Audio Interview – Giroud is just happy Arsenal keep winning!

Hey everyone, JustArsenal is bringing a new feature to the lazy-eyed or long-sighted members of our website with the introduction of Audio posts, in conjunction with the brilliant AudioBoom.

This first audio interview is with Olivier Giroud talking to Sky Sports after today’s win at Everton which puts us on top of the table at least until tomorrow night. He may not be playing much right now, but every time he does, he scores!

The way I look at it is that he may be a supersub, but if you win the title you get a medal as much as the poor player that puts in 90 minutes hard graft every week. Perhaps he feels more comfortable having a longer rest between appearances.

Anyway, lets not delay – listen to Giroud on JustArsenal’s first ever AudioPost….

Let us know what you think of this new format in the comments below….

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  1. I love his an theos battle for that cf position.
    Its competitive ..but theres a mutual respect

    Now reserves get a run in sheffield
    These lads get a week to recuperate


  2. I am happy for the Arsenal goal scorers but……. so many of the recent goals are all about the service/assists.

    Ozil, Cazorla, Bellerin, Sanchez and others all delivering the ball perfectly.

    Vs. Bayern Bellerin literally came out of nowhere to steal the ball, beat 3 defenders one by one, and deliver a PERFECT cross while at a full gallop and under pressure. And Ozil’s recent deliveries have such a fine touch that they must be seen to be appreciated.

    LOVE seeing Arsenal football again.

  3. Interesting! It probably takes as abot the same as long to listen toit as it takes to read a post, so yeah bring them on! At least you know for sure their words haven’t been taken out of context.

    Giroud? He’s amazing. He keeps getting criticized, but even when he’s dropped he scores every time he comes on! I reckon he shouldd play half an hour in every game

  4. Listen Baby Please

    Giroud’s on a roll and this can also be good for Walcott too. Theo will be aching to get out there and score goals. Competition will help both

    With Ramsey out OX will need to improve without much competition. OX was better in second half then 1st.

    Ozil, Cazorla, Alexis, Cech, Koscielny, Bellerin, Coquelin were all excellent tonight

    We just need to put a few more chances away but we are looking good.

    A United win tomorrow will be the icing on the cake of a great week

  5. Anyone out there want to re-open the old wound and ridicule “hold up play” again? That was a hold-up masterclass by OG, there were at least six occasions when he velcro-ed the ball and laid it off beautifully. All round contribution was brilliant imo. Ozil, as Merse would say, is “different gravy” and Santi has stunned everyone I think in that CM role. He has blown me away completely – knew he was sublime technically but watch him closely and have a peep at his stats and you will see he is almost as effective in breaking up play as he is in going forward. Remember the crowd on here saying Ozil and Santi can’t possibly both play in the same team – haven’t heard that one for a while now.

    Very early days still but last 5 games give evidence to the idea that we can win in contrasting ways now. Leicester was just end to end knowing we could outscore them, United was the perfect early storm and foot sensibly off the pedal thereafter, Watford was the waiting game, wear them down and then deliver the rapier blow(s) nearer the end, Bayern was sit-off all day, ultra organisation with two banks of defenders and take your chances on the counter attack and Everton was just a spirited grind on the back of a heavy schedule. I’m encouraged but far from complacent.

    Moment of the game – Gabriel’s fist pump with a minute to go.

  6. once again WENGER was right to trust GIROUD&WALCOTT and stick with them,he was getting slammed for not buying that 50 millions striker,talking about cohesion and team spirit i guess ARSENE KNOWS BEST:)

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