Must Arsenal keep Wenger or suffer MORE than Man United?

There will still be a lot of Arsenal fans calling for an end to the reign of our long serving manager, although those voices will be a lot less loud if the Gunners do manage a stirring, but let’s face it highly improbable, comeback in the race for the Premier League.

At the same time I can see support for the Frenchman growing in the football world, both inside and outside the Arsenal family. We have had players like Mesut Ozil publicly stating their support for the manager and I have heard other managers and football pundits talking up his experience, ability and achievements.

And just this week we have two dire warnings about what could happen to Arsenal if the board was to pull the trigger, with the problems of Manchester United post Ferguson held up like some sort of bogeyman to frighten the Arsenal fans. A report in The Mirror shows former Arsenal and England keeper David Seaman still has unwavering belief in his former boss.

He said, “I’m so fed up of all this negative stuff about Arsenal. A change at the top? Not for me. I’m a massive fan of Arsene.

“Let’s see what happens at the end of this season. Let’s see what’s gone wrong and then sort it out.

“But, for me, he’s been brilliant. I worked with him for about seven or eight years and he was fantastic. I would stick by Arsene. I’ve always said that and I haven’t reason to change my mind.”

And another former Gunner Luis Boa Morte was reported in the Daily Mail warning us that Arsenal would be in a much worse position than we are without Wenger at the helm.

He said, ‘I believe in the boss. For sure he is going to be there next season.

‘Arsene Wenger created the philosophy we have at Arsenal. People can talk and protest but I don’t remember any other manager being an Invincible.

‘Be careful what you wish for. Look at Manchester United after Ferguson left, who has been successful? Nobody. It is the same thing.

‘We can see United’s results and where they are in the table. Things didn’t work out, not because David Moyes and Louis van Gaal are bad managers but Ferguson created a pattern, a way to play. They couldn’t make the team work the same way.

‘Something happened for sure because they stopped winning and now they are struggling to finish in the top four.’

In fact you could go further and say our problems would be even bigger because whoever comes in for the prof will not be able to spend something like £150 million in every transfer window to fix any problems. You could also say that Wenger is even more of a Mr. Arsenal than Fergie was a Mr. United.

Do you agree that the transition from Wenger to the next boss is fraught with danger and must be handled with great care?

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  1. No disrespect here but Louis van gaal aka “Mr Saturday night live” is a comical manager, who is a far cry from all the things that arsene Wenger achieved with arsenal! Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for!

    1. Are you serious? I know arsenal fans are deluded but there is a limit for desillusion. I personnally don’t like LVG but please do not EVER compare him to AW. What he has accomplished as a manager, AW can only dream of. Be careful what you wish for, the mantra of weak minded people afraid of changes and taking risk. Maybe you wish 4th place and the same clueless and boring tactics for the next decade but not me. AW is DONE and change will come sooner or later

  2. i dn’t care what Usmanov or anybody thinks……….Arsenal deserve better

    Wenger Used to be okay… doubt…. But his best years are behind him

    There comes a time in Life when u have to Let go in other to move on whether we Like it or not….

    1. Hahaha ?
      It’s gonna take more than Mr muscle’s to shift this stubborn stain!

      Wenger isn’t going anywhere, I’m afraid.
      The 3 year extention rumours are getting louder and it is spreading through the media like wide fire!

  3. If he was doing a job worthy of the £8million he earns every season am sure no one will be calling for his head….

    1. Mourinho is set to get £20 million a year at Utd,
      No doubt Wenger will get a big fat pay rise with his 3 year contract extension.

  4. Comments from Seaman and Boa Motte are subjective. of what use is qualifying for the CL when we don’t go beyond the last 16. Arsenal FC needs 3 things this summer:

    Replace Wenger with Bilic.
    Sign Victor Wayama and Higuain.
    The following players to leave the club in the summer: Arteta, Rosicky, AOC, Wilshere, Flamini.

    Change our tactics and be more aggressive. Very good counter attacking football. Change of tactics for next season.

    Wenger is completely past his prime. if Wenger goes, we won’t be relegated. being in top 4 consistently and playing in the CL without going beyond the last 16 for the past 6 years is not an achievement. We need to start working towards winning the CL. And that IMO is beyond Wenger.

