Back into the Top Four but the Arsenal players need a rest!

This congested December schedule is causing some crazy results in the Premiership as tired legs and injuries start to take effect. Huddersfield destroyed Watford away, Crystal Palace murdered Leicester away, and Arsenal and Chelsea struggled to 1-0 wins at home to minnows, and Burnley were lucky to get a draw at Brighton.

But Arsene Wenger was just relieved to come away with all three points against Newcastle after three games without a win, which saw us leapfrog Burnley and Tottenham back into the Top Four. As usual Arsenal created hundreds of chances but only scored once, but it was just enough for us to win the game. Wenger said afterwards: “I would say we had plenty of chances we didn’t take. You could see that we wanted sometimes to force it a little bit, the fact that we didn’t score recently, the chances we had, played a little bit on our mind. But I would have loved it to have been a bit more comfortable on the scoreline but what was even more important was to get the three points and that’s what we did. Overall we had a serious game and you could see that we played three games in six days and the third game is a bit more difficult physically.”

“We knew before the game it was a game where we had to be well-organised on set pieces, long balls and counter-attacks but we are an offensive team. I think we had plenty, plenty of chances but as long as you are at 1-0 you know a moment in the game comes where you are under threat and they have a chance. It is like that in the Premier League. When you look around, Chelsea played at home against Southampton and won 1-0. It is their third game. We are the only team basically that played Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday.”

The good news is that our next game, on Tuesday, is against West Ham in the League Cup, and Wenger is certain to go back to his youth players and reserves so our first team can get a well-earned rest. David Moyes has got the Hammers playing proper football again so it won’t be easy but who cares whether we win or not as long as our first team don’t play?



  1. tatgooner says:

    players need a rest?
    Lol. arsenal players have had the biggest rest since we are playing with a different team in the cup games.
    Arsenal players need a new manager.
    There are no excuses of rest

    1. jon fox says:

      A new manager? Now that’s a novel idea and I reckon none of us had ever thouight of that til now. Just teasing, not being sarcy. Of course we need a new manager and IMO have for the last ten years. With Wenger constantly cossetting them and making excuses for their lack of grit, we all know nothing will ever change for the better while he stays. So well said!

  2. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    I guess we have a big enough squad to get through this period unless the injury problems have other ideas. But I care about the result against west ham coz it is a QF regardless of the tournament itself. We haven’t been illustrious in terms of winning trophies lately so any trophy will be welcome-From the EFL CUP to the FA CUP or even the EUROPA LEAGUE. Even if we keep snatching cups season in season out,it may serve as inspiration for the players to taste even greater success-THE PREMIER LEAGUE TROPHY. That may not necessarily happen under wenger but winning trophies is a good habit-especially for the size of the club that we are. Don’t think what kind of trophy we won-SUCCESS TASTES GOOD WITH ANY TROPHY IN THE WORLD…

  3. Sergio says:

    ‘Who cares if we win or not as long as our first team don’t play?’

    Are you kidding?

    It may only be the league cup but we still want to wain the game. How do you think a loss would affect the mentality of the team going forward?

  4. What the hell is wrong with this author? What good exactly is a top 4 finish if you win zero trophies? We must foxus on EFL, FA cup and Europa league winning those trophies will pave way for other trophies ike uefa super cup and championship shield while also guaranteeing champions league or europa league. Trophies are what is important to me not that top 4 rubbish that does not benefit anyone other than the board and owner.

    1. jon fox says:

      Exactly! It is not as if we are suddenly going to play the rest of the seasson and they play like us, so our enormous points deficit is no longer that important, in practical terms. MORALE, YES? BUT IN PRACTICE, NO! So, it is obvious to us fans where our priority lies, in our present situation. A domestic trophy and even, possibly the Europa and whether 4th 5th 6th or 7th, the only difference would be us going out in the first knockout round , uselessly once again if we come 4th next season , or not doing so if 5-7th No trophies either way, if Wenger stays next year, since any remaining team morale is rapidly diminishing, among players who all realise the club , under Wenger, is going backwards.

      1. jon fox says:

        THIS SHOULD HAVE READ: “are suddenly going to play the rest of the season like City”

  5. Mitch Connor says:

    I still hoping we win Europa as back up for top 4. It would really save the season to win Europa:
    1. It’s a trophy
    2. Our first international trophy. Never won it.
    3. Free ticket to Champions League

    I hope we finish in top 4 but we may not have enough quality to do it.

  6. AndersS says:

    I thought this was supposed to our year in the PL, as we have the “advantage” of not having to play our best team in the Champions League.
    But now we have tired players?
    Well, at last we are not running out of excuses.

  7. Me says:

    Oh the poor little mites.
    As one of many millions who have to work full time to make ends meet I have absolutely zero sympathy for them.
    How long would the average person have to work to earn what lazy ba*tards like Ozil and Sanchez earn in a year?
    And the cretin who wrote this article feels they need a rest.
    Kicking a football around and they need a rest.
    This article makes me want to throw up.

    1. Admin says:

      Hey it wasn’t me it was Wenger who said it! “we played three games in six days and the third game is a bit more difficult physically.”

      1. Me says:

        Fair enough.
        Twas a bit harsh in hindsight – sorry about that.
        It does make my blood boil though…

  8. Ivan says:

    Top teams with a winning mentality just get on with it. Excuses are for loser’s and if you give a loser an excuse he will grab it like a drowning man does a life belt.

  9. Clive says:

    Arsenal need a rest?
    Lol,after resting them from d Europa league
    he is talking about rest again.
    Deluded and pathetic.
    excuses has finished.

  10. Muff diver says:

    Articles more offensive than a Klan meeting

    Our ‘first team’ don’t even have to deal with Europe or carabao
    And they still perform poorly

    Wengers plan in his head meant they would push a title charge if they had the rest
    His plan did not include building an actual team good enough

  11. Roy says:

    Supporters need a rest watching this lot.

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