Awful Brighton kill off abysmal Arsenal

Arsenal will walk away as losers today despite coming up against a lacklustre Brighton side.

Our side did start the first-half in emphatic fashion, and could easily have been 3-0 up inside the opening 20 minutes, but were unfortunately unable to put away any of those clear-cut chances.

That impetus was short-lived however, as the game began to turn into somewhat of a stalemate with both sides struggling to get in behind their rivals.

The biggest incident of the opening half was watching Bernd Leno land awkwardly after a slight collision with Neal Maupay, and the German shot-stopper wasn’t shy in showing his anger with the oncoming striker whilst being stretchered off the pitch.

The second-half was more entertaining thanks to four goals, but all-in all there was little to shout home about for either side, until our opponents stole the three points…

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the first to find the back of the net, only to have his neat finish rightly ruled out for offside, but moments later we finally did break the deadlock.

Nicolas Pepe slotted home a delightful finish with just over 20 minutes remaining, but this clearly wasn’t going to be enough.

Our opponents hit-back shortly after thanks to one of many corners we had faced today, with Lewis Dunk putting the final touch away and into the net.

I was certain that Mesut Ozil and Martinelli would be installed to bring some fresh legs into the game, but it was Eddie Nketiah brought on at this point, before three very late changes on minute 87 with Tierney, Nelson and Willock brought on.

We did little inside the final third after our goal in reality, but whether to concede in the 95th minute that to Maupay is another matter.

The anger in me tells me we very much deserved to be punished for playing so badly, but the reality is Brighton were so bad as well! Our star-studded side has been downed by a dead team who didn’t show the fight of a team who were on coarse for relegation, but they can celebrate a win over a top team, and celebrate jumping out of the relegation zone… For now…

Did Brighton deserve the three points? Why was Martinelli and Ozil both overlooked again?



  1. Come here to watch the same shit in different games. You can see it up and down the club. Going to take a while to fix, even relegation.

    1. I know no fan should wish for their team to lose but maybe arsenal needs to hit rock bottom before things change ? We need a whole sale this summer. Things really need to get bad before we can return to our old glory. I don’t know what else to say. The sad thing is I don’t even get upset anymore when we lose, I’ve become used to it.

  2. this match has showed a lot of our problems:
    – we can make 5 changes and are drawin 1-1 but arteta keeps 4 of them till the 87 min?.. does he even want to win..
    – the defense is NOT the main problem, our midfield is just average-good but nowhere near good enough for a title challenge
    – our bench is a disaster
    – yeah Özil is not as good as he was anymore and maybe he shouldnt be a starter next year but even a 35-40 year old unfit özil is miles better in the midfield than willock
    – our attacking play is sooo lacking 5 years ago we lost all the top matches but we would win this kind of matches 3-0 easily, now we lose the top matches and draw or lose the others and sometimes scrap some wins

    1. It’s funny. We finally invest heavily in attack, and it’s the worst one we’ve had in decades. They legitimately so bad to watch. Even Auba was bad today too with so many chances. shambles everywhere.

      1. Without midfield the attack will always be sh*t. Over the years we usually had one of the best midfield in the league and one of the worst attacks yet we always scored beautiful goals.

      2. true, its a joke to be honest, you are right that we shouldn’t get angry anymore 😬
        when we had a brilliant midfield: coq + cazorla + özil or even before that, tbh we always had great 8s and 10s, we lacked a great DM and world class attacker or defense, and if we finally get one thing we lose another piece (sold, or out of form or not good anymore like özil)
        imagine if we bought auba while we had sanchez and that midfield.. but no here at arsenal we dont build a team in 2-3 years.. we take 5 years so that the spine is never filled

        1. Well said. You probably have to go all the way back to invincibles to look at an Arsenal team with a solid spine. Since then, it’s a switch between a good midfield, or forwards. And always bad defense. Owners are unwilling to really care about the performance of the club.

          1. Absolutely, its just frustrating. Another thing i dont get is, we always had injury problems and i thought we did a good thing we departed with the injury prone players, but why are buying injury prone or injured players again? I like tierney too, but what use is there in having a possibly great player who is injured too often, even messi is useless in the medical room..

