Awkward answers at the Arsenal AGM

Arsenals Champions league poor results are “just a noise” to sir Chip Keswick‏ by KM

Kaboom baby! What was that? Arsenals two defeats in the Champions League are just some noise I guess? Did you hear anything? Wow is that a bad way to respond to some questions, Chip. I mean boy the lack of ambition is so obvious the board doesn’t do anything to hide it.

Are you really happy with this? I get slaughtered here when I’m not happy with something, but being in the top 7 of richest clubs over the world in the past 5 years, it’s a disgrace to receive such answers. Sir Keswick was pretty disappointed when asked about why Kroenke got 3 million out of the club for advisory reasons, again not giving a real answer.

He said: “If you want proof of what that’s worth then look at this (FA Cup and Comm Shield) and our accounts. I’m not Platini, not Blatter, if you get the right advice then you succeed.” Ok I get it, so you are saying you’re not corrupt? Why do you feel offended by such questions that you answer in that manner?

Ken Friar was given a 20 per cent pay rise this year, taking his salary to more than £1million, and on that Sir Chip had this to say “He’s 80 years old.” Sir Chips: “Your ageism is unattractive, he’s done more than anyone at the club”. Does anybody here know what exactly has Ken Friar done to earn more than a million an year?

This football club is run like a poorly managed rich country. Never mind all the money it has, the people are still being reaped for more gold in what already is a hefty bank account. Bayern Munich fans are protesting against the impossible prices at the Emirates and they are correct. At the AGM, a question comparing us to Germany was asked and Ivan again answered like it’s some sort of an alien thing for a football club to care about it’s fans.

Now sure, when we play football it’s all about the fans. It’s never about them when it comes to the fact that we give a manager 10 years to deliver a league title, more than 150 Champions league games plus 8 million an year. and we can all see the results.

Sir Chips said: “Arsene is in the best man to lead us as long as he feels inclined” in response to Q saying 3 titles in 19yrs is “a joke”. I mean tells you all about the ambition. On the board apart from Ivan we don’t have a single person below 60! I guess fresh and new ideas from this century are a dumb thing to have.

I really hope Usmanov some day decides to buy the club and restore pride and principles here. This is an absolute joke. A machine harvesting money in the pockets of already rich elderly people, while the results are mediocre to say the least and the fans keep having their pockets ripped each year.

Absurd stuff.


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  1. Dont think, just pay them the money. Borrusia is the most beloved club in Germany for a reason. What reputation does Arsenal have in Europ anyway? Do we have history there? How respected are we amongst the non Arsenal fans. Pathetic clubs managmend.

    Stan is someone who doesnt care about glory and competing. He owns for example the denver nuggets who never ever where cose in winning the title, let alone compet for it. Same with Arsenal now.

    1. i think its a disgrace how stan never says a word and chips leaps to speak for him.
      an justifies the 3 million payment to stan so poorly, all the while simply brushing aside important questions with pointless remarks that hold no relevance
      chips as a chairman has shown himself for the weasel he is

      we are to draw our own conclusions while we pay highest prices to never compete for the biggest prizes?
      ivan an arsene did very well- cant lie , showed respect humility and class

      cant believe im saying this but ivan looked like mayweather – dodging punches at will

      1. I think hes a aspiration, but god no, im a scientist i dont believe in such things.

        It was a waste of time due to the content. Not because i appreciate what wenger does or doesnt do for the club.

        1. @Tojo
          If this was a waste of your time to read as you claimed, tell me how you got the time to reply…not once…but twice?
          Just asking.

  2. Stan and Chip needs to leave NOW. Arsenal fans need to stand with munich fans for the ticket prices before the game or do their own thing next home game for stan to leave and ticket prices sorted out! By getting stan out would be a start, get Usaminov in… if we are not going to spend in the market on players then contracts of stars sorted, training facilities upgraded (both are in negotiations) and fans appreciated by ticket prices slashed to suit everyone! We have no more stadium to pay for (there is some sort bt all manageable as we are)

    1. arsenal should stand with munich fans before game- i agree
      unfortunately the real fans- the highbury lot i fondly remember were mostly priced out of season tickets to emirates, so its got alot more casuals and corporates there now.

      an now we gotta deal with international fans with loud voices- who stream there games, literally give nothing to this club , then come on here an shoot down anyone who questions the club

      lol ur a funny bunch- never see u at the emirates -do i?

