Bad news Arsenal fans! Wenger admits penny pinching plans

It will not come as a surprise to many Arsenal fans, as we already knew or suspected that the Frenchman does not like to spend a lot of money. That is why some fans have accused our manager in the past of treating the Arsenal transfer kitty as if it was his own money.

Now Wenger has come out and admitted that this is exactly how he approaches the transfer comings and goings at the club, reports the Evening Standard. His comments are in a new book about the game by the former Charlton boss Alan Curbishley.

Wenger revealed, “I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes.

“You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money, like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club. Because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far.”

With transfer fees continually on the rise and this summer seeing some crazy prices paid for players, such as the signing of rumoured Arsenal transfer target Gonzalo Higuain by Italian champions Juventus and the crazy money set to be shelled out by Manchester United for their former youth star Paul Pogba, is this why Arsenal have made just one big transfer so far?

With the Gunners still needing at least two more players, in my opinion, is Wenger’s policy stopping us getting the striker and central defender we need to compete for major trophy success?



  1. Well….I really hoped we would make some signings but if we are to proceed without any id still be optimistic. The kids have really shown great talent and work rate and I for one won’t be dissapointed to see Iwobi, Akpom and Campbell have a go in the premier league. They may turn out to be the next Bellerin.

    1. Quantic Dream;
      Just $hut the hell up.
      Kids are getting better???????????? what this means? are you blind or out of this world and see how the other team are doing vs this mad man Wenger. He will be booed and booed when reality sinks in, and we fans be humiliated by 8-2, 6-0, 6-1 results once again.
      Shame on you Wenger.

      1. Thats looking more than likely to happen again And with the board stating that the money is there for the old dog to spend, he will surely get the Sack halfway through the season, if the results go against him…. I fear the worst, unless wenger signs a miracle or two … A.s.a.p

        1. Admin, seems you’re hiding under administration. U seem to be one of Wenger’s aides. U never see any wrong when it comes to Wenger’s.

          1. And why is this a problem? You don’t like it here? Then don’t come, simple as that. What to whinge like a h00ker? Go to le grove. You will be home there.

  2. wenger do you remember

    Manu 8 arsenal 2
    Chelsea 6 arsenal 0
    Liverpool 5 arsenal 1
    Mancity 6 arsenal 3.

    If you have forgotten you will be reminded just this season dont have to wait long.

    And to my fellow arsenal fans who were trolling united for buying pogba and mancity for buying stones.
    I have no words for you

      1. Man United can afford spending millions because they developed a reputation of winners,back in 96 when Wenger came Arsenal had 10 titles and so did United but in 20 years they’ve added another 11 titles taking their tally to 21 while Wenger has only added 3 to make it 13,so a team with a winning culture will succeed on all fronts even with sponsors,transfer business,media hype etc

        1. Utd’s last two managers were worst than Wenger!
          That’s why they were so ?.
          I don’t think that Utd will win the prem this season,
          That community shield has a long lasting jinx of the winners never lifting the title, after winning that before season kicks off.

          1. Of course a failure, your manager has been in charge for more than 20 years now 3 titles and he has been earning more than any premier league manager. Ferguson won the title every two years.

        1. You really are an idiot aren’t you?
          You are saying that everyone who actually believes in the club must be on their payroll?
          Wow you really need to get a life….

  3. Are we really surprised by Wenger though?this is the same manager who only signed a goalkeeper with no outfield players in the last summer transfer window and this is the same manager who brought in an injured CM Kim Kallstrom on loan when we were leading the league in January 2014 and we needed a striker!

  4. No wonder now where’s that obstinate action come from. It’s on the philosophy. I can see Klopp is doing the same thing at L’pool. Well, as long as it works it’s find .But this idealistic thing has proven to be wrong for 12 years. True, Leicester amazingly won the league with short of money but they had been forced by financial situation. In spite of having large transfer kitty, AW is doing this penny pinching thing on purpose. Hell…
    The season is not start yet, surely it’s to soon to be done. I’m not going to give up now. COYG!!!!

    1. Is it too much to ask Wenger to buy a 40m Striker for the club? Do we need a new Striker? The answer is Yes. Strikers are always expensive. I have a strange feeling. That Wenger does not want to buy a striker. He is just playing games with the fans emotions. Wenger, pls buy Chicharito on time. Wenger is the only fisherman who goes to fish but is happy he caught nothing.

