Bad news for Arsenal after potential transfer of unwanted player collapses

Arsenal has been handed a blow in their bid to offload Willian this summer as his proposed move to Inter Miami has collapsed.

Willian joined the Gunners last summer on a free transfer after his contract at Chelsea expired.

The Brazilian’s first season at the Emirates was underwhelming and it seems he will not get better.

The Gunners have been looking to add new players to their squad and getting rid of his salary will help them sign more players.

However, that might not happen now with The Sun reporting that Inter Miami and the winger couldn’t reach an agreement.

The report says Willian is demanding to be paid £8.7 million per season to sign for the MLS side.

But that fee is too much for the new American franchise whose top earner is currently Gonzalo Higuain and the Argentinian earns just £80,500 per week or £4.19 million per season.

Willian has two more seasons left on his current Arsenal deal and the Gunners could be stuck with him until the end of his contract.

This is because clubs will struggle to meet the salary he currently earns at the Emirates.

There is still time to decide on his future, perhaps Arsenal will agree to subsidise his wages just to see him leave them this summer.

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  1. This is 100% on Arteta and Edu

    Not only was this a terrible decision, on top of that MA’s ego persisted to play him for the majority of the season to try and prove he signed the right player. Joke!

    1. All true.
      And Willian’s signing is not only crazy business from hindsight, but was a stupid move in the first place as Arsenal didn’t need a right winger.
      Of course a marquis signing always has its message, and why nut rub salt in Chelsea’s wounds, but ultimately they had the last laugh as Willian was below standard, we are paying astronomical salaries and Arteta kind of destroyed Reiss Nelson’s career in the process…

      1. Totally agree PBarany! I’m seeing a similar thing play out with Ben white and our defence. Like many have said before no doubt Ben white has massive potential but so does William s, Dino, Gabriel, Ballard, mcguinness, holding and Mari. We are going to take 50 million from our budget which will be no more than 100-120 million (if we’re lucky) and spend on a position where we have numerous capable players that done well defensively last season. Right back, midfield attacking and defensive, striker, backup left back, keeper in my opinion are areas that need strengthening ahead of defence.

      2. Fabrizio Romano is reporting we’ve offered Nelson a new contract until 2024 to send him on loan immediately after. He hasn’t accepted yet as he’s looking for other options….
        4 clubs have already contacted him

  2. Aubemeyang 2.0 and we never learn – Willian holds all the cards, just as MO and Auba did/does.

    I guess AW will get the blame for today’s news😂😂😂


      For just Ozil though, as he is entirely innocent of Willian and when signing Auba he got a top player who had a poor season last year, two years plus AFTER AW left. AGAIN CONTEXT!

      1. Its the obscene contracts and salaries I am talking about Jon – that’s the CONTEXT I am referring to and SOMETHING that you kept blaming AW for with regards to Mesut Ozil’s contract.
        To think that MA had that disaster to refer too and yet he has repeated it with Aubameyang and Willian!!

  3. Oh well! We will just have to add him to our list surplus players waiting be paid to leave.

  4. People really know how to pretend!!!!

    When Willian was signed, pundits and fans were all excited by this move reaching to the point of rooting for top 4 spot.

    Afterwards, everyone is acting like “experts” how this move was bad, blah blah. PEOPLE!!!!!

    I’ll always maintain that WILLIAN is a world-class player playing in a slow, ponderous, dysfunctional Arsenal system.

  5. Hopefully, this will convince Arsenal that buying former good players because they come on a free, is a recipe for disaster. We should offload him to anyone who’ll take him, or, failing that, take the hit and pay up his contract.

  6. That doesnt exactly feel like the actions of a player who supposedly felt so guilty about letting Arsenal down that he couldn’t wait to engineer his own transfer.
    More and more players have no scruples nowadays – the rich just want to get richer and they don’t care whether they play again or about their reputation getting ruined. I actually find this story quite upsetting.
    OT lets add this one to annoy us even more: alleged that both Man City and Everton have outbid Arsenal for White (by outbid I mean offered Brighton the few million extra they asked for). I want questions answered before I become incandescent: 1 is the story true 2 if so was the transfer delayed because a) we were a few mil short or b) couldnt finalise until White returns from Euros or c) Brighton delayed to get higher bids from other clubs.
    If it’s a) I would be furious but it would also be so typical of Arsenal – catching a cold by handling things either slowly or badly – all trying to save 99p. We are really not very good at this.

  7. Arsenal just never learn. Disastrous from Edu and Arteta who deserve all the blame. And Kroenke for not giving a crap about the club, which is why we keep failing miserably in the transfer market. He’s a joke signing and is stealing a living.

  8. That hurts to have replaced some underperforming (given their salary) guys like Ozil, kolasinac or Mustafi just to have freshly signed (and for 3 years) this flop… And it cost the club over 30M for 3 years… That is very sad. We’ll be lucky if he is not here anymore by September. It is doubtful to see that guy not sticking in London with his huge contract…

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