Is Backing or Blasting right for Arsenal boss?

With Arsenal finally starting to look as though we might be able to have a good season and perhaps even challenge for and win the Premier League title, there is a little less pressure on the manager. Not much less though, especially after losing the two opening games in the Champions League saw Arsenal fans vent their fury at Arsene Wenger once more.

So the prof could probably have done without the comments from Sam Allardyce this week. The former Bolton, Newcastle and West Ham boss has just taken over as the manager of struggling Wearside club Sunderland and judging from what he has said about his previous meetings with Wenger, as reported by The Mirror, Big Sam will be looking forward to crossing swords with Arsenal again.

He said, “I enjoyed beating Arsenal more than anyone when I was in charge at Bolton. We’d really got to them and Arsene Wenger hated us.

“There was one time he wouldn’t shake hands with me at Highbury because we got a draw. I saw him ripping his tie off and throwing it on the floor in anger.

“He takes it all very personally and has an air of arrogance.”

I reckon that the Arsenal and England striker Danny Welbeck will be in the bosses good books this week though, as he gave his own thoughts on Wenger. As reported by The Express, Welbeck has expressed his surprise at the tide of criticism that has come the Frenchman´s way in recent years. He revealed how much he and the other Arsenal stars appreciate the way Wenger deals with them and he also feels that his achievements at the club deserve a lot more respect.

Welbeck said, “I can only speak for myself, and I’ve not been there as long as some of the other players.

“Obviously, Arsene’s done a great job at Arsenal, and you can’t really fault what he’s done. When I’ve been there he’s been great with me and great with the other lads as well from what I’ve seen.

“People are entitled to their own opinion. It doesn’t mean what they say is right.”

So who is right about Wenger? And should we be worried about facing another Allardyce managed team this season?

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  1. I think the people that blast wenger are missing something. I used to blast him too until I realised that wenger is not ignorant of the needs of his team. I think his problem all these years has been the board. They are the ones we should be bashing. They have been setting low targets for wenger all this years because they knew we had to build a stadium and he has been reaching their targets all these years, which is to always try and qualify for the champions league. So now that we are financially stable a lot of people have failed to see that arsenal has started growing. wenger has already won 2 fa cups and I strongly believe that arsenal win the league this season. Why? Because wenger is one of the best coaches ever. We all know that wenger will do wonders at clubs like psg or madrid. Why now? Because, unlike all those years he now has a stable team and doesn’t have to worry about rebuilding everytime.

  2. and robin van pu$$y scores a glorious own goal… this round of euro qualifiers is getting better and better for the gunner fans

    1. Van .P plays for Fenerbache now in a far away turkish league + he’s 30something now……. Doesn’t/isn’t he?………let it slide

      1. Crikey can’t believe holland didn’t qualify

        If Steve mclaren was the wally with the.brolly
        Danny blind is the…..

  3. Who gives a hoot what an average manager like Sam thinks? He is nothing but a Fergie ass licker who rolls over to get shafted by Man u everytime but will strain every sinew in his tub like body to give Arsene and Arsenal a hard time….Wenger seems to be fair game for every tom dick and harry looking to sell their books or justifying whatever they are been paid to mouth off in the comfort of their over padded t.v pundit seats…..personally my own take on Wenger is that he needs a bit of both…..sometimes harsh criticisms is what opens his eyes to what needs doing because we can all agree he can be a stubborn so and so…..i can have a go at him, AFC supporters can have a go at him too but I cannot stand it when idiots from outside the club poke their noses in and talk rubbish…..i guess am like a son who knows his father is not perfect, who does not mind his siblings and relatives having a go but will not tolerate outsider doing same……

  4. So all Gunners(including Ramsey) scored and they are perfectly fit, and only Chile is remaining, Perfect international break in a very long time… Happy days

  5. 6 Gunners of Sanchez, Cazorla, Walcott, Oxlade, Giroud and Ramsey have all scored for their countries during this international break. I hope to see them replicate those efforts against Watford and Bayern Munich on Saturday & Tuesday night’s. Let’s forget about Sam Allardyce. We’ ve now known who he is after making that his woeful speech against the Boss. We have important things in front of us think of, than to be worrying ourselves over Sam Allardyce show of over happiness for getting another job after being refused another deal by West Ham.

  6. So Sam enjoyed beating Arsenal more than anyone else. With all those teams he managed, he came up 31 times against Wenger, won 5, drew 8 and LOST, YES LOST A WHOPPING 18 TIMES!
    The last 6 losses when Manager of WHU. Maybe Sam thinks it’s the other way around or has become senile. When Arsenal meet Sunderland, I hope to see a banner that reads Wenger vs Allardyce: Played 31 Won 18, Lost 5, Drew 8: SAM IS A LIAR!

  7. No, we should not worry anymore about Allardyce managed teams. We have Gabriel and Coquelin who don’t take crap and Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey, Oxlade and Santi who will destroy Sunderland with beautiful football.

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