        2. I have been saying this many times. our midfield is the problem.

          Guendouzi as DM is a joke. Guy is so fond of himself like he is some Messi. He has no pace. recovery rate is slow. cant move with the ball. midfielders always looking for the safe option of passing back to the keeper.

          The midfield is not good enough. We have 4 strikers we dont need. Incorporating all 4 into the starting 11 is costing us.

          I will say it again:

          OUT: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil, Mkhytaryan, Elneny, Socratis, Mustafi, Luiz, AMN, Guendouzi

          IN: Asensio, Thomas Partey, Lewis Dunk, Nabil Fekir, Thomas Lemar.

          We need men. We need quality wingers who can dribble.

          We should swap Aubameyang for Asensio
          Swap lacazette for Thomas Partey. Get Thomas Lemar.

          25m pounds will get Nabil Fekir.

          Buy Lewis Dunk

          Partey Saka

          Asensio Pepe Fekir


          Pepe can also play a false 9.

          Arteta was wrong with taking off Pepe. What was Nelson going to offer at that time. he should have changed tactics by moving Pepe and Aubameyang into the box.
          When will Torrera be fit?

          We should forget about this season. at best we get europa league.

          This Board should be ambitious for once.

      3. The whole scouting department must be fired. We don’t have attacking players who are good in one-on-one situation

        Sometimes Martinelli and Saka can beat their markers, but they’re still inconsistent. Nobody possesses Sanchez’s close control and skills

        Better sell Aubameyang and Lacazette, then buy an attacker who can hold the ball and bring it past the opponents

  3. Another dreadful passionless display from Arsenal. Bad enough we lose right at the end, but yet another seemingly long-term injury, and to our best player.

    I wrote an article on here only a couple of days ago about the chaos, and darker days ahead. Auba still can’t get a game upfront, Ozil doesn’t come on, so something going on with him yet again, and Arteta subs our best players? He also brings on 3 players in the 87 minute. What are they supposed to do with such little time?

    I also want Arteta to come out and give us his reasons why he keeps overlooking Martinelli? Clearly something has happened between those two, because Martinelli had been one of best players, and was then suddenly pulled from team pre-lockdown, and is obviously still in Arteta’s bad books.

    Utter shambles!

  4. Nothing new. Why get angry at this point. Let’s just finish the season and hopefully see the back of a lot of these players. Suffering will continue until Kroenke is gone.

    1. Supporting Arsenal is like playing playing with a mamba no matter what happens it will kill you

  5. Same S##t different day. What pisses me off more is that this lot will all get their fat paycheck regardless.
    We can speculate and wish as much as we like but this donward spiral going back almost a decade seems never ending.

  6. No excuses anymore from me, we are a less than average team not much better than the team planked 20th in the league.. it’s disgusting how far this club has fallen.

    1. No comment! Sooo many things were wrong today 😓😓hard time to be a gooner you can’t get even a hug 😷😷

  7. And to think we thought the PL restart was going to be a welcome distraction from all the crap going on in the world…

  8. Why can’t we ever finish a game off??!! It’s been like this for so long!
    I’m absolutely livid… no wonder we’re called Banter FC….

    1. Sue just thought I would pop in and ask you, in particular, now that we are starting with eleven players, as Ozil has been dropped for the last two games AND we have two extra subs, can you enlighten me as to how we have improved?
      I was under the impression that once he was dropped, our style of football would improve and we would be winning every game – so far its been two humiliating defeats – where has it all gone wrong, now that the shirtseller has no say in the way we are playing?

      1. Hi Ken, nice to see you and i hope you’re doing ok! As always, you’re spot on!! Funny how this hasn’t been brought up!! 😂
        Yes, just why haven’t we won, Ozil was the problem apparently… I’d say based on the last 2 games, he’s far from it!! But hey, what the hell do I know?!!

      2. I know you were expecting a reply from the other Sue, however, I’m happy to throw my 2pence worth in. Not playing Ozil doesn’t prove anything at all. Is it your assertion Ken that if he had been on the pitch today and on Wednesday that the outcome would have been any different?
        You know very well that Arteta played him before the enforced break so there must have been a good reason

        1. Well said Sue, my understanding was that we have to trust Arteta and his judgement and that we mere mortals no know different.

