Aubameyang already knows what happens at Arsenal this summer

The People In The Know…..Know by Neil Watson

We all fully understand that agents are the controllers and power brokers in today’s modern game. In topflight football they’re like arses; everyone’s got one. And because everyone has one they hold the broadest spectrum of knowledge about….everything.

As a consequence it is more than likely the representatives of Aubameyang And Lacazette know exactly the scenarios that will unfold this summer. Why? Because the very first question they would have asked when discussing the possibility of their clients joining our club would have been. “So what happens at the end of the season with Wenger if the side doesn’t deliver Champions League football and how will that affect my client?”

If he goes who have you got lined up to replace him?

In fact let’s be honest they probably didn’t even need to ask that question because they no doubt represent several potential replacements already.

It’s as basic as your kids starting at a new school and finding out the main teachers are leaving – only, when it comes to multi million pound football contracts, agents are allowed to ask questions that demand straight answers. Moreover, such details and answers to those questions will no doubt be etched into the contracts their clients sign.

And so while we speculate as to what might happen if we are unsuccessful in our pursuit of the Europa Cup, and the CL place that comes with it, I believe the agent that represents, at the very least, Aubameyang will already know exactly how things will pan out. And that would have been a discussion with Gazidis with Wenger nowhere nearby.

That the internal scouting and deal negotiating power within the club has slipped from Wengers grasp means that discussions like that are now possible and signings might have already taken place with a view to life after Le Prof and, dare I say it, even his replacement being muted behind those very same closed doors.

If that is the case, as I suspect, I think the probability of us securing a high profile replacement for Wenger is good. Aubameyang and Lacazette, regardless of current form, are top players that many of Europe’s elite would have signed, and so the last place they would want to end up is at a club where the manager is of the calibre of Eddie Howe, with no disrespect intended. (He has yet to prove anything more than what Sam Allardyce or Sean Dyche has done).

On this basis, given the fact that the agents know everything, I would suggest this summer, (subject to us not winning the Europa League) will finally bring about a change of manager and the incoming manager will be of a European winning pedigree….

Neil Watson


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I still wouldn’t write Wenger off just yet. I’ve firmly wanted him out since 2014 (had my doubts about him since around 2011/2012), I still cannot believe he’s still here. I know people that have wanted him as far back as 2009, and they cannot believe he’s still here almost a decade on, and one of the highest paid managers in the world, just to rub salt in our wounds!

    I will admit that it does look as if the board are getting things ready for his departure, but Wenger can survive a nuclear strike, so I am not ruling anything out. Can we honestly see the board sacking him if he wins the EL?

    1. RSH says:

      he stays his last year if he wins EL. It really cant be argued yet somehow fans still think AW will win a European trophy, and then get sacked. That will never happen and AW will NEVER simply walk away on his own terms. It sucks to be in this situation, but only way Wenger even has a chance of going is not winning Europa League. Lose out short term, major win long term. You’ve said it yourself, Wenger survives everything. 10-2 ties, 8-2 losses, 6-0, 5th place, 6th/7th? place. He still stands. Empty stadiums accompanied by bad results and no trophy is the best shot yet and even then I still think there is a chance he stays.

    2. RSH says:

      all wenger really has to do to keep his job is get fans back in the seats and paying the high ticket prices. arsenal is a business. Europa League winner cash prize is gigantic, coupled by return to UCL and the cash that comes with that, AND the fanbase folding yet again and going to see games again… Europa League= more Wenger.

      1. stubill says:

        The cash for Europa League is a pittance by todays football standard.

        £1.5 million for each of the semi finalists

        £3.5 million for the runner up

        £6.5 million for the winners.

        Hardly gigantic is it!

        1. wenger says:

          But a Champions league spot and TV money, sponsors?

        2. RSH says:

          The potential earnings can reach up to 40mill. Just check out how much United got last season.

    3. jon fox says:

      Third Man. Excuse me! I have craved his removal since 2007 and claim to be the first to want him gone.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Haha. 2007, well done! Wish I saw the light earlier.

    4. Hammer says:

      It can’t AW the only way I can see him walk out of the managerial position at AFC is by winning the Europa and the Super Cup .Meaning mission complete for Le Prof as that will entice him to step down and take the upper stands

  2. Phil says:

    Neil-I am convinced of what you have written.There is no way at all the Agent of ANY top player would NOT ASK THE QUESTION REGARDING THE MANAGER.The whole of world football knows we are declining rapidly.The Agent is there for his client and would have no doubt demanded assurances the sinking ship that has been Wengers fault will soon be Captained by someone that will sail her into steady and calmer waters.Ivan Gazidis is no fool.He would have expected these questions and would have needed to convince him change WILL happen.Wengers demise is there for all to see.The arrogance of this man will be his own undoing.Gazidis has a tough job on his hands but by getting Aubameyang to sign was the first sign of the change that was inevitable.His Agent was obviously convinced.Now we need to trust Gazidis to implement the drastic overhaul that will be required.

  3. Durand says:

    Excellent point you made, and anyone sensible has to agree. Auba went through managerial changes at Dortmund, so I’m sure that was on his mind before signing.

    Either that, or Arsenal are his springboard to a bigger club, so Wenger stays or goes may not matter.

    Allegri can organize a squad and coach defenders, we could use him for sure.

