Bad news for Arsenal as transfer target wants Chelsea move

It is bad enough for Arsenal and their fans that we were beaten to the signature of Eden Hazard in the summer of 2012 when Chelsea apparently swooped in and offered his French club Lille more money. And now it looks like history may be about to repeat itself.

According to a Daily Star report, the Gunners are set to lose out to Chelsea again, on the talented young player Zakaria Bakkali, whose fantastic performances for his Dutch club PSV Eindhoven as well as the fact that he is a Belgium international, has led to him being dubbed the new Eden Hazard.

The Gunners have been linked with the starlet before and have apparently been tracking the 18-year old for some time. However, the report claims that Bakkali is dead set on working with the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, probably because of how well the old Eden Hazard has done in the last two seasons.

It is a shame because the young Moroccan born player really fits the Arsenal and Wenger mould, being small and tricky with great technical ability. Although maybe we do already have enough of them but we still do not want to see our transfer targets going to play for a direct rival, especially if it is Mourinho and Chelsea.

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  1. Oh boy! I hope u do know that if we secured all our so called “transfer targets”, everyman and his scooby will be playing for Arsenal.

    By the way, are folks like this guy actual transfer targets for AFC?

    1. Considering the fact that its the Daily Star reporting it, I wouldn’t make much of it.
      I don’t understand why this site reports transfer news from bullsh*t sources, let alone the fact that its only early Novmeber. SMHHHH

  2. New Hazard? What has Hazard done for other up coming young players to be likened to to him?.. He is not even doing better than Sanchez. Like he is now in the Messi group for every player to be gauged on.

  3. Breaking news from the
    Holburn Howler midweek.
    Pogba $33, Kondogbia $29,
    offered to Arsenal in June.
    Qatar super league offers $89 mill for Sanogo
    $76 million for Ryo and $237 million for Diaby.
    Wenger turns down offers. “My squad will win the EPL and ECL”.

  4. Seriously, at the minute and based on 10 yrs evidence, why would any player choose Wenger over Mourihno?
    This kid is 18, since the age of 8 he has seen us win one FA cup and be completely embarrassed by a number of top teams: 8-2, 6-0, 6-3, 5-1, 4-1, these are not the scores of a winning club.
    Over the last 5 seasons under Wenger Arsenal have taken 4 points from a possible 45 against top 4 teams away.
    We have won 1 single solitary game, drawn 1 and lost 13, Wenger is a specialist in failure and can’t cut it against top teams.
    Young players have seen Arsenal under Wenger as an ‘also ran’ team.

    Way too many Arsenal fans living in the past, the successful years under Wenger were a long time ago, tired of hearing about ‘back in the day.’

    What are we Liverpool fans? Their mantra is:
    Win; gloat then talk about their history.
    Lose; talk about their history.

    1. Hilarious, people thumbed that comment down, did I lie? did I say something that was untrue?
      I stated facts, you may be uncomfortable with them but they are 100% TRUE!

      LMFAO at gullible supporters.

      1. @SaveArsenal, why worry about the “thumb-downers”? Lol! Go on with the truth!!! Trust me, there are very reasonable guys on this site, guys who know and appreciate the truth just like you.

        The AKBz are losing the war, some of them are defecting as we speak, great news. I only worry about them cuz I know they (AKBz) are just victims of the now ugly vampire, Wenger. But there’s hope for them, we can redeem them with the truth, though it won’t be easy.

        Ok, now commence thumbing me down, plz…

      2. trust me…. most people that thumbed your comment up are either chelsea fans or totenham fans….. when you can not do anything to change, just find a better team to support. we are contented with the hope of things getting better, not looking for the slightest opportunity to condemn! what did chelsea or manU win last season or even totenham (ever). please support and be positve or just find a team that you wont have to condemn!

  5. we need some quality articles!!!!

    come on admin….spend some money and sign some quality writers….

    spend spend spend!!!

    1. Yes admin you need to pay
      davidnz 100 mill per article
      No on second thoughts
      that is ridiculous.
      Pay him 100 mill per word…

    2. Hafiz – this is not a site for professional football writers. It is a site for fans to have their say. That’s why Admin allows even full-blown wackos like you to write your stupid comments.

  6. i am just counting down the days for the next transfer window to see who is coming in, and its not really that far, the team has thee potential to be a serious contender in the CL and the EPL, i expect arsenal fans to turn terrorist if our demands are not met.

    Now the fact is arsenal manager has a contract for 3 years and in this three years i expect him to try seriously for the CL and EPL, with the CL being his main focus, will he try for it this season that can only be judged this january. We have been improving over the season , yes we had a hiccup tuesday, but of note we scored three, yes our defense has let us down, but this can not be fix until january. Yes every one thinks chambers is a better alternative to monreal, but in truth monreal has done fairly well under the circumstances, so whether we change the back its going to be six of one thing and half a dozen of the same thing.

    So lets just count the days until then and really and truly can not some one write some decent articles, who cares if chelsea bought one of our unnecessary targets.

    Explain why it does not make sense to even mention some so call targets name , when they are an integral part of a team participating in the CL and euro cup, especial when they will be moving on to the knockout round, especially when the CL and Euro are the PiNNACLE of some players playing carrier.

    but at least right something sensible

    1. The only sensible articles at present are those that ask the question in one way or another: ‘When will Arsenal be properly managed?’

    1. @Soopa, don’t we have defensive midfielders in our “B” team? At the moment, I think anyone from the “B” team will do better than that saloon guy, the German snail and that French rastterferian (Flamini).

  7. Bakkali is an exciting talent but their is no space for him. Right forward is our strongest position sanchez,theo,ox,Joel,gnabry

    I would much prefer Memphis who is a left forward and arguably the best attacker in the erdivise. He is also a regular for Holland already at 19years old.

  8. But what do you mean by bad news for arsenal! Is this your golden son bakkali a defensive midfielder or a defender. Why trying to be a subject of hypertension with such a shocking but irrelevant headline “bad news for arsenal”. What i think can be real bad news at this point in time is if our messiah ALEXIS get injured, and God will not allow that to hapoen.

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