Aubameyang warned to ignore exit comments

Paul Merson has warned Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang that a move away from the club could prove costly at such a crucial time in his career.

The Arsenal striker has just over a year left on his current deal, and is being linked with a potential move to Manchester United this summer. He was also urged to move to a ‘more ambitious’ club by Gabon FA’s Pierre Alain Mounguengui.

Merson thinks the move would be risky however, and claims that Arsenal have as much chance as any club other than Man City or Liverpool to win trophies.

“It’s easy saying move to another, more ambitious club and win stuff but there are not a lot of trophies to win, especially with the two phenomenal football clubs: Liverpool and Manchester City,” the former Gunners star said in his Sky Sports column.

“I was very fortunate to play for Arsenal for a long time and make no mistake about it, it’s a great club. The grass is not always green on the other side, you have got to be careful.

“Aubameyang is at an age now where he will play every week for Arsenal. If he goes to, say, Manchester United or somewhere else, four or five bad games and you are out of the team.

“He’s going to play every week at Arsenal and when you are coming towards the end of your career, two or three years ago, you have got to enjoy your football and play.

“If I were Aubameyang’s agent, I would be stressing that he is at one of the best clubs in the world, a phenomenal football club that has as much chance as anybody, bar Manchester City and Liverpool, winning something.

“For me, I would stay.”

You could highlight Alexis Sanchez’s struggles since quitting the club for United, where he left the Emirates as our top goalscorer to become a flop in Manchester.

The Chilean was expected to bring glory back to the club, but the reality is that while he might be getting a better paycheck at Old Trafford, he is no closer to getting any trophies with them.

Could Aubameyang still sign a new deal? Maybe Arteta could convince him to stay at the club?


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  1. I would be advising Auba to leave, and I’m an Arsenal fan!

    I love him, I hope he stays, but Arsenal are garbage, and have been for years. Auba can’t even get ahead of Nketiah upfront! There’s nothing more painful than seeing a world class player not being used correctly, and just wasting years, in what is a short career, at a club going nowhere.

    It was only a matter of time before Alexis got out, and here are again with our only world class player left. I will be stunned if Auba signs a new deal, but if he does, PLAY HIM UPFRONT!!!!!

  2. Well done Merson! I think Sanchez is a very good example.

    I agree with you ThirdManJW there should be some stipulations to drive both sides forwards like playing players in the middle but…

    Unless Auba is leaving for either liverpool or Man City or another big club abroad there is no point leaving.

    Arteta is trying to build a cohesive team and as stated he will play almost every game when fit. If he enjoys playing football with the team mates around him and can get a deal that works for both sides he is good where he is.

  3. Arsenal have a lack of top quality players, but to describe the team as garbage TM , is harsh and incorrect.They may be lacking in certain areas but they also have a group of prodigious young talents who can be the backbone of a resurgent team if we can make 2/3 top quality additions.I am optimistic of our future under Arteta and hopefully Auba will be likewise minded.

  4. For once I actually like what Merse has to say 😄 I hope Auba feels the same! 🙏

    I think Sanchez is the epitome of “the grass isn’t always greener” – I know he’d disagree but I think that was the biggest mistake he made, leaving us..

  5. Though I hope Auba stays AS most Gooners do, I think the virus has changed everything. With no football certain this summer and for some time IMO(though I realise many will not agree) the club will need to get almost all highest wage earners off our books.
    But so will almost ALL other clubs, which MAY, just may, leave him a lack of viable alternatives to go to. In the end – though after an enormous club versus player wage battle, which the clubs will ultimately win – all players will be forced to get real or be unemployed.


  6. If Auba wants to leave, thenlet his agent find a club willing to pay his £300,000 a week demand. He might be hard pressed to do so in the present climate.

    Also, if he is not seeing the potential of players like Martinelli, Saka, Tierney, Salibas, Leno, AMN, Chambers, Holding, Nketiah, Smith Rowe, Nelson then at 31 years of age, let’s cash in on him.

    If he can’t make his mind up, ship him out along with lacs, if he’s not willing to sign as well.

    This is The Arsenal, not a begging bowl – we’ve had mercenaries before and we’ll have them again…they all come bleating back, regretting their decision to leave once they’ve finished their careers and got their massive salaries.

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