  5. what up arsenal fans! long time since i’ve been on here. Still see nothing has changed in terms of our transfer policy. it is actually quite clear this manager has no intention of winning anything, just pragmatism and an easy retirement. I don’t think he’ll sign another extension so that’s a plus but the way he runs the club won’t get us any trophies until he leaves. I believe the new incoming manager will be the one pushing to establish himself by winning titles.

    So remember this season, it’s wenger’s farewell tour and he will try to spin in it that way.

  6. If Wenger messes up this window i will never forgive him!!! I’ve back him since I was a kid! After last summer I lost respect and loyalty to him! This is his last season to deliver, otherwise what is he actually doing for the club other than making profit for AFC?!

  7. I have no clue why this man is still at Arsenal.

    The Boardroom has no ambition to attain success. If they did they would appoint a manager to replace a petty man whose only ambition is to build a savings account and run the club like its in debt and still paying for a stadium.

    Interviewer: “Hello Arsene Wenger, are you disappointed you did not win the Premier League title again after 2004?”

    Wenger: “Errrr …not really because when I retired from the club I left in place 700 Million for a rainy day.

    Interviewer: “So you are content being remembered for being an accountant?”

    Wenger: “Errrrrrr …. I believe I have laid the important foundation for future success after I have left, like a father leaving his estate to his child.”

    Interviewer: “I’m sure there are many fans out there who are relieved you did not manage their football club.”

  8. It’s funny how arsenal fans are criticising pogbas deal. Imagine this, would.we complain if it was us who had bought pogba? Answer is NO.

    We are becoming a joke if we already are not. All these manager’s who cry for other clubs spending will just keep on crying. Klopp is another one who thinks he is the smartest chap around, well guess what son if you hate other teams buying , why did you spend close to 80 million on buying.players.

    One one hand I am frustrated to see one of the best players in present times go to Manchester united (yes pogba is that damn good. Ask any Italian reporter , he will testify that.) but on other hand I am happy that real Madrid and barca no longer believe in their own hype of dominating the world football. We should also be like the city’s and united’s. Who cares what others think, we spend we win and that’s what counts.

    Hope we can shut that smart chap klopp next week. All he has done since coming is give a fake dramatic smile and just talk talk talk . Rate him as a manager but now he is also in the jungle and in here only the best survive.

  9. Pogba to Manure
    Stones to City

    Arsenal to cross train and possibly start Coquelin @ CB against Liverpool.

    Only @ the Emirates is such transparent incompetence championed by both board and fans.

    Hope the Gunner faithful enjoy trips to Malmo and Kazakhstan on Thursdays a year from now.

    1. Yeah all it takes is Wenger to say Coquelin can play in CB and ‘poof’ he is a seasoned CB according to Wenger.

      1. Wenger probably ask the mascot to play defender while he himself is the striker.
        He is striking the heart and soul of Arsenal fans for the 12th time, and there are some fools, idiots who still believe he knows best.

  10. And in the meantime, Chelsea and city are catching up with manu (stones signed for city, mahrez spotted at Chelsea official hotel)
    Arsene? He’s trying to win monopoly without buying any houses, when all the opponents have hotels

  11. I now believe that MR wenger will sign a player very soon this statement by MR wenger tells his superiors that his hand are tide behind his back and he needs to sign he has been good good by dealing all business as if it were his club but he has no choice now but going for it

  12. Every season, you guys get sucker punched into religiously believing what the red tops or social media strings you along with concerning AFC transfer targets. You water at the mouth and chomp at the bits every time one of your favorite player targets get linked to AFC. Then, when some other team buys said players, you rant and rave uncontrollably, blaming AW, who never stated he was in for said player in the first place. Name one manager, in the history of any sport, who signed a player just because the fans felt he would be good for their squad? I ain’t even gonna wait for a reply. Save it…
    Buying and buying, for the sake of it, don’t guarantee anything but deeper in debt. With they money ManU, ManC and Chelsea have spent over the past 5 years, they should be winning “everything” if we go by the logic of”we need to spend in order to win”…
    The main thing that Leicester City EPL win proved is, having spent all of that money doesn’t mean jack, if you don’t utilize your team right. What they accomplished was not “miraculous”. What they did is what just about any other team outside the top 5 could/should have done long ago. That is take advantage of the reluctance to or stupidity of the top 5 teams not “rotating” their players, considering the number of campaigns they’re involved in.
    LC dropped out of all other campaigns and concentrated on the EPL. Not miraculous, just smart…

    1. NY-Gunner;
      You are one of those idiots who still believe that Arsenal have a chance for all 4 cups, and Arsene knows Best. You guys are disgrace to Arsenal, and Football world. Even monkeys have some brain.!!!!!!!

