Awesome Akpom’s goals promise fantastic future for Arsenal

Despite being young enough, at 18-years old, to play for the Arsenal under 18 team, Chuba Akpom is firmly established in the under 21s and if he keeps on going the way he has been of late, it will not be too long before he is involved in the first team squads as well.

The young Gunner has fired five goals in his last two games, following up a hat-trick against West Brom with the only ywo goals of the game last night against Aston Villa, the highlights of which can be seen on Arsenal Player. Akpom recently broke the club’s 10 metre sprint record held by Theo Walcott, but he is not just about pace. There is plenty of power and technical ability to his game as well and if he can keep finding the back of the net, how long will it be before Wenger thinks about promoting him on a regular basis?

There was more good news from last night’s Arsenal under 21 game as well, with Abou Diaby completing the full 90 minutes and coming through unscathed as he continues to build towards a proper comeback. The French midfielder had completed the first half of the previous game and with a few more games under his belt, he could be appearing on a pitch near you soon.

Arsenal have their first Capital One cup game of the season against Southampton on Tuesday September 23rd, so don’t be surprised to see Diaby and the prolific young Akpom in action against the Saints. The youngster certainly looks to have a bright future ahead of him with Arsenal.

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  1. ljgomez says:

    YESSS!! I’m glad you guys wrote an article on this, chuba has been playing on a high level since pre season!
    and i saw the u21 highlights today, the kid iis good, and will hopefully be great
    so excited to have chuba as an up an comer
    if it was up to me our striker order would go
    and sannago would be the one playing with the u21
    but i feel chuba’s time will come, and he’s gonna have a huge roll in our club

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Honestly, Chuba is better than SaNono. The frenchman needs to go out on loan to a PL side.

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        totally if he bangs in goals….he can stay and warm the bench if not he can carry on being loan out or sold

      2. pranavTrue Gooner says:

        Well sanogo is prolific at all other stages except in epl. I think its because of combination of lack of confidence/pressure & injuries. I do believe he an be a future star. He must be given time & Should support him. Akpom is a wonderful talent. I m so happy to see him playing like this. Should keep his spirit and performance levels !

      3. seancali says:

        @kick ass fan

        which PL side would want sanogo??????????maybe championship would be a better option for him. a year in championship and then a year at a newly promoted PL side would be good for him

    2. ArnSam says:

      Don’t really about u guys, but it’s been some time now since i wanted that Akpom guy 2feature @senior level…am convinced with him, Gnabry, Hayden, Hector, Chambers, Zelaleam and other great prospects ope these guys don’t end up being sold as we crave for others from other sides. OTHERWISE AKPOM CHUBA DESERVES A PLACE IN THE FIRST TEAM OR SOME MINUTES.

      1. seancali says:

        Sanogo needs to be loaned out and Akpom promoted to the first team. the guy has lots of quality for sure

  2. jibber says:

    quite like the way the u21 is playing, with lots of mobility and pace. sure it’s not the top level, but akpom does look good there, what he needs though is to get more experience.

  3. mohawk says:

    Akpom is clearly more capable and ready than Sanogo. I also believe Akpom’s progress may be the reason Wenger did not fully pursue Remy.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      there is always room for competition and improvement

      its good for the club

  4. Goonsquad8 says:

    The kid is 18 years old lets not start hyping him up to much yet he still has a long way to go. I dont think we should throw him into the first team anytime soon, there are a lot of players ahead of him in our squad and we have a young team at that. Obviously im all for seeing him in the capital one cup but id rather see sanogo that kid needs to find his feet as he is 3 years older than akpom and apkom could do with a loan to the championship first.

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Walcott 25

    Welbeck 23

    Campbell 22

    Sanago 21

    Akprom 18

    In the future

    we have 5 strikers to rotate…..15 games each

  6. AYZAY says:

    Do you guys watch sanogo closely? Do you think you know better than wenger? Sanogo needs time and he is better than akpom, akpom might grow into a bigger star but for now sanogo is better he’s just lacking that epl goal to boost his confidence.

  7. butters says:

    Akpom is quality, but he needs to bulk for the premier league, so does Olsson and Zelalem. I think only Bellerin is capable for premier league action

    1. supertuur says:

      For 18 years old Akpom is already pretty physical. Problem for him not getting any time up front is that we both have Campbell and Sanogo that need time.

      Maybe another loan spell for Akpom is what is needed to further his development. Ideally a championship side.

      As for the rest of the under 21 squad Bellerin and Hayden are the ones i see make first team appearances.

  8. all guns blazing says:

    I really think we should target the league cup this year! i think defending the fa cup will be a struggle … i think the league cup is ideal for us this year and hopefully next year we bring in the players we need and do not let anyone go. This year i feel the league cup is a trophy we should target and try to win.

  9. Sumo says:

    Slow news day. Cun’t wait for kick-off.
    My prediction.
    3-0 to the Gunners.
    Mesut Özil hat trick.

    1. TAMER-GOONER says:

      i dont know why but after reading everything that happened today this comment is hilarious in hindsight

  10. Gunner_Bolivia says:

    I can see Akpom putting those chances away that Sanogo squandered against leicester. but yea akpom could still use a loan spell in the championship before his promotion to the first team.

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