Aubameyang’s Arsenal exit hurt but his true colours are showing now (Opinion)

The unveiling of former Arsenal star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Barcelona made me feel sick! Guest post by Sarah Rohan

I could barely watch the news of Aubameyang’s unveiling for his new club. It kept coming up on my news feed and I just had to scroll past it. I couldn’t seem to get away from it. For me, it was too much to see him unveiled in a different shirt.

I was quite saddened that it has come to an end the way it did. Auba was a big part of our team since joining in 2018. My favourite player in the seasons he was with us, excluding the last one.

I remember believing in him so much that I would bet on him for the Golden Boot. Remember the 2018/19 season when he equalled it with Mane and Salah? That was Aubameyang at his very best, being influential and crucial to our teams goal-scoring.

I didn’t agree with the 32 year-old airing his dirty laundry in public once he had joined Barcelona. There wasn’t any need for it and he’s gone down in my estimations for that reason. Maybe that was him showing his true colours finally. Sometimes it’s better to leave with decorum and keep schtum.

Arteta changing the team dynamics and style of play obviously didn’t suit Auba’s type of play. He went from being the main man to being an onlooker for the most part, due to our midfield creating more for each other, and he didn’t seem to have the link up play with the rest of team. That doesn’t excuse a lot of times where he could be seen just standing around waiting for the ball to come to him though. In the end it seemed pointless playing the ball to him if he won’t even bother trying.

No one knows what has happened behind closed doors. Obviously we would all love to be a fly on the wall at the Emirates, and it will be interesting to see if it all comes out in the Amazon All or Nothing documentary. We’d all be the more wiser to know whose side to take if we knew the full story.

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  1. Gooner, please don’t hold your breath or try to make something out of it. This episode won’t be revealed by edu or MA, somewhat more professional to talk about this matter. Moore important to get the team to focus. Aubu was great for us at 2018 /19. 2021, he became a teenager. Around 17 yrs old menta

  2. Very off topic and I apologise but as a Borehamwood boy, born there and lived there for 40 years before moving to London Colney and now Boreham Wood are leading at half time at Bournemouth!
    Come on the Wood

        1. Auba have slapped arteta that is why arteta don’t like to have him in arsenal. It’s either Auba gone or Arteta gone.

      1. I watched it Declan,great result,you must be delighted,the club’s owner remortgaged his house to keep the club going through the lockdown,he will now be able to repay it,as for the scorer Ricketts,37 years old,injured and didn’t train the week before,great story, that’s why we love the FA cup also Leicester being dumped out by Forrest.

  3. …so now we opted to pay him to play for Barcelona, just for our manager’s brittle ego!!? The mind boggles!

    1. we are not paying all his wages. we are saving money overall. he is a bad influence,( again-see Dortmund)

      1. I’m glad Aubamayang came out and said Arteta had the problem and not him.

        Arteta thinks he is an elite manager, he’s arrogant and stubborn.

        1. Can’t believe words coming from a footballer anyway.

          Either he is saying the truth about arteta or he is just twisting the facts to make him look good.

          PEA once mentioned that he would want to join RM 1 day.

          Don’t be surprised he will be saying Barcelona is 1 of the greatest club after that

          1. We don’t entertain arrogance and indiscipline by players who think that they are very important when actual sense they are just sinking the club. Let him go and we see which wonders he is going to add on Barcelona. We have replacement for him

      2. Thank you, its that bad influence that gets to me more than even his lack of zest these past seasons…

    2. Better to pay him the £7m than have pay him another £18m hanging round the club like a bad smell.

    3. We would have had to pay him his £7m loyalty bonus either way unless he slapped in a transfer request. Same as Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshire, Sokratis, Chambers, Kolasinac, the list goes on.

      That is how football works, it sucks, but why do fans care? It is not your money and never will be, I get it slightly if you are a supporter of the club financially. But all you are paying for is a service and/or a product.

      I hear fans moaning about the club not spending, but when they do, they get a player who can hold the club to ransom. The bosman ruling changed everything, a player can simply sign a contract, that is packed with benefits, win bonuses, get a signing on fee, a wage, and a loyalty bonus at the end. Even if he turns out shite at his job or a disruptive nuisance, he will still get all that and then he can leave for Free.

      1. Spot on, Atid. The power is with the players now. Managers are berated if they chastise a “star” player, and berated if they give into their demands, even berated as being to “pally” with them to try to bring the best out of them. Arteta was criticised for not dropping Auba, criticised for not bringing him back in, even criticised for Auba not getting his best form back.
        Managers, with the possible exception of those with sky high reputations, have very little control over millionaire teenagers with little professionalism, no loyalty, mediocre intelligence, obsequious hangers on and bloated self importance. There are far fewer real professionals playing humbly for the love of the game then ever before.

