Aubameyang’s Arsenal future all depends on what deal the club offer him

Arsenal correspondent, Art de Roche has told Football.London that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s stay at Arsenal would come down to how much the club can offer him.

The Gabon striker is currently in the final year and few months of his current Arsenal deal and he is negotiating with the club over an extension.

However, both parties are struggling to reach an agreement and more teams have been targeting the former Borussia Dortmund man.

The likes of Barcelona and Inter Milan are interested in signing him and he seems to have had his head turned by a move to a more prominent European team.

Reports claim that he wants £300k per week in his next deal but the club isn’t eager to offer such pay for a player that would be in his 30s.

Art de Roche was answering questions on Football.London and claimed that the attacker would see his career as nearing its end he will be looking to get a good deal.

“With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract reaching its final year in the summer, the Gunners are getting dangerously close to that stage (Aaron Ramsey leaving on a free to Juventus) yet again,”

“Since arriving in December, Mikel Arteta has also proposed that he aims to keep Aubameyang at the Emirates.

“No matter how much he wants the club captain to stay, however, it will be a matter of what Arsenal can offer him. 

“Turning 31-years-old in June, Aubameyang will now see his career is coming to an end.”

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  1. 🎵 We want you to stay, we want you to stay… Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, we want you to stay!! 🎵

    1. NOT AT ANY PRICE SOME OF US DON’T SUE. I prefer to keep the club solvent than to keep Auba if forced to choose. Player in his wage bracket are in for a huge shock if he (and they) think he will get more money and a longer contract elsewhere at his age, he will be in for a shock As will some fans too it seems! Just saying !

      1. It’s not good to tell a player like Aubameyang to his face that we won’t miss him if he goes. However, it is the truth that we won’t miss him if he turns his back on us, because somebody always steps up to fill the gap, or at least the goals will spread out, and my Arsenal will become unpredictability dangerous again.

  2. We want you stay of coarse. But we also don’t want to keep you against your wish.
    But then, you mustn’t go for free. We have seen this drama before. It’s boring to watch all over again.

  3. Since i can bear the depature of Thierry Henry and to some.extent , RVP, i dont think i cannot bear departure of any player from arsenal. Auba is a good goal scorer. But if he leaves, young martinelli can step up. All will agree with me that the boy is the next big thing

  4. For those people who prefer he walks out for free than receiving £35M just because you believe he will do much for us next season…
    who told you he won’t pull a Sanchez or OX so he can get his wish in January? Not every player can be like Ramsey who gave is all till he leaves the club.

    Not saying Auba should leave but is better we get the £35M than lose him for free.
    He has been here for 2 and half years and yet we never qualify for champions league. Harry Kane was the highest goal scorer for 2 straight season without winning anything. Same at Dortmund

    Drogba is never a goal poacher like Auba and yet win more trophies.

    What I think we need is a Drogba type of players who scores when it matter most. He will always score when they need him, and a all round midfielder who love creating and scoring. Look at how a player like Bruno Fernandes improve Man United.
    Auba miss a penalty against Spurs and lose a goal against Olympiakos, so not all is rosy with him.

    And please stop saying if he leaves Arsenal will go down. I remember Giroud wasn’t leather than Auba but we never go down. Someone will always step up.

    Martinelli step up during Auba’s red card remember?

  5. Simple Maths shows that at 300K a week Auba would be paid 14.4 million a year. This makes 43.2 for three years. Then he scores 20 plus goals for the club. Question No. 1, where do you find a 20 plus goal striker for 45 million pounds? Then factor in his pay per week. Let’s take one earning 150K per week. This makes 7.2 million a year and 21.6 million for 3 years. Does anyone see that 50 million plus 21.6 = 71.6 million for unproven replacement coming at 50 million earning 150K a week. Poor Arsenal. The curse goes on.

    1. Nothing is certain
      Aubameyang might go off the boil like Lacazette did this season or become injured
      Martinelli might get even better and outstrip Auba
      Much now will be determined by money alone.
      It’s nigh on impossible for Arsenal to pay £50m anyway and at that price they wouldn’t be unproven. I think you are just making assumptions to fit your argument

  6. If I was Aubameyang’s agent I’d sign him up now on pretty much the same salary
    The football ball world is in turmoil and I’m suggesting that transfer fees and wages will probably have to reflect that money will be in short supply. There is also the possibility that the poor old fans who by and large get fleeced at the gate and then get fleeced again when buying food and drink inside will not be able to justify going if it means financial hardship to their families.

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