    Meanwhile, Wenger still searching for team balance after Newcastle loss; his words not mine.

    I think Josh Kronke smart enough to let Wenger dig his own grave, which he is currently accomplishing double time, like riki tik.

    If Wenger is sacked who does he blame?
    Conjested schedule?

  4. jon fox says:

    A shoicking insult to eddoie Howe calling him the same standard as Wenger. If I wer him , I would sue for libel for that remark. Moving on though, I totally agree about the agents for our two top and only good strikers , knowing more than is announced to we prolls. But any fan with a clear sight and a half decent brain could have worked our some months ago this was WENGERS LAST SEASON. GOD KNOWS, I HAVE BEEN SAYING IT LOUD AND CLEAR FOR A LONG TIME NOW THAT THE DECISION HAS ALREADY BEEN TAKEN TO SACK HIM. ALL THAT REMAINS IS THE DATE OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT, which will be in late May or thereabouts. Only a total fool would imagine the likes of Aubameyang would look so happy, as he does, with this so called manager remaining. He KNOWS Wenger is finished at end of this season. I can scarcely wait til the arrogant fossil is sacked and exits shouting and screaming. The club will again lie and tell us “prolls” it is mutual consent Iand expect us to buy that. Well we won’t ! But as long as he goes they can call it what they want. ALL I care about is his exit. Oh Happy day!

    1. gotanidea says:

      True, Wenger has much more illustrious career than Eddie Howe and Julian Nagelsmann. Therefore Wenger’s replacement should be of his standard or even higher, if possible

      Whether he wins the Europa League or not, Arsenal seem to have paved the way for his replacement

      Which I suspect is Thomas Tuchel, because PSG’s president already said that they want to keep Emery and Bayern informed that Tuchel rejected the offer. He only won DFB Pokal in his entire managerial career, but this guy better than nothing

  5. Ozziegunner says:

    I agree that no right thinking player or player – manager would commit to joining a club without indications of who the manager is likely to be during their playing contract. No guarantees can be given however due to managers departing for any number of reasons.
    Most of us, if not all, have not seen the wording of the contract Arsene Wenger signed. It may have a performance clause or it may have been 1 season with an option with Arsenal to extend to 2 years.
    I just hope jon fox wins his bet.

  6. Naija Jollof says:

    Europa league trophy or not, AW will remain manager until the end of next season. The board had the perfect reason to get rid of him last season but instead offered him a 2 years contract.

    1. GB says:

      No Naija, the board or the majority of them, wanted Wenger “relieved” of his position last season but Kroenke being majority shareholder over ruled them and gave Wenger the 2 year extension. Even ex chairman Hill-Wood said it was time for Wenger to go. You just have to hope the deluded American and his surely influential son Josh see the light and do the right thing this time. The problem is they know eff all about football and care even less about the fans. All they are interested in is their investment and share price which unfortunately is rising on a daily basis.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I do not think Silent Stan wants his investment to lose wealth, I do not think Silent Stan is deeply knowledgeable about football and relies upon people in his staff to advise him.

        I do believe that Gazidis was weak and done very little to convince Silent Stan that the issues was the managers fault, Wenger has been able to turn around and point to poor transfer activity from the board to result in a poor team for him to manage, for someone who isn’t deeply understanding about football then Wengers arguments could sound equally valid.

        Almost like 2 children slapping each other and blaming the other one for starting it.

      2. Ozgoonerguy says:

        I hope the logic followed in this article plays out. Wenger will not go at the end of this season unless he is pushed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stan Kroenke allows him to stay, but I hope I’m wrong. It’s just going to be too damaging to the club.

        Nothing will change or improve while Wenger is there. It’s been a steady decay over the last decade. The aweful truth is that he wont let go of 10mil a season, and will never concede that another manager would be the best thing for the club.

        When he says he always honours his contract, he saying 2 things. Firstly, he is insisting on staying the full term and getting paid. Secondly, his performance is immaterial. The board have never held him accountable. And how many times has Wenger said he is accountable to the fans and should be judged on results. Really!?

        I know our record under him would be the nvy of some clubs. But for AFC, the last decade has just represented poor underperformance.

  7. Gunner_2 says:

    Have you guys read Auba’s interview where he said he joined arsenal because of wenger?

  8. AndersS says:

    Although I really want Wenger out, and have for years, I think the point of this article can be turned on it’s head.
    While I agree, that a star player and a good agent should ask about what the plan for the manager is, the reality could just as well be, that they asked and were told the plan is for Wenger to stay. Unfortunately.

  9. piers says:

    ive wanted wenger out since 2001

  10. Joe says:

    Going due to loss of seats is like when capone got done for tax evasion.

  11. Grandad says:

    He will not leave of his own accord nor will be be sacked by the current Board.We are saddled with him next season.What a prospect.

  12. Mehmood says:

    Well the truth is, AW will not resign nor he will
    be sacked. Once his Contract finished , he will be moved upstairs, this wil be the worst scenario.
    He will keep interfering with the new Manager or
    He might be in charge of finance for buying and selling. Kronke will love that , because he is a
    miser, I think Gazidis is trying to break the rule of
    AW, at the moment ONLY AW has the last say
    on buying and selling. Everyone want to see this
    Monopoly end.

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