Aubamyenag, Lacazette, Ozil, something has to give with new signings

One of the games a lot of us play is what will the team look like next season with the new signings and even though the transfer window has not yet shut and not all transfers confirmed it is still an interesting exercise to undertake.

I just read an article at the Mirror on this exact subject and they have opined on what they think the team will look like in the event the Nicolas Pepe signing is confirmed.

Basically, they have gone with a front three of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe with Ceballos just behind, in better words no role for Ozil.

The Daily Star have gone with a really adventurous line up with Lacazette on his own upfront and Aubameyang, Ozil and Pepe just behind and Ceballos in a two-man midfield with Torreira.

And on it goes and for me, I am much more inclined to go with how the Mirror envisages the starting line up to be. The Daily Star version including both new signings and keeping Aubameyang, Lacazette and Ozil would be crazy from a defensive point of view in my opinion.

I cannot see how we can play all of them at the same time, it would make the team far too top-heavy and any opponent would just need to get the ball to the midfield quickly to take out four players in one swoop.

I also do not see Ceballos being a defensive midfielder because that would be the role he would be forced into playing.

For me, Ozil is by far the most vulnerable, I really do not see any other way of the team being set up with Ceballos and Pepe in it.

I also cannot see Emery not playing Xhaka and Guendouzi on a regular basis, their style of play suits him.

Anyway, as I say, it is a game right now, a sort of fantasy football and until the window shuts we will not know exactly where we stand but for me I see a front line up of Lacazette in the middle flanked by Pepe and Aubamyeng with Ceballos behind and a central midfield pairing of Torreira and Xhaka.

As for the defence/ who the hell knows.


  1. Oh no now there saying khedira is at the Emirates watching the game after being linked with a move to us please no he is so injury prone and would never be able to deal with the pace and physicality of the premier league we have enough injury prone players as it is without adding another one!!

    1. MUSTAFI WOULD PROBABLY MISS THE POT WHEN TRYING TO POUR THE TEA IN IT! I wonder how he manages to drive his car without smashing into other cars and causing calamities. I privately call him “Calamity”. Clichy was also Calamity when he played for us. I have always had my own names for awful Arsenal players; Walcott was Weed Walcott, Sokratis is the Wrestler and Ozil is lazybones. I have had many more player nicknames too,going back decades.

  2. We have enough injured players without buying another one. I know he’s a good player or was, and I’m sure he could still mix it with the best, but we can’t shift one of our own Lauren Koncielny!

  3. Agree that Ozil is the most vulnerable one, because he can only play as a no 10 and he sucks on the wings. Unless he can play as a half-winger in 4-3-3 formation or as a deep-lying playmaker, I predict he would have a limited playing time

    But if Ceballos and Pepe are injured, Emery would be forced to use Ozil again. I hope Ozil can adapt in a new position though, because we need everybody to have a successful season

    1. You can never have enough quality players. You need proven/capable players off the bench. This way you can rotate or sub to make sure you stay competitive over a long season.

      The guy I see Not playing if we sign Pepe is Myk. But I would prefer to spend the money on a world class defender but I am Don’t think many are available. But people complain the board doesn’t spend and now when they may it’s the wrong guy. I know we haven’t made top 4 in a few seasons but people talk about us like we are trash, which is crazy! We need to be better defensively and take some points on the road but we aren’t that far off of being a top 4 team again.

      Bringing a guy like Ozil/Xhaka/Pepe/Dani off the bench is a huge upgrade over Eleny or myk!

    2. considering we get pepe and Tierney a possible line up can be following


      a simple 4-3-3

      now if we also get Everton and feel very adventurous then a following line up pops to mind


      a 4-1-3-2 formation.

      if UE still prefers 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 then its another story.

      ok can anyone tell the story please???

  4. We basically have the same team we had last season. So I am not expecting anything different. We are already excited about Pepe rumor, but I ask how soon have we forgotten. We have been in this position before so I have learnt to accept only deals announced on our official website as done. From Mata to Hazard to Suarez to Lemar. We agreed fees for all of them but none ended at Arsenal

    1. We only agreed fee for lemar and he rejected us, Liverpool rejected our bid for suarez, we were linked with mata but we didn’t bid for him same with Hazard.

  5. Keep Aubameyang this season at least
    He scores goals
    Play him up front to get the best out of him. Alternate with Lacazette

    Selling either of them this season will be a mistake.

    Get rid of Ozil if possible and Mustafi

    One season with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe (if he comes), Ceballos and we have a good chance of top 4.

  6. I go with Ozil behind Auba, Luca,pepe.
    Caballos and Toroira behind him.
    This means we should get a good lb and a good CB to partner with Holding hoping that bellerin is back soon.

    1. exactly my thought. actually good wingers on both wing will reduce the pressures on cbs to bomb forward giving more stability to defense.

  7. For me it feels like we will set up mainly as 3 at the back this season. That will give emery room to move the middle and front lines around with either a 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-3 system. Ozil will play a fair amount as I think the system deploying wingers will aim to give him space which is when he can make a difference through the middle. What we should be talking about is the squad numbers now as, if we sign KT, and we promote a few youth we have too many for the year

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