AudioPost- Wilshere opens his heart and tells Wenger how he REALLY feels

Wow I don’t think I’ve ever heard an Arsenal player talk so honestly in an interview as Jack Wilshere does in this recording from AudioBoom. He obviously loves Arsene Wenger and he is prepared to play wherever his manager asks him too, but he has admitted that, in his heart of hearts, he would prefer to be playing further back than Wenger wants him to play.

Wilshere was the hardest worker of everyone in pre-season, but was cruelly injured just before the Community Shield game against Chelsea, but he is now forecast to return to the Arsenal First Team around Christmas.

The big question in this interview is where he will play when he comes back, and I think you will love his opinion. Perhaps in the future Wilshere could become the new Mister Arsenal?

This is our best AudioBoom interview so far in my opinion. What do you think? Wilshere will definitely be a superstar once he overcomes his injury problems….

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  1. Not gonna happen. Unless it’s in Cup matches. There is no way he can replace either Santi or Ozil…

      1. @ks-gunner
        In his and your dreams maybe…In reality, even at top form, Jack is not in the same league as those 2.

        1. Who needs enemys when we have muricans around. He is 23. He will improve. Not that he isnt good enough now, but he will become better. As for now i dont know who is better then Ozil and Santi.

  2. I really feel for jack, he will get his chance though, but i cant see him starting infront of santi or ozil unless there is a serious injury to them both! But i can see him getting his opportunity in the cup games to show his worth!

  3. Injuries won’t just let Wilshere be. I do rate Him. He was great few seasons ago. I remembered He ran the show against Barca in that season. Injuries has dealt with his growth as a player and Arsenal became better as a team by purchasing players like Santi, Ozil, Sanchez and the likes…

    Wenger has really stood by Him and I believe Wenger will continue to do so… Remember Mancity wanted to get him for some big bucks?

    I want to see Wilshere playing well but just when you think he is about to have a good run, injuries sets in…

    1. @Uzi Ozil
      No offense to Jack. But he has metal in his foot and will never be able to compete at the highest level for any length of time.

      1. why are u so bent that jack won’t make it he is one of the most technically gifted players in our squad he is 23 he just needs an injury free run jack and Rambo are Wenger’s biggest project he won’t let it go eventually jack will come boy and u will eat your words

    1. @Robertthegooner….And u must be the guy with the binoculars on the opposite block, peering through their window…. To actually come out with this kinda idea

  4. Arsenal sure has some very stupid fans. Santi 30y. Jack 23y. Jack has the magic many can only dream about. What he needs to add in his game is, same like Mesut. Scoring goals. And very important. Playing save. Tthe epl sure is dark at times and full of terrors.

    1. @ks-gunner
      Jack needs to learn how to use his low center of gravity to his advantage. He has a brilliant football brain, but he can’t dribble or twist and turn on a dime to avoid tackles like so many other short players. And until he learns to do so, he will always catch injuries…

      1. Listen fatman. There are people who just babble bs. I am pretty sure that Jack can come out and score a hattrick and you still will find something to moan about. Good players who are fantastic with the ball do pick up these injuries. Its natural. Rather then changing the beaty out of the game the fa needs to protect and punish untalented players who charge into players blindly.

        i heard your gravity bs before. But players like Diaby ( talented with the ball) did also lose on their career bec of players who are salesman nowdays and dont play football anymore. Reus. Draxler. Robben. All dribblings masters. all of them injurie prone.

          1. >’_’)>o I was gonna give you this donut to you… o<('_'<) But then I was like, no no. You need to be less stupid to earn it. Ronaldo. His knee was smashed so many times and still the best striker of all time. No excuses.

  5. I remember during the window I suggested we should go for aubameyang instead of the likes of benzema,higuain and cavani, heck I was abused for it and got so many thumbs down with people saying he’s not good enough for arsenal. Well he now has 20 goals in 17 appearances this season.

  6. Weekend over, another 3pts.

    Arsenal have had to focus, perform and stay together to get 9pts since the international break.
    Watford was difficult because of the limited preparation time, bayern was difficult because of the intensity given, and Everton was difficult because there wasn’t much left in the tank. But the performances show Arsenal have what they haven’t had before…a desired focus to be winners.

    Whilst Mourinho is still missing, it seems as though no one was missing for either Man U or Man City as both cancelled each other out with a solid performance. I still think Man U are a team to keep an eye on, sure they are not playing destructive football but they are getting results.

    Time for a rest, I know most would like to win at Sheffield Wednesday but equally time for a rest is much needed. Arsenal looked tired 60mins into Everton game after a solid performance against Bayern.

    Look forward to next round of fixtures in EPL, it’s another must win when you look at who Man U and Man City have!
    Bring on Swansea…

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