AudioPost – Wenger on the need to attack, and faith in Debuchy

Here we have another straight-from-the-horses-mouth AudioPost from the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, as he gives an insight into tonight’s game and a full description of why he thinks Matthieu Debuchy will be able to fill Bellerin’s boots in Munich.

This is from an interview on SkySports


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  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I’m worried about tonight
    For Bayern!!!!!!!!

  2. arsenal369 says:

    Lets see if Debucy can break his record of actually winning a game with him in the team this season! Costa must be licking his lips now

  3. arsenalkid1970 says:

    The fact that everyone has a problem with MD is mad because when we signed him this blog was going mad over him being a great right back. Yes he has had a few bad games but now it’s his chance to give AW a headache over selection. I still think Bellarine will play Sunday and I think Gabriel will play tonight and Sunday. You no Gabriel can play next to FQ no problem as a safety net. Let’s just see. I no we can get 3 points with the other games in the group so not all lost yet. COYG

  4. antiwenger says:

    Akbs are out in full force after a good run of wins.But am not getting fooled just yet.This season reminds me of the 2013-14 season when we had a good first half of the season but still ended up finishing fourth.I can still see the same problems of that season, the treatment room is full of the same usual suspects and the team is seriously lacking in depth.

    I will let the Akbs enjoy themselves for the time being but please don’t go into hiding tomorrow.

    Those who are delusional enough to think you can go to Bayern Munich with a patched up squad and a bench full of non debutant teenagers and come out with a result, shock awaits you tonight. We are going to get thumped!!!! don’t believe me?see you here tomorrow.

    1. Budd says:

      So? You win, you lose. This is football.I am sorry for you if you don’t enjoy the run of good games we had so far.It just show you are not an Arsenal supporter. I am not saying “true”supporter, I am saying you are NOT AT ALL an Arsenal supporter because no fan will be sad when his team wins.
      We may lose this game not because we are poor but because Bayern is the best team in the world today. But we may also win, just like Real last night or just as we did one week ago. I also have my reservations about it but I hope the boys will rise again to the amount of their talent.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      Sad that you only come here to hand out”I told you so’s” while you relish in, hope for and even predict the possible loss of the team you supposedly support.
      I’ll be here tomorrow, win lose or draw, with the same faith and enthusiasm in support of AFC as well as AW…

    3. Yengooner says:

      Some fans who call themselves Arsenal fans really amaze me. If we lose, so what? Guy, if the only thing that can make you happy as an Arsenal fan is when new players of your choice are bought please wait until you take over the management of the club. For now, the management is entrusted to Wenger. Fans should support their club irrespective of who dons the jersey because there is nothing you can do about.
      Whether we lose or not, I’ll still be in this forum to support the team for their next match.
      They say there are two things you should not worry about in life: 1) The things you can change, and 2) The things you cannot change.

    4. Big Gun says:

      This is the typical nonsensical attitude portrayed by these types of fans. The same fans who wanted Wenger sacked mid way through last season, yet we went on to win another 3 trophies. Let us humor your logic then shall we. Every time Arsenal wins while Wenger is in charge, you and the rest of the Arsene Out Brigade have no right to celebrate at all. Does that sound fair? Of course not, but that is the type of stance you have decided to take. You cannot have your bread buttered on both sides. Either support the team and the manager, or please go and support another team that suits your unrealistic needs.

      Arsenal have been doing substantially better over the last few years since we were able to start spending on top players. The trophies are proof. Why on earth would you want Wenger sacked now??

  5. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    Let’s do a double on Bayern! COYG

  6. DennisTheMenace says:

    we all know that bellerin is a great player but if you isolate just his defensive capabilities he is not that great (though he has a great recovery pace) and debuchy ffs is a french international….. let’s not slate him even before that match…. and all our players were $hit in the coc match including campbell… i am pretty sure with better players around him he will do better and who knows the more defensive minded debuchy might just be more required against bayern than the more attack minded bellerin

  7. johlangarsenal says:

    Hopefully debuchy redeems himself. Lets not judge him on one game cause he was on the bench a long time. I trust him 100%.

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