        2. Of course there was SueP, when he played him we were unbeaten in 2020 – that’s reason enough to keep playing your best players – what I witnessed in the last two games was exactly what I expected and just as UE had to bring him back to stop the slide down the table, so will MA.

          Unless of course, he thinks we are playing better football without him?!

          The anti Ozil brigade have got their wish and our style of football has reaped the benefits – BHA doing the double over us and City humiliating us while we couldn’t create one shot on target against them!!!

          Would we have won either game with Ozil playing?
          Who knows, but we DO KNOW who we are without him.

          1. Sue, thanks for asking and I am fine and dandy.. except for the results of course.

            As you say, Saints will be licking their lips, along with The Blades of course.

            Take care and I’ll speak again, when we start winning, with or without Ozil, who will get blamed if we lose and be a passenger if we win 🤔😁

          2. Ken
            I’m sorry to say that you went through your usual reasoning about Ozil
            I didn’t knock him in any way whatsoever and actually resent your suggestion that his non appearance was anything to do with my views or any others views on Ozil that doesn’t correspond with yours.
            You conveniently wrote that knowing I hadn’t put a dig in at Ozil at all and I’m less than impressed that you did
            You should read my post again

          3. SueP, my thoughts and reasonings regarding Ozil, have nothing to do with what you think about him, or anyone else come to that – how you came to that conclusion I have no idea.

            I answered your question about whether he would have changed the two results, by saying “who knows?” then added that we can certainly compare those results against the results and performances before that… isn’t that a logical thing to do?
            I would add that Luiz played in those games, we had injuries, we had three subs not five AND the ultimate advantage of Ozil not playing (hence 11 starters not 10 as has been alleged)… so why you resent me having my views on the question of today’s shambles and city’s humiliation I have no idea yet again.

      3. Ken, Hi, and good to see you back, even if only part time, as I am from now on with this site AND WE BOTH KNOW WHY THAT IS!

        Todays game was probably the most depressing non performance from the whole team that I have seen i for a very long time. When you consider the all round lack of passion ,of effort and of skill – the lovely Pepe goal excepted- the ill discipline of such as Guendouzi and others , then you begin to realise the sheer scale of the many problems at our club.
        The squad as a whole is simply not good enough, nowhere near in fact, but far worse than that, they are not motivated.

        When players have been locked down for approx three months and yet STILL, even then , cannot raise themselves to properly compete , you know there is a fundamental disease of sloth and couldn’t care less in THIS squad,that if left unchecked could well see us join the ranks of those teams who are relegated but of who folks say they are too good to go down.

        We are NOT too good a TEAM to go down,even though individually our players(as a whole) are clearly not relegation material . But the team is fast becoming one.The sheer lack of collective passion is always the MOST disturbing factor. No side and NO player without true passion ever succeeds.

        I do not say that MA has lost the dressing room, but anyone looking at THAT performance alone could well be entitled to think so, I’d say.

        Leaving the side issue of Ozil out of the equation for now, if you will, what do YOU think are our prospects or perhaps “fate” next season and the rest of this one? And do you see any real hope at all, given the Kroenke handicap, of clearing out all the uninterested and moderate players and bringing in some quality ones who actually CARE?

        To be clear I retain every faith in Arteta but he is working with both hands tied behind his back, as was Emery too(despite his own failings), if we are honest.

        1. Hi Jon, hope you and yours are well.
          Thank goodness you can understand what I am saying and don’t get resentful.
          I came on to ask Sue her opinion of the situation now that Ozil can no longer be blamed, as we both have good memories regarding “playing with 10 men while Ozil was selected” and why it has got worse.

          Jon, I would rather we discussed on the phone, as I have no wish to write something, only to see it disappear without any explanation.
          What about Monday morning and we can even discuss the prodigal son!?!?

          1. Believe me Ken
            I felt you chose to add a narrative to my post that was never intended
            Yes you wrote to Sue and with the glaring benefit of hindsight wished I hadn’t made my comments
            Not because I didn’t believe in what I wrote but because I believe you chose to read into something that wasn’t actually there. I wrote that Arteta chose not to play him HAVING previously played him.
            You used my post in a way that I didn’t like and still don’t
            Needless to say you will be more than delighted that I shall ignore your occasional visits to JA. Best for my wellbeing

            1. SueP, do not worry, I am very very closely monitoring. This site has been very peaceful in recent weeks with huge increase in traffic and great interaction on the comments, in fact, today has been brilliant. You can take it to the bank that there are zero circumstances I will allow a return to the toxic atmosphere that had taken over this site. I am very aware of the snide comments and my patience is absolutely nowhere what it was. The mere fact I have had to write a comment like this for the first time in weeks is very telling.