    1. That is the point – the root of the problem is not Wenger, it is Kroenke. Wenger is not the best manager in the world, but he is not the worst either.

      If Kroenke was got rid of (by some miracle), Dein would return, and there would be no excuses for Wenger, so if the same mistakes, of which a large proportion of them are money related stinginess continue to be made, then get rid of Wenger. Dein and Wenger were the perfect partnership, as Dein knows about football and could pull Wenger up when he made mistakes. The current board don’t have a scooby, so can’t. If Dein was stlil on the board, I think Jo Campbell would have a regular start.

  5. People stop comparing furgerson wit wenger…… Sir alex wz a winner to the last breath, he lookes for titles nt posession or top four, he made his plyers believe they cud beat any team….. Thats his philolosophy and legacy… As for wenger, its pretty football, top four champions place and a promise to improve 10 yrs, God people wake up!!! Nthn is gonna change…….. Congs wenger u hv destroyed the arsenal

  6. Cognitive dissonance.

    Let us make up our minds ffs!

    Why sign ambitous winners like Ozil and Cech, if we’re aren’t that keen on winning titles?

    1. We’d like to win to win titles like the other top clubs, but we’d rather be a club of nice people than do everything possible to win titles.

  7. its hilarious when people compare wenger with ferguson….. as much as i detest fergi, he is miles ahead of wenger as a successful manager… i mean comparing 13 epl titles to 3 titles, not even counting the 2 uefa champions league win

    1. MU had more to lose when fergie left than we do when wenger leaves. MU had just won EPL. we havent in 10 years.
      the situations are different.

  8. In terms of Wenger gelling a team and making them work together. He does a good job. Problem #1 He fails to adapt tactics to specific games and make the right substitutions at the right times. Place a solid couch who you will listen to in terms of tactics etc, coz Bould clearly not working for u. #2 Failure to buy the right players out of an unknown money syndrome (money’s not from his pocket) where he dosent wanna pay 2m-5m more than his valuation (Higuain, Khedira, Manolas, Suarez) just to name a few. #3 Has the wrong set of physios, warm up coaches, doctors and anyone else that can have an impact on injuries.Replace the lot of them. He needs to sort these 3 things out and Arsenal will easily will the league. Without that NEVER. Promise to fix this and you can stay. Otherwise swallow your pride and walk away.

  9. If Wenger get another 3 year year contract Arsenal Fans will suffer because he will not buy the Players he needs to compete with the big clubs. Wenger and the Board are Happy with 4th place and the odd FA Cup. Bad times ahead for Arsenal Fan’s. Arsenal need to move foward and to do this Wenger has to go.

  10. why are we arsenal fans afraid of the unknown.? AFC was there b4 AW and can still be succesful after him..after all no succes without taking a risk..thanx 4 da memories but its time to step down while fans still respect u than wait til its too late..

  11. mourinho ferguson enrique zidane lvg pochettino rijkaard guardiola klopp ancelloti allegri conte tuchel and leow are all better than wenger.
    If I were the board I would sack wenger and appoint arteta henry or bould immediately

  12. Buy a world class striker and 80 percent of our problems will but he will NEVER buy. I wonder how he view matches from the dugout and not notice it for the past 3 years.

  13. Us fans believed that now the stadium debt is more manageable that Arsenal would push ahead with the aim of winning the PL and having a good go at CL. Signings like ozil and sanchez supported this view.

    Kroenke’s comments have opened my eyes to what Arsenal are now about, it is top 4 in PL, last 16 in CL plus occasional domestic cup. Aim will not be to win championships, Kronke has told us that.

    This puts last summers lack of signings in to context. It was deemed that no outfield players were required to achieve top four finish. Signings of ozil and sanchez were to keep us fans interested with season ticket sales. The stated aim of winning all competions we are involved in is to maintain fan and player support, the majority shareholder has told us that this is not true.

    All very sad for us fans.

    1. To add to the above, i do not think changing the manager will change things. Owner is only interested in his investment not winning championships.

    2. jonm: perfectly put. kroenke said “we finished 3rd with the squad we have”. thats our goal (top4) so no need to add players. makes perfect sense.

  14. Kroenke/Usmanov….same paint different brush…!

    Wenger will see out his contract then retire. Expect to see him spend big this summer, it`s only money.

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