AudioPost: Aston Villa v Arsenal – Arsene Wenger interview

After a great win that puts Arsenal on top of the League table at last, Arsene Wenger had nothing but praise for the team. It is true that our tired players dropped off a bit in the second half but as we were already clear in front after dominating the opening half.

Wenger also reserved special praise for the excellent (as usual) Petr Cech, and hails an excellent week for the Gunners……

Listen on….

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  1. “One thing in their favour though is that this season Mesut Ozil has been fantastic. He really hasn’t got the column inches he deserves.
    “Jose Mourinho once said to me, when sometimes he would turn his back in training with Real Madrid he could always tell when Ozil struck the ball. It made a different sound.” – Mark Lawrenson.

    Even though i dislike mourinho I know he loves the kinda player Ozil is and he doesn’t hide it.
    Nice to have Sanchez back today

    1. “When Mourinho turned his back on Ozil, Whilst at Real Madrid, I remember the distinctive sound the Gooner’s made when Arsenal signed him” — Fatboy ?

    1. At least we are in the mix. Anyone can have it, let’s be clear on that. However, I do fancy our chances this year but as always I reserve the judgement after 19 games.

  2. If every member of our first team was fully fit, we would have run off with the title already.
    This can still happen though…we still have the chance of signing additional quality in January.

    I initially did not believe that we had a GOOD CHANCE of winning the title without additional signings…but we actually do. However, the truth remains that…the task will be easier if we could sign additional quality in January though.

    What say ye?

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