        2. jon, the lack of ability I can forgive; the lack of fight, passion and commitment to the badge of these overpaid parasites, I cannot forgive.
          They take their money and don’t care.

    2. Simply because we have poor ball control,we let our opponent control the ball as we zone mark,this gives the opponent time to try everything possible to score a goal..this is why we can’t stop smaller teams scoring against us.we need to change this playing style.

  9. Switched off at 1-1 in 93rd minute.
    What a bunch of ******* . We could be 10th by the end of today!
    No Europe for certain now.

  10. I asked the other day if the spat from the Corona Virus money issue not resolved. Arteta making himself to look like a fool. Come on coach get it together!

    1. We need to ask for his forgiveness.
      He over-pampered us while managing our liability well without us knowing.

      Thanks Arsene for your good job even with meagre resources

  11. Shameful.
    Players that don’t why they are on the field. zero mentality.
    I can’t wait to see the back of many.

  12. I think it’s brighton’s first win in 2020 , nowadays arsenal is so embarassing, if this continues next season we will be in relegation battle that’s for sure, look at our midfield, defence and substitutes that will tell the situation of our club. Mentality of our beloved club is now pathetic .

  13. So much for Brighton being winless in 9 games… as soon as we roll up, we make the bloody opposition look like Barcelona!! Donkeys, the bloody lot of them!
    We’re just too bloody easy to play against, I bet the Saints can’t wait! Danny Ings hat trick incoming….

    1. We are the club that, “professionally”, people can insult and get away with. After all, it’s the truth. Other truths can be covered up by all kinds of isms.

    2. Hahahaha.. Actually, Sue. Donkeys are useful. This lot are fit for nothing!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. 😂 Very true, GunneRay… think I’d rather pay to watch them trotting round a field, than this lot on a bloody pitch!!!

        1. Talking of “Trotting” around, Sue. Guendouzi has really surprised me with his lack of drive and determination. I thought he was looking good early in the season but he looks like the complete “Donkey” right now. I wanted to like him more but he seems to be settling in to the Arsenal way (Lazy and over paid) just fine! 🙂

          I wouldn’t give any Arsenal player more than 4 today!!

          1. Yes he had some good games, Villa sticks in my mind. I thought he looked good for the first 20 minutes or so today, but then went off the boil. That seems to be the same with all of them and has been for some time – the I’m not that bothered attitude.. if I was in the team (god help them 😂) I would be absolutely livid! I’m very competitive and don’t like losing, but it doesn’t seem to bother them.. they know they’ll be picked next time even if they were crap! And they’re still paid their thousands! Where’s the backbone and fighting spirit? This isn’t the Arsenal I fell in love with back in 1991… they’re an embarrassment! If I wanted all this sort of crap, I’d have followed the other half of my family and become a West Ham fan! Sheesh!!
            Neither would i, GunneRay and that’s being generous!

  14. It can never be the fault of 3 different coaches: Unai, Lungberg, and Arteta… These players are not Arsenal at heart… They are the poorest group of players to wear the Arsenal shirt… They are so poor on the ball, every aspect of them is poor… I feel its better to play the youngests and lose than these awful group of players…

    1. Please note – not the “A J” who used to enjoy commenting on here.

      Just visit to read nowadays.

      Pure coincidence there’s another “ A J” out there.

      Today – “Groundhog day”.

      Take care all.

        1. Hi Sue.

          Glad to see you’re O.K. (apart from the widespread AFC induced depression that is !).

          Just a fleeting visit from me.

          Parting shot.

          My view.

          We have really deep rooted problems at the club, which unless sorted very quickly via a “drains up” (not going to happen) we will continue to nose dive.

          Arsene protected his players through thick and thin throughout his reign . They almost became ”blind to reality” leading to a squad that in my view were led to believe they were better than they actually were / are.

          In comes a manager who is intent on instilling some semblance of discipline and structure.

