Backing for Ozil from Arsenal’s FA cup opponents

The Arsenal and Germany international star may have been getting a large amount of stick and criticism from the Arsenal fans and the football press of late, especially after his anonymous and ineffective showing in the Champions League defeat away to Bayern Munich this week, but that does not all of a sudden mean that Mesut Ozil is a bad football player.

He has not been playing well but that is form and you know what they say about form being temporary and class being permanent. One man who is certainly not forgetting just how much ability and impact the German play maker can have is the manager of our FA cup opponents Sutton United.

As reported by the Evening Standard this week, Paul Doswell has declared that his hopes of guiding the National League team to one of the biggest ever upsets in the tournament’s long history will be almost zero if Arsene Wenger decides to name his strongest Arsenal XI on Monday evening.

Doswell specifically mentions Ozil alongside Alexis Sanchez as the two outstanding stars in the squad of the Gunners, and that is something that we all know even though many of us have vented our frustration at the languid looking midfield star at times.

Doswell said, “There’s two ways of looking at it. You either get the likes of Ozil and Sanchez and Giroud — and you can just keep naming them — in which case we would lose the game comfortably but the lads would get the experience of having played a Premier League giant.

“If you see Ozil and Sanchez on the team sheet our chance doesn’t come beyond nought. Or you go the other way and you play a team of under-23s that are still internationals mixed in with one or two of their squad players, and that gives us that one percent chance that we’d be after.”

Do you think Wenger will start with his best side? Will that side include Ozil? Will that prove Doswell right about Sutton’s chances of a giant killing?



  1. Twig says:

    Difficult to say. After the Bayern humiliation, Wenger will be aware that the FA cup is the last shout we’ve got. If we lose that game, there’ll probably be calls for Wenger to vacate his position even before the end of the season. So I expect to see the likes of Ozil and Giroud in full participation.

  2. eazyarsenal says:

    If we sell ozil who would we bring in? No one out there is better in terms of value. We say he doesn’t perform in big games but neither does our whole team to be frankly honest.

    1. RSH says:

      you have players like Dele Alli performing better and he cost close to nothing. Not saying we buy a cheap player, but Ozil gets paid megabucks to be less than average and it’s not acceptable. And there are players worse than him like Ramsey, but these players dont straight up give up against teams like Bayern, Chelsea etc.

      Sell him for 30mill (if anyone even wants him), and put that money towards getting someone like Isco or James if you’d like.

      1. The chinese will easily pay more than 30 millies for Ozil. Benchwarmer Oscar went for 60 for crying out loud!

    2. Twig says:

      We don’t have to buy anybody. Sanchez, OX, Iwobi and Wilshere can all play in his position.

    3. RSH says:

      And our “star” players are supposed to inspire the rest of the team and take the team by the neck. Imagine if Bergkamp just trodded around the pitch not giving a crap. I won’t lower my standards for these overrated primadonna’s.

    4. frank says:

      Ramsey scores more goals when fit, that’s how good Ozil is. Ozil is only good against poor defending teams, this is why he goes missing in the big games. He is a weak and lazy defender himself and not suitable for the toughness of the Premier League. Arsenal can definitely improve on Ozil, we should have got Payet from West Ham.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I would be very surprised if Wenger picks a strong lineup against Sutton Utd, especially when you consider the poor quality of the home teams pitch, it’s more than likely to be in a bumpy cabbage patch state, which would put the fear of injuries into Wenger’s delusional head.
    I can’t see him risking his star players on that kind of surface and that’s why I’m expecting to see lineup mainly filled with reserves.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Once upon time, we used to break records of the best kind,
    But now days we breaking them for the worst.
    We are first English team to have lost 200 games in Europe and I suppose some will argue that we have played more games than the rest of the English teams lol ?
    The worse is yet to come and I can foresee our reserves making even more bad history by being knocked out of the FA cup by Non league Sutton Utd.
    Can anyone remember when we were knocked out by Wrexham?
    With the (literally) very old ex Man Utd player scoring the winner, I think it was Mickey Thomas ?

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The first FA cup game of the day has produced an upset!?
    The mighty Burnley lost 1-0 at home to non league Lincoln ?

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