Auba’s problems with Arsenal could be a blessing for Lacazette

One mans loss is another mans gain!

A lot has been said about Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang and his disciplinary issues while he has been at the club.

People are now questioning whether he will ever put an Arsenal shirt on again, which in my eyes is ridiculous. Of course he should put an Arsenal shirt on again!

As I have said previously, yes he breached disciplinary rules but this should be something that can be forgiven, and in the long run hopefully forgotten as it really isn’t the end of the world!

But after his most recent actions have landed him in hot water where we have seen him being stripped of the captaincy, this negative for Auba may be a positive for someone else!

So now although it remains to be seen who the next captain will be, and although it remains to be seen if or when Auba will be back, could Auba’s loss be Alex Lacazette’s gain?

Talk has been rife that Laca seems on his way out as he is yet to sign a contract extension, and that all talk is on hold until the end of the season.

But given the recent change of fortune for Laca where he has been more present in the team, he is leading at the front of the line up and more recently he has been wearing the armband, could this be the change that Laca needs to get a contract extension to remain at the club and become a big big part of the team? I sure hope so!

As much as it’s disappointing for Auba, it could be a blessing in disguise for Laca who so far so good is stepping up to the plate!

And who knows, maybe whenever Auba can get back into the team,  he will build a partnership with Laca once more that could help us reach the heights we deserve to be at and then it will be a positive gain for all parties involved!

Well here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. Looking at his recent performances , it does not look like Laca will be able to exploit the situation. Seems Arsenal need a different type of striker to compliment the current young attacking MF. Somebody who is strong in the air , can hold onto the ball but can also score when there is an opportunity & not waste too many

  2. Laca works hard no doubt but lets not forget he once again missed glorious chances..

    Off topic, Torreira is on fire for Fiorentina. I hope rookie-Edu wont screw up this transfer too.

  3. We have many strikers, such as Aubameyang, Nketiah, Balogun, Martinelli, Moller, Biereth and Edwards. Yet none of them can play in the CF position as good and as consistent as Lacazette

    That shows the difficulty to find a new CF with Lacazette’s abilities. We’ll have to gamble on a younger CF and we’ll get a worse or a better one

  4. Wrong side of 30, and doesn’t fit into the new ethos of the clubs youth revolution. Sorry, but time to move on from Laca in the Summer.

    Our Academy is oozing talent, and Balogun needs a loan and then be incorporated into first team, Laca only impedes that.

    Time to acquire the last few pieces to have a complete team set to challenge.

    Striker, DM, and B2B should see us set and ready to challenge.

    1. @DURAND…….DM again?….we’ve got partey…Elneny….lokonga….we need a creative midfielder….someone who could pick a pass to split defences open…..we also need a box to box midfielder……Enough talk about a DM

      1. Elneny is not quality, and Partey and Lokonga are more B2B type midfielders. Maybe that’s why we haven’t got the best of Partey yet, his current role as mainly DM.

        Argument made that White has qualities to be a DM; not convinced he’s a solid CB. Needs to read game better and actually hindered Tierney on that breakaway against Leeds.

        Hopefully Saliba partners Gabriel and White is the new DM.

    2. Could Ben White be that DM with Saliba hopefully
      returning to partner Gabby? I thought you may
      have floated that idea in a previous thread. B Kamara
      from Marseille would be my personal choice if Saliba
      is inexplicably moved on. He seems to tick all the
      boxes for the type of player EDU and MA have
      decided to target.

      Jonathan David might be the pick of the striker litter,
      especially if the French club would entertain a Pepe +
      cash deal for the young Canadian. Even without a
      prodigal return of the Ivorian, the sales of Torreria,
      Pepe, Chambers, AMN and Leno should provide
      adequate funds to afford the striker of Arteta’s

      1. AMN fate with us is a disgrace. Even if the results are great recebtly, why was he frozen out like that. He had a great game against watford. Then nothing. Arteta has been very resentful, not to say childishly mean here with a hale end product. Sadly that stupid piece of lies (“he is important to the team”, “he has inproved a lot”) has made Arsenal loose 10m minimum here. This is a professional error to play sambi and elneny in front of him after watford display.

        1. @John
          My goodness. Some of you just love to moan and whine about your everything.

          Managers are not going to please all our personal desires. They have to make their own decisions and live by them. It seems like we all have our own favourite players and will keep moaning about them not being played. I was excited about Saliba and Martinelli but Arteta thought otherwise. He has taken his time to afford Martinelli a consistent run of games, he has exiled Saliba etc which still baffles me to this day but I don’t keep whining about Martinelli and Saliba not being afforded game time.

          Life is difficult and we always never get whatever we wish, want or hope for th majority of the time. But feeling sorry for oneself and complaining how life is not fair to you changes nothing.

          Same with the Guendouzi situation, you have constant whining by a section of our fanbase every time we have a bad result “But but Guendouzi this and that..”

