Axed Arsenal man no longer comfortable staying at the Emirates

Top Mercato is reporting that Arsenal midfielder, Matteo Guendouzi has become more unsettled at the Emirates as he continues to be out of the first-team picture at the club.

The Frenchman fell out with Mikel Arteta in June and he has since been axed from the Arsenal first team.

He hasn’t played for the club since that game against Brighton and his future remains uncertain.

Arteta claimed at the start of this season that Guendouzi has been handed a new chance just like his teammates, but the Frenchman hasn’t started any game for the Gunners in the new season.

The report claims that the 21-year-old, who still has a contract with Arsenal until 2022, has asked the Gunners to allow him to leave the Emirates before the end of this transfer window.

However, the report added that the midfielder’s transfer this summer isn’t guaranteed and it will depend entirely on the offer they receive for him.

If they get an offer that matches their valuation of the former Lorient man, then he will be allowed to leave, otherwise, he will have to remain at the club until the next transfer window.

Mesut Ozil is another Arsenal outcast that the club will look to sell before this transfer window closes.

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  1. Ozil will stay until June. Simple. Been quoted by him and his agent.

    Matteo has been a huge disappointment with so much potential. If we can get at least £15 – £20m for him then he can leave.

    Torriera is going to be an interesting one as Athletico want him but only on loan but wont even negotiate for Partey. We would be fools to allow this plus pay them 45m for Thomas and give them Torreira only on loan with no obligation to buy. Mugging us off big time!

    Papa, Chambers, Kolasnic & Elneny will maybe be looked at before window closes. Already £17m from Martinez.

  2. Unlike Mesut, Guendouzi has everything to lose by not playing. If they can’t sell him at least loan him if they don’t intend to use him. If he is available for loan nearly every team will want him.

    The players don’t make the team yet still collecting their big salaries especially in this difficult times. It doesn’t need intelligence to see that as a very very very bad business.

    1. Even if Arteta never wants to pick MG again, a loan might make sense. Right now he is seen as a hugely talented malcontent with massive questions over whether he has the mentality to succeed. That’s why I suspect we’d be lucky to get 20m for him. A good loan spell could could see that doubled. . Brighton could use him and it would let him brag everyday about how much more he makes than any of them.

  3. While what Guendouzi did at Brighton showed a lack of respect for a fellow professional and an arrogance which I found distasteful, there has to be more to this impasse than meets the eye.Without having an insight into his work and attitude at training it is difficult to know where the trouble lies but to me, for a young lad he is being treated harshly.As Captain of the French under 21 National side he must have displayed leadership qualities before he was appointed to compliment his undoubted talent.To me he could develop into a fine box to box midfielder with proper coaching and guidance, and it is therefore frustrating to see such a talented young player consigned to the naughty step when he should be given another chance.If he does not play, he cannot impress potential suitors, which seems counterproductive at a talented me when we are looking to raise cash.

      1. Grandad, have you ever wondered if he was one of the three players who refused to take a pay cut?

        So strange that even today, the club has not identified the other two players.

          1. Probably scared they will get the same treatment Sue and have been told to stay quite.

            But we musnt think like that, otherwise we’re not supporting MA🤔🤐😷

    1. Mikel Arteta’s very demanding coaching style requires full commitment from his players. He said it himself years ago, and is proving it today. It seems to me that Ozil and Guendouzi may be too independent-minded for this, and may therefore be a drag on the whole enterprise. It’s a shame, with their talents, but there it is.

      Arteta’s success depends on full buy-in from everyone, and the two players are now focuses for potential discontent. Much as I have always admired Ozil’s talent, Arteta’s coaching is more important to Arsenal now.

      Guendouzi is still building his career and for his own sake has to find a new club. Ozil has made his greatest achievements and perhaps he and his family prefer to stay in London until the end of his very lucrative contract.

      1. Or Arteta just doesn’t rate him ,I see nothing special with the lad even from last year when he played under Emery ,we have seen Elneny come in and do the same job (even better )but without the fuss that Matteo brings .
        For me he’s a player form the last manager who was bought in on the cheap and he’s proved he is just that .

  4. i rate him highly but there has to be something really wrong for forgiveness a la xhaka not to be given as MA says he is training well. Seems he has to go and if he wants to, has he not got an agent to arrange this?

    1. His going doesn’t depend entirely on him and his agent. It also depends on what price Arsenal is will to receive for him. If Arsenal valuation is on the high side, that could frustrate any potential move.

  5. also , as said , loan him and tell Atleti to go screw themselves and take Partey on deadline day so they cant replace him

  6. I don’t understand some fans first they complain about we want a player who can not be bullied on pitch, a fiesty character who can take stand against the thugs in PL. When MG does exactly the same in the match they start blaming him, question him and say he is disrespectful. Sometimes I feel fans don’t know them selves what they want they just jump on the bandwagon as they see fit. I read some comments saying Ozil and MG are not committed to the cause, they have not bought into MA’s philosophy. Tell me something which one of you was there when they had these discussions or which one of you can read people’s mind as to what’s going on in there. Fans now a days just buy what ever the bullsh*t media sells them with and turn against their own player. The boy is talented and Hard working which is very visible for efforts he puts in the game. He is one of those players who wear their heart on sleve. Loosing him will be a big loss for us. He is young, talented and passionate….are these not the qualities fans crave of I the player. Attitudes can be corrected and ppl learn as they grow he is young lad for GOD sake.

    1. In many senses I can only agree with you

      I thought at the time though that Guendouzi displayed a complete error of judgement. Whatever my views are in Ozil as a player, his behaviour was as it should be at the time of the final. Guendouzi went on holiday and stuck the 2 proverbial fingers up
      Talent and youthful aggression will only get you so far and I’m sorry to feel that Guendouzi might have mucked up his future at Arsenal if he can’t learn. Xhaka came back in from the cold. The manager can only do so much

      1. Yes you are right. Guendouzi has ruined his career at Arsenal. He should have apologized and then maybe he might have still played in the team.

  7. I had to come back to this article, as something was bugging me and I realise what it was once reading it again.
    It was the word “enraging”, used to describe the video!!!

    Can someone tell me what was enraging about it?
    Some claimed it was disrespectfull – probably the same fans who shouted abuse at Xhaka and then became offended when he retaliated in kind – but enraging?

  8. Ozil is a great player let arteta to give him chance to play because ozil show that he can do it during alondon colony training.

  9. Like was pointed out earlier, MG is talented no doubt, passionate yes and hardworking because no one gets that high without them, but as a young lad should know his place, he stepped out and had a disagreement with his manager, then turned cold, MA is a human begin maybe not quiet old but experienced, he knows when you are sorry about something and shows It, MG was never sorry for steping out, he has to be. Imagine his team won and FA cup,and he could not even post a congratulatory massage to them, but can show off his holiday time on the day his team won a cup, bullshit, everyone congratulated the team both past and present players, that will give you an insight into the kind of person he is, and yes am not there to see all these things but scientifically things are proven these days without actual presence.

  10. It seems the door was open for Matteo to apologize and try to make things right. I dont know if that still hasn’t happened yet, but if it hasnt then it is true immaturity on Matteo’s part and obvious why Mikel does not want him around. I’d be fine with a loan to raise his transfer value, or a straight sale to get targets this window. Seems his time at Arsenal is done at the moment.

  11. Please do not big up player as he is frozen out. On ability, teamwork, creativity, defensive actions he doesn’t deserve to be near Matchday squads. Take a look at his previous performances. We were open and ramshackle through the middle. Some team, any team, please buy ‘the talent’ that is MG!
    Can’t you remember what the games were like?

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