          This did not sit well with some of our more egotistical and cosseted players, and they got rid of him by basically downing tools.

          I’m not going into the ups and downs of Unai Emery’s tenure on here – that’s been done to death.

          However, was he handed a poisoned chalice ?

          Now for Mikel, of whom I have high hopes.

          Above I mentioned “discipline “ and “structure” two of Mikel cornerstones.

          Mikel may or may not turn out to be the answer, but something niggles at me he should beware of cliques at our place who think they are bigger than the club.

          This current mob aren’t in that league, and hopefully in the summer that will become quite evident.

          How’s that for a conspiracy theory.

          Anyway, it all adds up to one thing – our squad in the main is bloody useless !!!

          P. S. Wolves 2-0 as I write.

          On the deck played with pace, power and directness (along with decent no nonsense defending) – remember that ?

          1. What an excellent comment, A J.. I agree with every word! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

            Do I remember that?! It’s a distant memory 😆
            I really can’t wait for the transfer window to open….

    2. I think you made a good point. It’s really distasteful watching them perform that way, week in week out. Their play is almost always devoid of will and passion. It’s as though playing for arsenal is drudgery to them, just show up and get your paycheck. I feel sorry for us fans

    3. I don’t agree. All three managers refused to use ozil, all three managers chose to use our crappy young English players and most importantly, all the are quiet, passionless, and are terrible motivators

      1. @sekman
        I don’t think a manager must scream and vent emotions on the touchline to be passionate or to be a good motivator…

        It is not true that with Ozil, we would have won because we have lost tons of them with him on the pitch as well…

        If you think it is the fault of the coach, then why hasn’t Guardiola accepted to coach a Norwich team…

        Essentially, player quality is essential to success… Gone are the days when the quality of the Premier league was generally low, thus granting enough time and room for Wenger and Ferguson to groom young players…

        Summarily, It is not a coaching problem… It is not about a saving flop called Ozil… It is all about a group of poor quality players with no passion, commitment or dedication to excel…

  15. TORI TORI TORI which means ATTACK to much pussyfooting around passing back and sideways Holding is like a Crab passing sideways or back. When are we going to learn the best way to defend is to ATTACK it is not rocket science. We need a good clearout to many old players getting fat paydays

  16. EPL should have resumed the season without Arsenal..

    No urgency on the ball…
    Weak in many areas…
    Average team at best….

    Martinelli isn’t even playing anymore. I know he is still young but I rather see him play than willock. I know they play different position, just saying… I m gutted. Oh, I m used to this.

    Arsenal should have just stayed at home.

  17. You’re playing against a Brighton side that lacks passion and creativity. You go one nil up, yet you can’t see out the game. They draw level with a scrappy goal, yet you can’t bring on Martinelli to play from the left wing and move Auba to the middle. You still refuse to play Ozil, you rather prefer Nelson and Willock. I’m getting worried about Arteta’s tactics and selection (especially substitutions).
    8 games to go. We’re yet to play Spurs and Liverpool. This is one game we shouldn’t be losing.
    It’s such a shame.

  18. It’s obvious that Arsenal have some deep underlying problems in the squad. There’s no passion or determination to win the ball and attack with venom. They almost look like they are playing with the handbrake on. No one is pushing the team forward. It comes back to a lack of leaders. There’s no one organising and the team and they look like 11 players thrown together for the first time. MA won’t change a thing in this squad. Most of them are sub-standard and not even PL quality. In all my years supporting Arsenal, this is probably the only time i have felt so damn angry about the the way the club are conducting themselves. On and off the pitch. If they are not careful, they could end up in quicksand and find themselves fighting relegation. Yes, it really could happen!!!

    1. Yes GunneRay
      This has been a sobering few days
      Arteta has been getting so much stick but I’m not sure he can be held responsible – yet!
      Before the shut down although we were getting draws rather than wins, I felt that he was getting a better reaction from the team. It’s almost like they have forgotten it all!!
      I would wholeheartedly agree that there are underlying issues that need sorting. For a long time now the top level of our great club has let the supporters down badly

      1. Yep, I hear you, SueP!

        I agree. Arteta needs time to imprint his vision and tactics on this squad. However, I do wonder what plans the hierarchy have? Arteta may have to settle for much less than he realises? I know recently he spoke about not being left behind whilst other are building to be stronger. But hey, this is Arsenal. They do spend a bit. They just don’t spend well. I mean, Pepe for £72 million?!

