Should Arsenal accept 30m for Jack?

According to a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours, the summer transfer window looks likely to see a determined effort to sign our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere from at least one Premier League rival Man City. There have been some reports that Jose Mourinho would like him at Chelsea as well, even though Arsene Wenger has suggested that the Arsenal players are no longer for sale to our Premier League rivals.

A report in The Mirror today claims that City are preparing a transfer bid of around £30 million for our talented midfielder and although the manager does have a lot of say, many would say too much, on the running of the club, I think some of the club hierarchy might just have a word in the Frenchman's ear about saying yes to the deal.

We do not have to sell, of course, and the club has done well to sign up our players to long term deals but that means we can command a good price and perhaps someone should point out to Wenger what he could do with that £30m. It would buy at least one of the top class players that Thierry Henry claimed we need, and none of those players was another tricky midfielder.

I know that Wenger likes this sort of player but with Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Chamberlain and Rosicky, selling Jack will not exactly leave him short. Then maybe we should consider the progress of promising young players like Zelalem while you cannot ignore the fact that injury has heavily disrupted yet another season for Jack. Just seven starts in the Premier League and 13 in all competitions suggests to me that we are already doing without him so maybe it is time to accept a good offer and maybe the player himself will agree that his best chance of playing regularly may not be with Arsenal as he cannot get into the side even when fit.

There is a big drawback though and that is the reluctance to strengthen a rival and the fact that us fans have seen it happen too many times already in the last 10 years. But if Wenger was to spend the extra cash and sign a top quality striker, holding midfielder, centre back and keeper, would we really miss Jack that much?

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  1. Gunner says:

    30M not good enough an offer…We can offer Chelsea Podolski for 20M.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      I don’t like Jack like I used to. In fact, more often than not, I’ve prayed he’s not on the team. However, I say he’s not for sale, not now, not for any amount.

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Off Topic:

        Some wonder why I wrote that article of mine. Well, after the game against Chelsea, I realised the best we can do in the EPL is “COME CLOSE” to winning it. We now may be shuttling between second and third, as an improvement, then probably secure the FA Cup and Carling Cup every now then. As for the UEFA Champions League, we shall win that with Wenger the day I kiss Angelina Jolie with Brad watching as a witness.

        Surely, Wenger has improved a bit, but that’s mainly as a result of the hard knocks he got from critics world-wild (Shout out to all the realistic and truthful guys out there: A.O.B.!!!). The man was becoming too comfortable with his poor performances and poor decisions generally.

        Arsene has tried, but we need the other Arsene back, the tactically rugged Arsene of old (not this one that fluctuates). Come on you Weneger, get a worldclass striker, a solid DM to support and challenge Le Cock, and maybe another good keeper (if Shezzi wants to leave).

        1. josh37 says:

          oh stop it! your article and this comment is just lumping your far from keen observations at us as though it’s fact!
          ‘Well, after the game against Chelsea, I realised the best we can do in the EPL is “COME CLOSE” to winning it’
          Based upon what??
          ‘We now may be shuttling between second and third, as an improvement, then probably secure the FA Cup and Carling Cup every now then’
          Again! Just pure speculation.. Nothing whatsoever to back your points up!!!

        2. Big Gun says:

          Yes way off topic and also way off LOGIC

      2. Grim Bligh says:

        I say sell him,the guy would not have his place in the invincible team because he would slow down their tempo.Jack is the less good of the midfields we have but when fit,Wenger insist on playing him shifting the others on the wings.
        The invincibles were built on power ,technic and speed.Our current team when playing on speed can win anyone but when they play tiki taka,they are average.
        Sell Jack and convert Ox in the midfield.His speed would do wonder there.

    2. frisco says:

      30.M for jack?Yes yes yes yes yes and run,if Mourinho want him get 25.M plus Peter Cech. Good deal for Arsenal.

      1. galen says:

        Cazorla 30 years +
        Arteta 30 years +
        Rosisky 30 years +
        Flamini 30 years
        Diaby . is he still at Arsenal?

        That is 5 midfielders that will be gone in a year or 2. yet you want to add jack to that List? In the present market you will need 100 of millions to replace all this players with all the inflated prices.
        Keeping jack is just common sense. That is 5 midfielders above that will be gone. How many young players out there can replace guys like Rosisky cazorla and Arteta? Not many if you ask me. jack is not for sale not evn for 50 million.

        1. Big Gun says:

          On top of that Wilshere bleeds Arsenal – unlike the fake Fabregas and Von P()ssy. I still believe Wilshere has a lot to offer and its a pity injury has held him back. But your point about 4-5 of our current midfielders going soon is extremely valid AND there is a reason why 2-3 top clubs want his signature and willing to pay top dollar for it.

  2. Champagne Charlie says:

    Dont see us selling Jack in a month of Sundays, more out of principle than anything.