    4. So would you rather auba in charge of arsenal or a passionate, dedicated manager, maybe not as experienced as others, but maintaining the arsenal way? They made the choice, a far more experienced choice over your rambling nonsense! Was u there all of January? Do u know the day to day running of the club? 😂 Do u know exactly what ma has to work and deal with day to day, or r u just clouded with ur own brittle ego? 😂😂 See what I did there? 💪 U make my mind boggle 😂 bet u couldn’t av turned martinelli into the beast he is now!! F
      Go away with ur negativeness

  4. he was in trouble at Dortmund, His bad attitude and selfishness has come out once again. Good riddance

  5. I was sorry to see Auba go as I was Chambers but appreciate these things happen in top flight football

    More cheesed off this weekend by watching FA Cup games take place without us to be honest

  6. Sides?

    The only side I care about is Arsenal Football Club and The Manager, Owner and Technical Director have all decided the Aubameyang has to go, that will do for me.

    He hasn’t been at the club long enough for me to feel like you do. When legends leave it hurts, Aubameyang is way off being a legend and now never will be. Let’s focus on Martinelli, SmithRowe, Saka, Odegaard. They are the present and the future, hopefully Pepe, Balogun, Hutchinson, Eddine, Patino, Azeez, Biereth, Moller, can join them COYG

    1. Well said sir
      He was our captain and lost the desire for one reason or another
      If he had anything about him he would have fought tooth and nail for the team even without the arm band
      Unfortunately for what ever reason he forgot how to score
      Wayward finishing and at times a lack of desire has seen him slide down the pecking order
      People on here talk about MA having to much ego. His lack of empathy towards players he has moved on.
      Yes they have talent but they are not suited for AFC and weather we like him or not. MA has at least shown the cojones to tackle the problem that has been rife in our club for years and move on players.
      If MA is moved on due to his under achieving then at least the next person with have a great starting point
      If MA is retained then he has clean slate as most of the dead wood has been moved on
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Managers like MA often have to manage footage stars with big egos and who get paid big money. You can’t hang onto a striker who does not score goals. The team scored more goals without him. He is at the sunset of his career, he should have worked much harder for the money he was paid.

      2. Too right Bally. I honestly don’t think Arteta has a big ego. Mistakes yes, but I’m sure Guardiola taught him to live and die by his own decisions, not other people’s. As a manager, it makes no sense to get sacked because you did what other people said.
        He may have alienated some players by having “Grahamesque” values but is that so wrong, and are those the type of characters we want at Arsenal anyway?

        1. Guardiola taught him to live and die by his own decisions,

          After the fans force him to start using Martinelli

    2. Those players u mentioned are present…..hopefully future.

      If u those young players at ur prime and cant get european football….u move.

      To we fans there is time but to d players they dont.

  7. Off Topic

    Watching this AFCON final, I think Arsenal should sign that Egyptian no.17 what a player strong in the tackle, good in the air, great asset of the ball, if only Arsenal had a layer like that.

    Oh wait🤔

  8. The blokes moved on ,isn’t that what half the fan base wanted .
    Seems to me them same fans are now moaning about the very thing they wanted .

    1. Mr Kit
      You know the story
      Damned if you do and damned if you don’t
      You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time
      Take your pick

    2. This write up is nonsense. Total hogwash.
      Expecting others to live by a standard you cannot live with. He should have kept quit or may be refused to be unveiled by his new club.
      Long story short, auba stepped out of turn once too often and he was punished but after that the head honcho said he is no longer wanted and he did what is best for his carrier – move on and pay what ever price that is necessary. Arsenal have to live with that and move on full stop. For me I wish him well and hope arteta shows his magic.

  9. Saw the game between Barca and Atletico Madrid 4-2 today, interesting game.

    Barca is getting better with many young and exciting players. Adama Traore played his first game after signing from Wolves earlier this month, played well, and got his first assist.

    Auba played the last 35 minutes lost the ball several times, had some bad touches. He didn’t contribute much but got his first minutes.

    A sad story, but I believe he didn’t have more to offer in Premier League being 33 June. A less challenging league can do him good. Hasta la vista Auba 👋👋 🛩

    1. what a moronic assessment of that game, as you conveniently failed to mention the fact that they went down to 10 men as soon as he came onto the pitch…I doubt you even watched the match anyways, so as per usual I’ll take whatever you have to offer with a large grain of salt

      1. Sorry, Suarez made it 4-2 in the 58 minute. Auba came on after 61 minutes and Dani Alves got a red card after 69 minutes. Haha I saw the match, and many thanks for your wonderful assessment, Real😝

  10. Let’s cut Aubameyang some slack. At least he never left the club in handcuffs….enough said.

    What we have seen again, regrettably – for the umpteenth time – is an immature manager who is reckless, careless and incapable of putting the interest of either the club or his team before his own petty self-interests. He reminds me of Boris Johnson. He has lost all credibility as manager and leader.