        I’m staying patient with Arteta. I think we all should for now. He needs time and we need to give it to him!

        1. Arteta was a terrible choice of manager which was an obvious to me from day one .However many on this site thought he was going to be the answer to all Arsenal problem.He simply has no idea what he is doing and don’t expect next season to be any better.I am now 60 years of age and. supporter for over 50 of them and I honestly don’t expect us to win the title again in the next 20 years

          1. I can understand your lack of faith in Arteta, Highbury44. Many feel the same. But, I’m not sure any manager in the world can do any more with the current squad? I might be wrong? But I still feel we should give him his chance and let him have a good go at it. As long as the club are willing to let him manage the players who come and go. Only then, with some time, can we truly say he was “the wrong man”.

          2. I’m with GunneRay and gotanidea on Mikel Arteta. How many times is Arsenal going to blame the head coach and sack him, before the real issues with the Arsenal midfield and defense. The strong mentality, strength, speed and tenacity previously associated with winning Arsenal teams has totally disappeared.
            What Arteta can be criticised for are his team selections and substitutions. What has Martinelli done to Arteta to be completely shunned? Why are we back to Wenger era late second half substitutions when chasing a win? Why can these players not be coached in and show interest in team defending?
            This Club needs a total clean out from top to bottom. I am not looking forward to Southampton.

  19. On the other thread I wrote that Arsenal should have beaten Brighton especially as we had great chances that weren’t finished off.

    Brighton got back into it and then Arsenal lose impetus. Typical of us. We don’t have that killer instinct.

    I hoped for passion in a pre match post and there was very little of that in show. No urgency at all

  20. This is very disasrious and very painful coz we have lost to a team at the bottom of the table.This means we are far off being a top six in epl.And arteta should tell us why he bench #GM35 and #MO10.Am very disappointed…Arteta pls something is going on.

    1. Abraham, when we went 1 up we sat back and let them come at us we were staying 2 meters apart we have to close teams down and win the game

  21. Life was so peaceful and happy when there was no premier league….
    Premier League comes with pain as well..

  22. At least half this squad are championship level at best some lower than that … they are paid exorbitant wages with money not coming in so the greedy yank will hopefully bail out and we can start again coz there is no tinkering this club back to top flight football

  23. What’s the point of bringing 3 subs on in the 87th minute, they need longer than that to get into the game, it’s like players the last few minutes with 8 men.
    And, for goodness sake can we play Auba in the middle, totally wasted out wide. And if Ozil can’t get on against Brighton then we might as well forget him for the rest of the season.
    Wasn’t gonna get depressed for the last few games but am totay pissed off now.

    1. Guendozi.
      No pace.
      No forward passing.
      Looks industrious but no end product.
      3 rd season and one goal.
      Thats what we have.
      Was enjoying the football enforced break.
      Now totally depressed.

      1. Guendouzi was baptized “The 2nd El Neny” by a fellow gunner over here and I think that is what I will also call him from now on.


      2. Don’t blame one player I could say Holding tried to chest the ball down for Brighton equalizer but no it is a team game and Arteta picks the team the buck stops there

        1. He picked the team on Wednesday too and that lot didn’t do any better than today’s bunch. He has a ropey, distinterested squad who need a kick up their collective backsides

  24. I think those who abused and chased away Mr. Emery should be preparing some apologies now. It was always the players who were the problem.

      1. The head coach is not the problem. These players have now let down Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery, Freddie Ljundberg and now Mikel Arteta. How does anyone think Arsenal players of the past would have taken seeing Leno stretchered off? They would have run through brick walls let alone Brighten players.
        Merlin the Magician could not get results from this group of overpaid, self obsessed pampered wimps.

  25. Well did you enjoy that people?
    Do you think the pain of watching our team equals the pain of catching covid? Most probably!

    This greed virus spreading through our club has been there awhile. While other clubs superseded us both on and off the pitch in the last 10 years we have kid ourselves with expensive purchases and high wages thinking this will resolve that.

