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Not Arsenal Quality? – Four players that simply have to go….

These four players must be sold they are not Arsenal quality

If we win the Europa League and finish top four then we would have had a very good season but that does not mean that a major overhaul is not required. Too many of our players are simply not good enough to play in an Arsenal shirt and need to be offloaded in the summer.

It is time for Arsenal fans to accept the truth about Mesut Ozil

Simply put, Mesut Ozil is not world class. That may well be a controversial comment to some of my fellow Gooners but for me, it is the truth.

A world-class player turns up consistently and can be relied upon when the going gets tough, we cannot say that about Ozil no matter how much we admire him.

Don’t panic – The Top Four is still in Arsenal’s hands

Top four is still in our hands – no need to panic

Today has not been a good day there is no denying that but Manchester United lost earlier to Everton and Tottenham lost yesterday and that means a top-four finish is still safely within our hands.

Arsenal v Palace Player Ratings – What a disgraceful performance

Arsenal player ratings v Crystal Palace – Four get just 3/10

We had a fantastic opportunity today against Crystal Palace to grab a win and move into third position in the Premier League with just four games to go, but what did we do? We blew it.

Has Emery given up on Arsenal making the Top Four with his selections?

Bad players and managerial decisions equal bad results. by Konstantin Mitov

Are Arsenal making the top 4? Do we even want it? Ask the manager that question. What on earth is he doing with the squad selection? Elneny, Mustafi, Jenkinson and Guendouzi. Enough said. You can sometimes get away with having one poor player on the pitch, but 4 is a bit too much.

We can only blame Mustafi for Arsenal’s defeat to Palace

After an hour of yesterday’s game against Crystal Palace, the match was finely balanced at 1-1 but then Benteke put a probing pass towards goal. Mustafi easily got to the ball ahead of Wilfred Zaha, but suddenly stopped and tried to block the striker instead of following the ball. Zaha easily glided around him and had a free shot on goal which he easily converted, and suddenly Arsenal were in big trouble and only had 30 minutes to turn the game around.

Emery hints he will be promoting Arsenal youngsters this summer

There has been much speculation about Arsenal’s transfer funds this summer, and I think we can all be assured that there will not be many superstar, big money signings (if any!) but the team will identify promising talent and also be promoting some up from the academy. Ahead of Arsenal’s game against Palace today, Emery took the mention of the Palace stars Wilfred Zaha and Aaron Wan-Bissaka as an opportunity to highlight that they are proof that home-made talent can be advantageous to Arsenal as well.

Which channel to watch Arsenal v Crystal Palace on – Everywhere in the world

A win today and Arsenal will go back to third in the Premier League and more than that, we will have our top-three destiny back in our own hands.

A draw would keep us behind Tottenham on goal difference and so it is of the highest importance that we collect all three points today at the Emirates.