      1. @ezat
        Obviously, logical thinking, accepting reality and reading comprehension are not your strong points. While ad hominem attacks seem to be your only course of action…Yet you try and label me an idiot.

      2. In other words you believe that it is right that Arsenal deliberately handicaps herself or put herself at a disadvantaged position relative to them other big clubs just so that it can prove a point -‘you don’t need to spend in order to win.’ LOL.?

        I like the way you support your club. Its such a sad way to enjoy football but then I agree with you.. there is no point in living in an illusion, when reality itself is clearly better. And the reality is that Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, and quite a large number of the fanbase share the same believe as you NYGunner.

        1. The reality is that YOU think its a handicap.
          WENGER on the other hand, believes that this is the right way to success.
          Who knows more about running a football club?

  13. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, we all know how Wenger goes about things. The board play their part, but Wenger is the real problem, and by a country mile! His biggest downfall is loyalty. Sticking with players that everyone knows are not good enough, in the belief that they’ll finally deliver, this will be their season…and it’s rarely the case.

    Arsenal have become a complete embarrassment domestically, in Europe, and in the transfer market for players in and out. Wenger has already torn down part of legacy, and he’ll obliterate it if he signs a new three year contract. We could be in a situation, that in four years time, even the AKB’s will hate him. He’ll have no support whatsoever.

    Walcott is indicative of how bad Wenger has become. Wenger sanctioned a new contract making Walcott almost the highest earner at the club, despite very limited abilities, poor scoring record, injury prone, and only one good season in ten! To keep a player like that at the club for a whopping ten years, is the pure definition of insanity!

    1. Why limit this to just Theo? For the last 10+ years that we’ve gone without a league title, take a look at all the injury prone and inconsistent players that Arsene has stuck by that either haven’t consistently come good, or get injured at the time of the season that we need them most (off the top of my head):

      TV5, Gibbs, Diaby, Ramsey, Jack, Theo, Ox

      We’ve started to get more success once injury forced Arsene to not be able to make these guys the core players within the team, but we still haven’t been able to fully get over the hump because he still tries to rely on Ramsey/Jack/Theo/ox, and they either get injured or don’t produce when we need them most.

  14. If he will only spend the clubs money as it were his own I don’t imagine that he would hire a manager on 8.5 millions a year,or pay a succession of mediocre players 50 grand a week for 3 year contracts. None of these players ever leave Arsenal until their contract expires.I believe that Wenger, far from being frugal has in fact wasted millions of the club’s money..What do you think?

    1. If Wenger really cares about not wasting Arsenal’s money then why hasn’t he asked for a 50% wage cut? ? ?
      But it was okay when he wasted 16 million on a youngster, a few years ago, who still looks 3rd class behind the 2 million man, Rob Holding.

      Anyways,I hear that Gabriel is out for 6-8 weeks with a sprained ankle. … The man cried as if his leg got broken in 3 places ? We need to sell this fag, quick time! ?

  15. Wenger is always on some bulls**t whe it come to Arsenal transfer policy all our mates ar outthere making some big signing but not Wenger his always full of s**t but guess what? His is bout to reach his match cuz we can’t take it nomore this is his final year @arsenal as an Arsenal manager if he don’t go out there & buy a strike f**king Wenger who the f**k did he think he is anyway f**k him Arsenal fc is not just a f***ing ono man club we spent a tons of money every year after year to purchase Arsenal merchandise and pay a lot of money to cable companies be up early from bed to watch our beautiful Arsenal playing due to the time frame we do all that because we love our club & we should have something good to show up for it not just a humiliation all the time

    1. Is the transfer window shut?
      You need to seriously calm down.
      I mean seriously.
      Any more swearing you are GONE understand?

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