    Nope, it’s far more that we need. Maybe we are seeing the start of a new approach…today a young team with over half the first 11 amounts to 22yrs old today, add the continued injuries mounting… I thinks it will get alot worst before they will get better.

    But we need to be better today. Forget about that promising future. Today we need to be far far better. Better commitment less arogrance more hardwork.

    Today…well in generally really we could of done with Dunk and Bissouma. I would not renew cellabos and Luiz’s contract and I would get these two.
    Not the big name labels fans have cried for, but hardworking dedicated type every club needs.
    Bissouma conceded 6 fouls today without a booking. We didnt have a single player come close to that!
    Dunk scored the important goal, a captain when needed provided. I been a Dunk fan for years but today I hope others see how someone like this can offer the club the stability of leadership character we desperately need.

    Football is small details. Leno injury haunted us today. That corner he would of not allowed 2 vs 1 nor let the defence slowly move out… cant blame Martinez but this is the difference in top keepers and standby. Just ask Liverpool fans.

    Alot of pain to come so I just want to see what Arteta will do to the squad at the end of the season. Even without cash as it appears I expect several bad apples to be moved on.

    Cant keep blaming the managers. It’s time the squad take some responsibility and the current changing of guards…the inexperienced young talent might be the start. But they need True leadership around them.

    1. Tom, “hard working” and “dedicated” are key words missing from the current Arsenal players’ vocabulary.

  26. I told you long time that Arteta and the midfield is our main problems at Arsenal. Please dont mention Ozil being a saviour in this conversation because he failed in the last 3yrs. You better talk about Martinelli because he is the real deal

    1. ozil and his amazing throughballs wouldve saved us, like they have been all season. Oh, wait… whats that???

      For real, Saka the only player who can actually be satisfied today. Put in a bunch of good crosses first half that shouldve been converted. AUba and Laca cannot finish their dinner, which makes them the definition of useless. Let them both go at this point. Auba’s heart is clearly not in it anymore, and Laca is just poor. These are of course not the root of the issue. It is Kroenke end of the day.

  27. I’m glad it was a loss… not some draw to keep deluding the players, coach and fans with one nonexistent hope.

  28. The first person MA should relegate to bench next game is Guedozi. Gosh, guy too slow in decision making

  29. After a promising start under MA we’re back to square one. 4 PL wins from 12 and 4 losses – not even mid-table form. He has some serious work to do between now and the start of next season to get us competitive again.

    1. Andrew,
      What is your view on the reason why the team have not progressed? I still think he has what is required, I just think too that the players have no heart and are happy to get paid.
      In Arteta’s interview he was curt and whilst not blaming individuals, certainly put out an honest assessment of what the team didn’t do which was compete

  30. Beautiful goal by Pepe. I hope he could be consistent till the end of this season

    Despite the defeat, I hope Arteta keeps the 4-3-3 formation

    1. Yeah, great goal. Pepe looked relieved!

      As for the formation, It mainly looks like 1-2-1-2-1-2-1 formation to me at times! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. An article riddled with inaccuracies and laughable opinions- almost as embarrassing as Arsenal’s performance.

    1) Only 3 goals were scored in the second half. A disallowed goal for off side is not a goal!
    2) Brighton haven’t jumped out of the relegation zone with the win. They were already 2 points clear before the game.
    3) Brighton were slow to get going but the performance level after the Arsenal goal was very good. They deserved the win and wanted it more near the end.

  32. Why? Cuz they have a coach and not us,. If coach didn’t have a role, it would not exist. we have players, a top club but no coach! An assistant, rookie coach with no head coach experience

  33. Norwich next, as desperate and hungry; as Brighton but way more.

    Then we play Foxes, Wolves, Spurs, Reds and at some mad villains fighting for survival!

    It is not Arteta to blame or take it on. He does all he can but not ready of course. It was the cheapest option after Eddy!

    Let’s not be mad at him nor expect more than what he will fight for with all his heart as he always done as.a player and captain.

    Kroenke used him and cool us off using our love, for the club!

  34. Now I see where our problems is coming from” Arteta, look at the sub! You are looking for a Goal and you remove Laccazette and Pepe You bring those young kids, and again leave O’zil again, #Arsenal_Forever

  35. @Sue…Thanks Sue!