  3. The number one priority of a football club should be to give VALUE for the fans money.Noting that the arsenal fans are the ones who pay the highest amount of money then literally we should the ones enjoying much success. Unfortunately this is not the case here!!!LOOK if kroenke wants a business where he can only care about himself and the profits then we should make him know that he is in the wrong venture or investment actually.You understand americans don’t LOVE FOOTBALL maybe BASEBALL eeh! This is fraud taking place at the very centre of LONDON and nothing happens eh……we need arsenal investigated like FIFA.

  4. You must thank the administrator for his liberalism with freedom of speech. Otherwise point articles likes this do not deserve space even in the comments section. You claim that Arsenal is in the top seven of the richest clubs in Europe yet claim it is being managed. What a contradiction. The fact that it is in that position is down to how it was and is being managed. The management team knows very well that they cannot destroy what they have built to please some plastics.

    I guess a lot was said at the meeting than the truncated quotes you have adopted to continued with your negative line against a team you purport to support.

        1. @The Analyzer
          Pointless comment,

          If you think Arsenal is the best it could be as it is now, then you must either be a Spurs or Chelsea fan posing as an Gunner.

          Pointless picture by the way.

    1. Actually….you’re quite wrong. This is a very objective and factual article detailing some of the statements from the AGM and with logical opinions from the writer where due. It also contains passive humour to a serious issue. Trust me, it is way better than articles that irrationally worship Wenger or certain players for doing absolutely NOTHING. Those are the kind of articles you would like because they have a rich content of delusion. This one is REAL. AKB’s can’t handle real. They can’t handle the truth.
      However, the good thing about rubbish articles are that good ones like this balance them out.

  5. why complain about ticket price? were u forced into the stadium? If you cant take the heat pls leave the kitchen. I mean I love Mercedes cars but I cant afford it, so I make do with Honda instead of howling at mercedes company to reduce their price so I can buy. whether you like it or not football clubs are for business, no matter how emotionally attached u feel, its all about the moola. If u cant afford to go to d stadium watch at home, if u cannot afford to watch at home, wait for highlights and news from this site…

    1. Your point will be valid and carry weight if you were referring to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Manchester United charging exorbitant prices or being the “Mercedes”. They have the rich history in league and European competition and they have fielded consistently the WORLD’S BEST PLAYERS (INCLUDING THE 2 MOST EXCEPTIONAL) for the past decade.
      Arsenal and Wenger ONLY care about money and so you’re right, Arsenal should extort the most money from its fans while continuing to not make any significant impact in the EPL and UCL.

      However, if they tied ticket prices to 1. their performances in the past decade (including legitimate challenging and proximity to winning the league but failing to do so 2. the amount of trophies they’ve won in that time and 3. the amount of world class players that have been playing in the team week in week out to the joy of the fans compared to those teams mentioned above……..
      then ticket prices should be just a few pounds higher than what Liverpool charge their fans and below that of Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City domestically. That would be FAIR and JUST.

      1. disagree with your comment about wenger only caring about money.

        but your last paragraph – absolutely spot on

        1. I think we are all forgetting how expensive London property prices are and salaries, you can’t compare with any other city and Emirates stadium is almost smack city centre, and to add another thing in the old days you can never get a ticket to see Arsenal home but now what with the sky high prices you have more chance to obtaine a ticket.

          1. Hold up tas. Munich is pricey as is paris.
            ur argument is relevant but does not justify it.

            An no holloway rd is not smack city centre. Not almost. For me almost is euston perhaps.

            Dont understand the logic of ur last comment

            1. muffdiver isligton is a sort after area prices are ski hi a lot more then equivalent in Munich or Paris and when did they rebuild their stadium? Beyarn built their stadium 2002 for €320 million whic is around £235 million a third cost of Emirates and PSG stadium is over a hundred years old

  6. When you said: “Kaboom baby! What was that? Arsenals two defeats in the Champions League are just some noise I guess? Did you hear anything?”…….I thought you were foretelling the two games against Bayern in the CL…lol, at least you are more optimistic than I am.

    Its really a joke. The amount the club extorts from fans you will think they have been dominating league (Manchester United) and European football (Barcelona or Real Madrid) for the past 2 decades and have had 3 players or so in that time who have won the Ballon d’or. You wouldn’t expect that they have not won the league in 12 years, never won the champions league and have been pushovers in these competitions for the last 5 years.

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