals this season ? Barcelona better put them to the sword! I’m actually really annoyed now!

                    12. Yes I am too! ? they have Wolves in their last game – come on Jimenez!
                      The season is nearly over Kev ?

                    13. Is that a bad thing ? ? Well hopefully it goes on until may 29th ? I still can’t believe Liverpool have lost only one game this season.. I’m not saying they aren’t a good team but James Milner Wiljanum, Henderson fabinho hardly world beaters ? are they so good or is the quality in the PL is so poor ? Ok they have a good front 3 but are they better than our front 2 Aubameyang hasn’t played anywhere near the minutes they have and is still in touch with them ?

                    14. Some teams get all the luck Kev! How come TAA wasn’t sent off? I guess the ref’s used all their red cards up at the Vitality Stadium ? it does make me sick though… if only Mahrez hadn’t taken that penalty at Anfield.. if Sergio hadn’t been subbed, he’d have scored it surely?!
                      You’re asking me if they’re that good?! I think you know my answer ? no doubt we’ll hear about this team for the next 20 years (easy) ?
                      So Cardiff have gone then…

                    15. Exactly Sue he should have been sent off and that was never a free kick not in a million years! If that was us ref would have allowed the goal instead of a penalty and still sent the player off ? he should have never taken that pen I think Jesus was on the pitch at the point! Sue we still hear about the European cups they won and majority of them were in the 70s abba were top of the charts then ? I have no idea why Sala chose to go there they were always getting relegated! What an awful mess of a transfer and tragedy that followed!

                    16. No doubt I’ll have to hear all about it at work tomorrow ? although I’m leaving early as I have to catch the train ? so I’ll either put ear plugs in or just switch off!!
                      The ref’s have had another shocker today.. jeez that’s the norm isn’t it? What will be in store for us I wonder??
                      Right Kev, I’ve got to get up at 5.. so am going to call it a night.. I hope I don’t fall asleep at the game ?? what with my age & all hey?!! ? goodnight Kevin, enjoy whatever film you’re watching.. sleep well and let’s hope for a win tomorrow hey?! ?
                      ????⚽️?☕ hehe!! ??

                    17. Oh yeah, your going to the game ? work and a Arsenal game your gonna be worn out ? well you are at a certain age Sue the old engine isn’t as fine tuned as it used to be ? Carrie the old one! Tommy Ross thinks he’s Robert Plant from Led zeppelin with that mop of blonde curly hair ? is that my life in emojis ? Hahahaha ? goodnight Sue enjoy the game ?????

  7. I know Auba has missed a fair few, but look at some of the beauties he has scored.. his 2nd against the spuds – ?
    Thank you, Pierre.. now get your scoring boots on tomorrow! Come on!!

  8. Manchester City have replaced local rivals Manchester United as the Premier League’s most valuable club, according to a new study.
    The report from the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Sports Business Group said that United’s decline could be explained by “higher wages and lower profits.”

    In Deloitte’s list of the world’s richest clubs, which was published in January, only Spanish sides Real Madrid and Barcelona finished higher than United.

    However, while the Deloitte list only based on revenue, the university’s data was also calculated based on profits, non-recurring costs, average profits on player sales over a three-year period, net assets, wage control and proportion of seats sold.

    “Manchester United still had the highest revenue of any club in the Premier League but the increased costs meant they relinquished the top spot in the valuation table,” the study explained.

    Meanwhile, the research put City’s increase down to “a combination of higher revenue and lower wages” while adding that the club was helped by “removing some high earners from the wage bill.”

    It determined that the two Manchester clubs were the only teams with a value in excess of £2 billion for the 2017-18 season as the overall value of the Premier League decreased by 1.6%.

    The study also found that the overall value of the top division clubs to be £14.7 billion with the top six providing a combined £10.9 billion, almost three-quarters (74%) of the total.

    Spurs (£1.837bn), Liverpool (£1.615bn) and Chelsea (£1.615bn) have all witnessed big increases while a lack of Champions League football caused Arsenal’s value to drop from a third highest £1.822bn to a sixth-placed 1.368bn.

    Despite the gap between Arsenal and seventh-placed Burnley reaching almost £1bn, the report described The Clarets as “arguably the most sensibly run club in the Premier League financially”.

    Premier League Club Valuations 2017-18
    1. Manchester City – £2.364 billion

    2. Manchester United – £2.087 billion

    3. Tottenham Hotspur – £1.837 billion

    4. Liverpool – £1.615 billion

    5. Chelsea – £1.615 billion

    6. Arsenal – £1.368 billion

    7. Burnley – £398 million

    8. Newcastle – £383 million

    9. Leicester City – £378 million

    10. Southampton – £369 million

    11. Everton – £363 million

    12. West Ham – £291 million

    13. Stoke City – £238 million

    14. Huddersfield – £231 million

    15. Brighton – £224 million

    16. West Brom – £223 million

    17. Watford – £214 million

    18. Crystal Palace – £200 million

    19. Bournemouth – £180 million

    20. Swansea – £167 million

    1. Tottenham and Liverpool, worth more than Arsenal? Not according to Forbes. We have a stadium paid for, Tottenham haven’t even started to pay off their £1 billion stadium yet. Liverpool’s just built a new stand that also hasn’t been paid for, Chelsea pulled out of building a new stadium because the Russian doesn’t know if his going to be there much longer. Who done this study? Oh yeah Liverpool University. Say no more.

    1. He kept his team up,wait for when he’ll get the players he wants,before he came they were favourites to go down,he improved the same players who couldn’t win a game,before posting do your research man!another clueless armchair manager!

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