    I know you may have intended your greetings for another “A J”… The difference can be seen with/without the space between the A and J….

    As fans, I feel Arteta should not be blamed in our present discussion… Infact, that should include Unai at the moment… It isn’t a coaching problem… It is entirely due to poor quality players, who are deficient in mentality and skills…

    The problem isn’t the defence per se…but the midfield… It is utterly weak, naive, and a childsplay…

    If Arsenal are unable to find a worthy replacement for Cazorla, then, no matter the coach, this particular team will always battle relegation…

    1. AJ.. the more the merrier 😁
      I’m not sure I can watch anymore! I wish the season had been scrapped!! More importantly, Hector will never get to plant any trees 😂😂😂😂

  36. We could be close to relegation this season as I cannot see us getting any points from our remaining games.

  37. Will be watching Bournemouth v Palace, in the hope I’ll see some decent football today… Brooks is back for Bournemouth 👍 And Zaha starts 👍

  38. 😂😂😂…
    @Sue…oh yes! I also feel same… But somehow, somewhere, we turn out to be truly patriotic fans… We always always think the next one will be better… And then it gets worse…

    At the moment, I guess we are set for the worse for these arsenal players this season…

    Sad to see how they have riddled a club with such heroic players as Henry, Berk, Pires, Viera, Adams….. People who wore the shirt for the pride of the club… Players who would hold their heads and cry at a loss…

    Those days are gone… Now, we have players who stay by the sideline after a loss and smile, and gist…

    Arteta should start up with all the youngsters… It doesn’t matter any longer… Either way, we will lose…

    1. It’s hard to believe where we are now… on par with the likes of West Ham!! How the mighty have fallen….

  39. Full blame for this Awful should go to no other person than Arteta..Fast proving to a Clueless Coach..Another Emery..What kinda coach plays Nelson, Willock, Guendozi in Serious games??
    Why does he put Martinelli on d bench Permanently..He’s our Best Player for crying out loud!!! Better Dan Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Pepe n All. That is how we sold Attacking beast ‘Alexis Sanchez’s n put faith on those Lazybones..
    Truth is Arsenal could get relegated this season!! Unpalatable as it sounds, it’s a possible just as Leceister surprisingly won d league in 2015/2016.. Arsenal needs a Wake up Call ASAP!! N Arteta needs a Strong kick in d Ass!!

  40. Well guys, i am not upset by this defeat, i expected it. I actually planned and did something else instead of watching it, which is really a first. I used to plan things around Arsenal but what with the fact covid football is absolutely boring and should not be played and Arsenal are in a state of decline due to the players we employ, i dont give two figs about them. They play like they dont care, why should i. There are a few on here trying to find excuses for their darlings not playing and that they might have made a difference if they did. Smell the coffee boys and girls they are the worse bunch of players we have had for years and their attitude stinks. DONT DEFEND ANY OF THEM.

  41. If Arsenal can no longer beat weak and average teams hands down, then what is our present ranking in the EPL? Auba may be scoring goals….but players in the mould of Sanchez were better fighters.

  42. Arsenal have two major problems:

    1. Marking: When our opponents are approaching us either through the middle or sides, we just run closer to them without putting a foot to win the ball back, instead we surround them without doing anything. Except Lucas

    2. Midfield dribbler: When we had santi cazorla or rosicky or even wilshere, it was almost like they were being mandated to dribble past their first marker or the first opponent trying to take the ball away from them. Once they dribble past their marker, everywhere is opened up all of a sudden especially through the middle. We have currently midfielders who can’t dribble past or know the importance of dribbling past their first marker but instead pass the ball sideways or to the defensive players, adding more pressure to the defence and not to talk about their passing predictability. Until we get players like santi, rosicky, modric, kovacis and similar players at such, our games will remain like this.

    I could have included the management as one of the problems but I realized that wenger could sign such mildfield players who can dribble under the same management because such players aren’t expensive. Our problem is never the defence. Put the same liverpool defenders in our team and our midfield players will expose them. Wilock is the closest we have to midfield dribblers and our coaching staffs are doing nothing to work with him, that’s why Bayern are knocking already to take him and turn him to a beast. Maitland could as well but he doesn’t take alot things serious.

    Until the coaching staffs fix this, I am afraid we can’t play more than this.

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