Bad habits have spread at Arsenal under Unai Emery claims former Liverpool star

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher questions Arsenal’s progress under Unai Emery.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher claims Arsenal haven’t made any progress under Unai Emery since the Spaniard took charge.

Emery’s side has won just four away league games in their last 18 games on the road.

Their last league game ended in a 1-0 loss away at Sheffield United and Carragher is now claiming that the side isn’t doing better under the former Sevilla manager.

Arsene Wenger’s reign as Arsenal boss was brought to an end after fans unrest with many demanding a new manager.

Emery was brought in but fans have been far from impressed with what he has done at the club.

Caragher also doubts if the club has made any significant progress despite reaching the Europa League final last season.

“Wenger’s determination to build a team of technically sound footballers was undermined in his later years by his inability to create a side as adept without the ball.

That is where I most expected improvement under Emery. To be most damning, the bad habits have not been eradicated, they have spread.

When a top-four finish was in the club’s grasp at the end of last season, a 3-2 defeat by this weekend’s opponents Crystal Palace finished that ambition.” the former Liverpool defender told the Daily Telegraph.

Emery’s team are just nine games into the new season. The fans will be hoping to see some improvement sooner rather than later.


    1. Upset?! 😂😂😂 come on man!, that’s taking things too far 😀…. I actually think we’re going to edge it. And some would be here again to tell you “give him time”, “a win is a win”, matters not if we played awful. But then….

      1. Emery is full of himself, and his football is just depressing. I cannot believe I was one of the Wenger out brigade for this crap. Like seriously. Love for all gunners from Kenya.

  1. long ago,I can spend my last dime to watch an arsenal game because they give value for my money entertainment wise.lately have been missing alot of matches for no reasons cos the ones I have watch were eye sore.Hopefully,the better team wins tomorrow’s match.

  2. AWs time at AFC came to an end not because of the fans unrest. More like the boards decision to work against him behind his back…

    1. Just as they are doing with Ozil NY Gunner…they messed up by appointing UE and they will mess up by trying to demean Ozil behind his back as well.

      UE has no idea how to take this club forward and, along with the board, they are using Ozil as a deflection to cover their own inadequacy.

      I cannot think of one example where we can honestly say we have improved on the pitch…and that is where the coach must be judged – not wether he has got rid of so called “deadwood” , because that is not what a coach does.

      A coach coaches and, to date, he has not improved one single aspect of our performance on the pitch – he himself is complete “deadwood” as a coach and his man management skills are as dead as a dodo.

      Those who condemn Ozil fot his perceived faults, should also ask the same questions about UE…£6,000,000 reported salary for doing what exactly? Sweet fanny adams!

      We should give him time…meanwhile Lampard and Brenda show us what should be happening, without the reported £215,000,000 transfer kitty spent improving our performances.
      Utter garbage from a coach who has no idea how to perform at a top club in England.

      1. Unai has lost that passion from his first season , somthing happening behind the scenes ,please go get allegri now but as usual the clueless board will fark it up

        1. Allegri is a pragmatist, as well and he apparently speaks little English, only being fluent in Italian. Thus he may be no better than Emery.
          Carragher is correct in that the mentality of many of the players, with respect to effort in playing without the ball and winning away from home, has been an issue for years prior to Emery’s arrival and is yet to be addressed.

  3. Ken, i can accept your opinion but then you add figures in that are just fictitious and for me it makes your post look silly, where on earth did the £215,000,000 transfer kitty come from, except fantasy manager land. Stick to opinion and dont exaggerate and someone might actually accept your view. Just to put you right, we had a net spend of about £30 mil last year and we had a net spend of about £30 mil this year. We are not a club who can afford a transfer kitty of that ammount. If i was you i would steer clear of finances, thats something none of us know too much about in truth. You dont rate Emery and that great, thats your opinion but dont try and back it up with fictitious figures. Just stick to opinion.

    1. I think ken is referring to “financial commitments” and the outlay for the next several years. We’re still paying for Torreira, Laca, Auba, Pepe, Saliba, Tierney, just to name a few.

      To say Arsenal have committed over £200 million is correct, tho spread out over several years.

  4. We don’t know what to do do when we have the ball, and more imporatantly we have no idea what to do when we don’t have it. Structure, formation, tactics completely absent. If this is not the coach’s fault then I don’t know what is.

    Even players in teams at the bottom of the league know how to defend, where and how to run to create space, and to HATE losing the ball and fighting to get it back.

    If Emery has a plan or strategy or vision for how Arsenal should play football it is as yet invisible and indeterminable, and that aeems to apply to both supporters and the players.

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