          What makes me cringe is the over emotional response to everyting.

  5. Unfortunately it’s not beneficial to the club in the long run because Laccazet will be gone by the summer for free, it would have been ok if he were the one on another year contract but it is what it is, we need a more reliable CF that can combine both Auba and Laccazet strengths and more.
    Perfect in January window to be fully integrated into the team but realistically summer.
    I don’t mind if we put all our summer investment on this.

  6. In my opinion, Lacazette has always been a better CF than Aubameyang and, like all CF ‘s misses easy chances.
    What impresses me most though, is his obvious desire to give 100%….even though no new contract has been offered.
    I disagree that he is too old for this MA team, as you ALWAYS have to have senior players to help…. look at manures team of 92.

    I would suggest a rolling one year improved contract, with a sensible salary and let the likes of Balogun learn from him and (hopefully) Aubameyang.

    1. Totally agree Ken – Laca is a credit to the club. Age is not always an obstacle – but the ghosts of Ozil and Willian are still with us! I’m pretty sure one year has been offered and refused, and there’s the rub.
      Auba could go tomorrow with my blessing, but I can’t see anyone meeting his salary. So unless we continue to pay a big chunk of it…

    2. Ken19 You are spot on about Laca, there are different types of defensive midfielder those that is difficult to pass and can take the ball from Ramdales and run the length of the pitch when the opportunity arise, highly technical, someone almost in the Yayya Tourrie mould.
      A striker like Calvert Lewin is ideal to how we play

    3. One year contract and why not asking him to play for free one more year ? If you are Laca i would feel disrespected. Auba is 3 years later. He got 3 years at 31. Laca deaerve 2 years min at 30 in may. If it fits that young team that grows together is another question.

  7. Shenel tries so hard and I admire heR undoubted passion to write. Problem is though , her conclusuons are so often, in fact usually, wildly off beam that it is becoming impossible to respect her, simply because she wishes to write.

    You also need the ability to see what is clearly under your nose. And to my logical brain what is right under ALL our noses right now is that Auba days as a regular and even as a playerat all are fast drawing to a close.
    There is ZERO chance, in my view of him EVER regaining a REGULAR place.

    For two prime reasons too; firstly he will be gone by next season and this season is far from certain to even be prolonged past the next few days or weeks, due to Covid, thus limiting his appearances possibly to nothing at all. Secondly , even if Covid is miraculously not the final curtain for this season which I think it likely to be , Auba is not worth picking and I DO NOT see MA ever choosing him again in preference to Martinelli and LACA.

    So Shenels hopes for Aubas permanent return are, IMO, non existent and at best, from his point of view , he will be a bit part player for half a season. More likely, he will not play again for us at all. I hope that proves to be the case, as I dislike shirkers and self centred players.

    Simply being affable and an easy going personality off the pitch does not win titles – not without dedicated and constant hard work and commitment – and most players realise that, even if they personally like Aubas outgoing jokey type personality.

  8. OT: Anyone who saw Citys first goal at Newcaste will be esp pleased we have Ramsdale in goal and not the two idiot Newcastle defenders, one being the keeper, who chose to stand and watch and let a ball bounce just three yards and central from goal, while the City player had the schoolboy simple header to score.

    Unbelievable , catastrophic and also gloriously humourous so called “defending”, esp if like me, you passionately want Newcastle to be relegated. As they surely will be and hurray for that!

    1. Well John I hope your prediction is not right. I hope Auba recovers and returns to score many goals this season. In a similar vein I wonder John if you are already regretting your recent decsion to give up on Arteta. You wrote a comment after the Everton game that after having supported Arsenal for so long you have decided the Arteta out brigade were right after all and you had finally seen the light. After 3 straight wins what is the view like from the Arteta Out side of town? 🙂

      1. LMAO
        Old ever changing his mind jonny boy
        And you have the nerve to question other fans supportiveness Jon
        Wyoming putting you in your place as well

  9. Laca as a CF player is more lethal in creating spaces rather than scoring, while if he plays as a second striker behind the CF he can score easier, he creates spaces and pulls the defenders towards him which requires the other players to push forward and moving without the ball “as we saw with Marti’s goals”.

    I would definitely keep him and keep Marti at this time, maybe MA can use ESR instead of Ode as number 10!

  10. Agree totally with Prof.Wenger. The point is Laca has attributes which are essential to the team cause. His hold up play and ability to pull defenders towards him allows other forwards to attack and this is exactly what happened when Martinelli scored 2 goals against Leeds. Laca has to get a extension and he brings so much to the Arsenal cause. Secondly, as a senior figure, Laca is very important and the youngsters look upto him for guidance and inspiration. We cannot have only youngsters filling our squad, some seniors like Laca are very important to the team. Also, even without his contract situation sorted out, he plays with so much passion, zeal and commitment.

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