    Having said that it’s him or Rambo for the B2B role and there’s only one winner in my eyes. I’m a fan of Jack but remove the “he’s a gooner sentiment” and 30mil is serious dough for what he currently is as a footballer (crocked 70% of the time and with a suspect end product).

    All this talk of English quotas to meet etc, if a 30mil offer was put on the table I would consider it. Jack out, Sterling in, and Ox moved into the middle where Wenger sees him. Quotas met and we don’t have a sick note to frustrate us. Perfect scenarios and all that, Jack ain’t leaving.

    1. napersie says:

      we shouldn’t even consider selling him. cazorla is 30 and not getting younger. he is d best midfielder in our team on form and I also loves his determination.

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        Jack Wilshere is NOT the best midfielder in our team on form. You can drop that nonsense. See what I mean? Too many Arsenal fans swept up in sentiment, if he was bought 2 years ago and produced what he does people would have no qualms about accepting a 30mil bid.

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      Id sell him in a heartbeat if I thought the money had any chance of being reinvested in a player with as much potential but with a better fitness record and attitude. It would also depend on who we sell him on to. He’s got bags of potential and doesn’t fulfil its so if we were to reinvest then great but I could see us sell him and keep the dough

  3. ximplicity says:

    Selling Wilshere to City will be a mistake… I still believe in him to come good for Arsenal barring all his injuries and nonchalant attitudes. I know some people would disagree with me but he hasnt really done bad, he just needs to keep his head down and avoid distractions but if we are to sell him, it should be a foreign club(s) and £30 mil is not enough.

  4. Horliquegold says:

    No jack is an asset. Jack stays…

  5. bayjerkoff says:

    ..Won’t be tryin to defend ma point but this is the type of biz we sud be doing…if we can get more from dem fyn, if we can’t no prob….considering fabregas left just for little abt that…let sell him and invest him on anoda part of the team which we re in need…DM…to be candid…he is supplus considering ramsey can’t even play in the midfield.

    We have some academy players who can step into his show and won’t demand so much game tym..let give dem the chance.

  6. lalitsyal says:

    Cm’on ! Stop acting like a salesman. What’s the need of selling Wilshere, not long ago everyone was considering him the new Arsenal sensation, where’s everything gone now, and more so when an age like mid-20s is considered best to show what you’ve got + good enough experience at top level. Surely doesn’t interest me at all. We don’t have any compulsion to sell players until or unless they don’t have in them what takes to fight at the top level. Call back Akpom and Wellinton next season even, give them enough opportunities to excel, and I am sure they will come good.

  7. Seamanovich says:

    HELL NO! Jack is pure arsenal heart with bags of potential.

  8. Invincibles49 says:

    Home grown.. English.. talented.. Wenger won’t sell him. Unless of course Man City offers 50mil.

    1. frisco says:

      Talented?? 95 games ,4 goals,5 assist??and when he plays we struggle we don’t need him but we need 30.M he is good at drinking and smoking he is talented for that. 30.M we can get kondgbia good deal for Arsenal.

      1. GoonerLad says:

        Look at Xavi, Iniesta and Alonso’s stats during their whole career and tell me if goals and assists matter

  9. ButtFlaps says:

    no Jack do a RUMBO and become top top if give opportunities!!!! Keep all players!!!

  10. Matt says:

    Absolutely f*cking not. We are currently in the process of building a good English core, Jack is still only just turned 23 you have to remember and has his best years in front of him, yes he has had injury setbacks but so did Gerrard at Jack’s age, there is no way on Earth Wenger is going to sell him to City now that we are not in a position where we ‘have’ to.

  11. Robin Vanpayslip says:


  12. fred cowardly says:

    Jack is not for sale
    Not even for £100 million

    1. Ivan Gazidis says:

      For £100 million, I could sell everyone.

  13. Tristan says:

    Jack needs to change to stay. He is not good enough at the moment.

  14. Mistamonn says:

    All y’all calling for the sale of Jack were the same ones calling for Rambo to be dropped or sold a couple of seasons ago. Don’t be too hasty now. I’m willing to bet that Wilshere will come good soon.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I am willing to bet that he will come good soon as well.
      He has had the screws shaved and not had an oppertunity to show us fans that he has developed in training by playing on the pitch.

      His injury record shows we can’t rush him back but he is an option incase of injury, if Wenger had played Wilshere then I can imagine the flame threads from the fans for dropping the inform Cazorla or someone else to risk injury to Jack so soon after coming back from injury.

      We don’t need the money, we don’t need to sell Jack yet. If Jack doesn’t progress enough over the next 12-24 months then we can still sell him then and let young Crawely take his place as he is a great exciting prospect and fill home grown quota as well.

  15. arsenalkid1970 says:

    He has had to play for the shit over the years now he can play with a winning team you want him gone ? Yr not arsenal supporters

  16. Bigvalbowski says:

    The reality is when both Jack and Ramsey are fit they play unsettling the necessary balance of the team. We saw this even with Jack on the bench this past Sunday against CHELSEA. I honestly havent rated Jack in many years but his past reputation and National team success seems to much for AW to deal with.

