Aubameyang’s position is not the reason for Arsenal’s goal drought

Aubameyang’s Position is Not the Problem by AI

As much as we like to talk about the fact that Aubameyang first and foremost is a striker, it is also a fact that for the majority of his Arsenal career, he has played out on the left.

This is of course mainly because we have another central forward in Alexandre Lacazette. Lacazette, however poorly he’s playing, has some things going for him. Apart from Aubameyang, no one else in the squad has gotten more than his league-average of 14 goals a season. This means that Arsenal only have two reliable goalscorers that mainly play the same position.

Playing Aubameyang out wide lets us have his goals as well as Lacazette’s on the pitch. If one of them is not playing for an extended period, we simply don’t have enough goals to do well in the squad.

And Aubameyang has been banging in the goals from the left. We literally won the FA Cup because he played there. But now, this season, the goals have petered off.

The first thing we should ask is why. Why is Aubameyang not scoring again?

Well, the answer is that we simply don’t create enough opportunities for anyone to have a go at the goal. Nobody is shooting in this squad. We are shooting less than half the league. And to score, you need to shoot.

This dearth of opportunities is highlighted by the fact that before Leeds away, Aubameyang has only shot 9 times in 8 games with one of them a penalty. Against Leeds, Aubameyang’s poor three shots were the highest he’s managed all season. Just 3.

And he played in the centre.

It is very clear that whether Aubameyang is playing on the left or through the middle, you need to get the ball regularly to him. That lack of service has been responsible for his inability to score.

It is a systematic issue not positional. Get him the ball more times and we will have our captain back in a pinch.

Agboola Israel


  1. I find it funny that after one game through the middle so many people have come out to say they told you so. So many have said auba is the problem. Guys

    A) its one game where the whole system was changed

    B) we had 10 men for the 2nd half

    C) we still lacked creativity but surely that goes to show its not aubas fault.

    I think arteta needs to think long and hard about what he is doing. I have never seen a defensive team win the league. Some may argue that Leicester won it playing defensive but that is incorrect. They just reverted to route 1 with vardy and mahrez knowing their roles well.

    Auba will score next game if he plays upfront and we stick with the 433. In fact. I think arteta was bold in recognising the lack of goals. I would love to see what happens in the next game after we have have some proper time to train and think about creativity.

    I don’t want to see Willian again for now. Time for reiss Nelson to grown into the game.

    Lastly Pepe was average but had the defence on the back foot. Just saying

  2. Ok I’ll try to make this clear enough: the problem is not the fact that he plays wide or centrally. It’s that we have only one good striker in the team and that’s Auba. Please don’t tell me Lacazette scored goals, did you see the ones he scored this season? All came from pure luck. Lacazette can’t make a good pass or dribble, he can’t even put an easy chance on target.
    Let me ask you this: where do you rank lacazette among the league’s strikers? Just think about that for a second. Look at all the teams above us in the table and give me one center forward worse than Lacazette…

    1. So Pepe gets upset. How many players would have been sent off previously had there been VAR. FFS there wouldn’t have been a team on the field in most cases. Arteta and the club have said he’s naughty now let’s move on. I’m willing to put a weeks wages on there being at least five more this season if VAR and handball are not sorted.

  3. Laca can stand alongside all but a few strikers AUBA 14. I saw The great Thierry Henry miss from four yards. Would have bet my life against that ever happening but players have bad luck and bad runs. Laca needs to have some confidence from Arteta to give him a decent

  4. Do we even have a midfield? Xhaka – I just enjoy him on the pitch, no longer irritates me, I do have a laugh every time he is with the ball or after it.
    Cabellos one game wonder, should have a commission of inquiry as why he was re signed on a loan deal. Elneny much improved but would he make it to a top 4 team? Partey is the raw deal, but unfortunately got injured. Willock, the lad needs a run of games, would get better. Willian, another agent from the blue half doing his job efficiently like Luiz and Chek & Gallas before him.
    And we wonder why we are a mid table team. This season, the only silver lining after 9 games is that Pep and Mikel are keeping close company a point and a spot away. Looking forward to see Pep gone by New Year’s eve. The biggest eyesore is to see little Mou at the top of the table with such an impressive goal difference. Hope Lamps wipes the smile off his face this weekend,

  5. lets be honest if the whole attack is dysfunctioning the main fault surely doesn’t lie with the players, they aren’t exempt from it, auba, laca, willian and pepe are playing horribly but the main fault is with arteta.. Shoring up the defense with 0 attacking prowess could be done by everybode in the PL then we could have taken big sam or tony pulis as our manager.. arteta should at least look at some mourinho football if he wants to play by parking the bus.. now he is more tony pulis than mourinho and nowhere near pep, wenger or klopp

  6. It’s Arteta’s negative, timid, cautious and too pragmatic.
    He needs to let the players relax and express themselves more often. I feel like he is suffocating everyone with the type of football he is applying.

  7. how the hell did Arsenal employ 2 Spanish David Moyes protege’s in 18 months to coach an attacking football team is beyond stupid.This will not end well

  8. The lack of real playmaker will make any striker look awful, just remember when Saka came in and with 10 players we saw some chances, this tells us that we need a playmaker before judging our strikers. Nevertheless, Laca is the only striker who has missed chances of the goal than the rest!

  9. It’s just typical that having finally achieving looking better in defence (only spurs have concerned less) that we are now struggling with creativity.

    I think we have really missed martinelli, maitland-niles was helping to create last season and saka was outstanding too. For me those 3 would really makes difference and if smith-rowe can get fit he will help with that creativity.

    I appreciate that is putting a lot of pressure on young shoulders, but imo these players can handle it.

    I yearn to see all 4 in there with partey and aubameyang and Gabriel Saliba and Leno completing the spine.

    Bellerin Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Maitland-niles partey smith-rowe
    Martinelli aubameyang saka

  10. Our problem isn’t the players… Our players are decent ( of course, except Pepe and Willian). The problem is coaching. The earlier we see this the better. We have good players almost everywhere on the pitch, at least compared to Tottenham, Everton, Villa who are high up the table…

    Whatever Arteta is doing need to start yielding results fast, else the fans will start wishing we went for Ancheloti.

  11. I think most of the player has no desire, they are not bothered, there is no urgency, there is no effort form the captain, when I watch other teams play they seem to care if they win or lose, our players don,t seems to care, they can,t read the game, we pass the ball backward and sideways so much these days I can hardly watch Saka is the only player thats give us a bit of hope.

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