    Within just 18 months, after re-signing our golden boot winner, the player is gone to Barcelona FC, for FREE…NADA…NOTHING! And we are left almost “strikerless” at a time when top 4 is clearly within our reach.

    Forget trusting the process, can we (including the the players, fans, board and even the owner) really trust Mikel Arteta’s judgement. Again?

    1. Agree never wanted him there at start and still don’t and also sick of all this “we’re a young side give him time “are most teams not young sides ? He needs to go and take emu with him!!!

  11. Auba was a dream signing, for me. I’d imagined him in an Arsenal shirt two years before he signed for us. I thought he’d be immense for us. And he was. In fits and spurts. But, I’ve never been a fan of making a forward captain and thought that was a poor call. Auba’s influence has undoubtedly waned over the past few seasons. I’m grateful for his contribution, but not at all sad to see him go. I’m much more excited about our crop of brilliant and loyal youngsters coming through. The likes of Saka, Smith Rowe and Martinelli excite me much more than Auba does.

  12. Terrible journalism, He had to say the truth. Human being are different. We get knew what he paid for when he got him. Arteta had spent a lot of time with him before his new contract. Everyone knows what they’re getting into with every player. You guys just act like everything is a fifa game. In the real world what you know is very little of any situation that you didn’t experience so don’t speak on it like you understand what it means to be a professional footnaller.

  13. Call a spade a spade….you think Barcer was silly to jump and hijack Auba? The problem in my opinion is Arteta. He lacks real personal management skills. See how many players he has thrown away in a short space of time. Saliba, Ozil, Auba and others. After one or two players, the problem is no longer the players but the manager and watch he will throw more players out. And these are the kind of players some coaches and managers are looking for. Let’s be real here, Arteta has ego problem and he s very stubborn in character. Check out other managers , they too have players that have strong characters but focus of the Manager is on bedding the talents at his disposal to achieve club target. Even in families there are members with strong heads but the head of the family have to find a way to maintain family unity. Both online…Arteta is not the type of manager Arsenal needs at the level they are. It will keep costing them until they.. the board realise that.

  14. It has happened and i think both sides have learnt lessons from this and from Ozol’s case. I wish it wont recur with other players. Situations have to be handled in a better way either way. The basis is: “Dont expect a good answer from a bad question”. Arteta should also learn to handle issues with big players. Lacazette was almost frozen the same way. Conflicts need to be resolved in a harmonious way to avoid such problems. Auba was wrong while at the same time, arteta was wrong and he needs to improve. Freezing a player isnt the best solution but dialogue so that u separate peacefully. Xavi nearly did the same to Dembele at barca. Lets learn n progress.

  15. Arsenal is very far from forgiveness. I’m not an Arsenal fan but I was very much hurt by the way Arsenal (Arteta) treated Auba. This guy fought for his exit because he knew that he was going to spend the rest of the season not even on the substitute bench.

  16. I feel Auba leaving/sold is for the best interest of the team. He wasnt contributing as he should in recent games so why the debate? As for his attitude i dont think there is any player out there among the top clubs across the five major leagues than has as much disciplinary issues like auba over the last 12months, i stand to be corrected though. I no longer care who is the shoulder the most blame between Arteta and Auba, i just want to support this team and enjoy their games while hoping for great results.

  17. Another ungrateful Arsenal fan after all Aubumeyang did for your club. Your manager messed up but my view is that Arsenal wanted Auba out so go complain to your club manager and your club. Auba did not air any dirty laundry out so stop being a drama queen. Wish the man well in his future career, he should go down as an Arsenal club legend. He did so much for your struggling club, many of you are just ungrateful including your club.

  18. DESPITE A FEW, NAIVE, WET BEHIND THE EARS FANS WHO STILL PERSIST IN PREFERRING THEIR FAVOURITE PLAYER, WHO EVER THAT BE, TO THE CLUB – which is VERY odd behaviour, if you think about it, for any fan who claims to love their club – what is now clear is that the further the time lag once a player such as Ozil or Auba has left, the fewer naive fools we seem to have.

    Until the next player against the club player situation arises of course. Then all the nonsensical so called “fans” who really prefer an individual to the whole club, restart their nonsense again on here.

  19. Arteta seems to have a lot of problem and fall outs with certain players
    As a manager he should realize that all players are not the same He needs to adapt to changes

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