    I think its comical that the selling of Jack and Theo could make Arsenal an infinitely better squad by adding a Reus and Higuain with the proceeds but hey keeping that English core does guarantee us that coveted 4th place trophy and a CHAMPIONS league knock out round exit every year.

  17. V.uren says:

    We haven’t missed jack IMO !

    We are having to play Ramsey wide to accommodate him , I rate jack , but I would force 40 mil out of city as we are not in a need to sell ….

    That amount of money for a player with jacks injury record could be used much better for our squad !

  18. FFFanatic says:

    A semi-decent Jordan Henderson went to Liverpool for 20m several years back. Why in the blue blazes would we sell Jack for 30m? The current homegrown quotas alone mean we should not sell talented English players, let alone to rivals. Furthermore, Jack has a lot to offer and offers a different midfield approach to our other CMs. Add to that he is passionate and already embedded in the club – you don’t sell those guys! We are not a mercenary team – why would we do it?

    Just in financial terms Jack is worth at least 40m. I wouldn’t even accept that.

  19. If it were upto me even £10 M would be a steal for offloading Jack. The lad can’t dribble past a tree stamp nor score a goal to save himself. He only does regular westham passes and only ever does the spectacular once in a season or two. £30M is good money fpr someone who is always injured I mean just how much were people over here expecting anyway? would you pay 30 yourselves for Wilshere? maybe 3 myself..not 30.

    1. arsenalkid1970 says:

      Your a nob go do 1. Your not a gooner your a mun U supporter

  20. BenMaps says:

    It doesn’t make any sense to sell Jack not even 70 Million. However, I will never sell to Maureen even if he pays 100 Million. We need competition for places as you can see what impact it brought to the Team.

  21. Gooner4G says:

    Arteta, Carzola, Flamini and Rosicky are aging. It is not time to sell midfielders at Arsenal at whatever cost.

  22. Midkemma says:

    We don’t need to sell Jack and we don’t know how much of the ‘Alexis effect’ will effect him, will Wilshere pick up that determination again like he used to have after seeing Alexis daily?

    Wilshere has shown injury issues but that can be managed with enough squad depth right?
    Ease him back in over the next 12 months instead of rushing him like we have in the past.

    Wilshere is a B2B CM more than anything else I think and in that role we have Cazorla and Ramsey, Wilshere being a 3rd choice for a season won’t be enough to force him out as long as his health is a priority… he must be smart enough to know he would benefit from the scenerio I just painted ^.^
    Cazorla isn’t getting any younger and it doesn’t mean we can’t buy in 12-24 months time if Wilshere doesn’t step up, we don’t need the money as much now so selling him for less in the future isn’t out the question.

    If Wilshere does regain his form and fitness then in 12-24 months time Cazorla may be retiring/leaving and young Crawely should be stepping up if he progresses as planned.

    It could mean that we don’t have to spend any money on a CM and Wenger can reinforce another area with a ‘bigger buy’, or rather beat any competiton for the player he wants, regardless of being a ‘big buy’ or bargain.

  23. slimzzy says:

    Wow! Seems jack has more enemies here than frnds!…we keep saying ”4goals and 5assist move ox in” have you people take a look at ox’s stats? Campare ox’s stats with sterling’s and u’d conclude that ox shuld also be sold! People keep saying jack is injury prone, who hasn’t been injured in this our current team? I see only mert, that means all our team is injury prone! Our medical staffs are to blame for all our injury problems, look @ theo, look @ arteta, look @ ozil who barely missed a game in three season @ madrid, he has missed 6mnths plus in two seasons @ arsenal! Wasn’t fabregas injury prone @ arsenal? When last was he injured? Jack’s problems are not his ability buh fitness, and as far as I’m concern, that’s not his fault….last season we play or best football when jack was playing..yes! Remember that goal against nowrich? What of that one aginst sundrland? They were buties n jack was in the hrt of everything….plus apart le coq, no one, I mean no one in our team who plays with such heart and passion as jack! He flies into tackles!..if jack is that bad, how come city want to pay that much for him?

  24. GoonAR says:

    Don’t Sell!! We’ll need him in the near future. Unless we want to pay 45 million or more for a new, “better” one. IMO 30 million is too low to sell… especially to Man City with all their money and being a rival.

  25. basil says:

    sell jack and buy coutinho from liverpool….

  26. illiterate says:

    Lol! What makes Jack’s value on or around 30 million you guys? We got Sanchez from Barca who’s a big team in football for around 34 million and he has done wonders to the club we all support with our whole heart. Why any of the top four teams in the Premier League will pay that amount of money for Wilshere is beyond my understanding. I honestly don’t think Man city or any other big club will pop up 30 mil for Wilshere. IMO, he’s worth 20-25. That’s only my opinion though. You’re more then welcome to correct whatever mistake I might have made.

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