Bad news for Arsenal following injury to key man

Just when it was all good news concerning injuries to Arsenal players the news comes through that Alexandre Lacazette will be sidelined until at least October.

Arsenal confirmed today that the Frenchman will need rest in order to strengthen his ankle before he can get back to full fitness.

The 28-year-old has been playing through his injury for several weeks now and it has got to a stage that he simply cannot be risked any further.

This is a blow for Arsenal, it means that we will not be seeing the strongest forward line available to Unai Emery for at least a month, possibly even longer.

This now means that as many as five players will be set to return to the first-team in October, Rob Holding, Dinos Mavropanos, Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney are all back in full training, but will require varying lengths of time before they will be available for selection.

The one saving grace in all this is that there are currently no long term injured players and as things today Emery should have a full squad to choose from in roughly four weeks time.

The injury to Lacazette means that there will be a change up front for the game against Watford which may present an opening for Reiss Nelson who was probably not under consideration for a starting spot.

It should also mean that Aubameyang will most likely be selected in the central striker spot as opposed to the left-hand side, a position he was not totally content with.


    1. The wait seems to be forever!! We are all waiting for that one game to see the three of them rip through a team. Hopefully within that time Tierney and Bellerin back will give us smiles.

      1. It’s so frustrating, RSH…i guess if he had carried on playing, the injury would be a lot worse & he’d be out for even longer. Feel for Laca though.. if he’s not injured, then he’s being subbed..
        Will miss him…United on 30th.. was hoping PAL would batter them… sigh…..

  1. I think he will be back soon… now Emery needs to give Ozil a chance (if his back are fine) and a new/old diamond formation.
    We must attack Watford!
    Niles Luiz Chambers Kolasinac
    Guendouzi Ceballos
    Pepe Auba

    1. Sounds good, but I think he will go for 4-3-3 and give Nelson a chance again.

      And in the cups, I feel Martinelli will play as CF. He should, at least, as playing Auba there in the early stages would be downright idiotic.

  2. Luckily Aubameyang rarely gets injured

    However, I bet this news is a blessing in disguise for Nelson, Martinelli and Saka. Because the LW position is unoccupied now

    1. Good opportunity to test our depth. I dont wish any arsenal player injuries but I would like to see a 433 with nelson on the left and ozil and ceballos behind them and either toriera or gundozie defending that midfield. I think this would give us atleast 3 goals and be a good confidence game for ozil and Nelson

    2. True. Personally hoping Martnelli gets some solid game time. I’m very glad Mhiki is gone so Emery cant fall back on putting him out wide and instead has to use the youth. Though he has not been opposed to doing that recently anyways.

  3. It’s an opportunity for young players to establish themselves, November is around the corner,its one of the month we let go of vital points, glad that our best defenders will soon be reinforcing the squad. Laca will come back blazing in November. Perfect timing.

  4. Not surprising,since the start of the season unai has been saying it but not many people listened and criticised him for managing him!

    1. Really frustrating news, but, as usual, we get on with it.

      Frédéric slimane, UE knew about the injury and chose to play him – rightly or wrongly – why do you imply that the fans have anything to do with it?

      I’m very surprised that UE wasnt advised that a long lay off was imminent if he wasn’t fully rested.

      1. The pressure,he was criticized for not playing him or substituted him by many fans on social media and in the stadium, unai has been saying it since pre season that Laca was struggling with an ankle injury but now everybody is surprised and on top of that Pepe was nowhere ready to play but everybody wanted to see pal so all these things put together his hand was forced and had to play him, that’s the point I was trying to make!

  5. I guess we know why emery wasn’t playing him full 90 min. Lacazette style of play means he is tired and this causes injuries due to weaken bones and joints.

    1. On this same platform Wenger was abused for not playing him for full 90 minutes. It was for same reason – the injuries he carried then that eventually led to surgery. Yet, most on this platform called for his head.

        1. Ackshay, I assume you didn’t know, just like the rest if us, until UE explained the situation fully.

          I was so annoyed when he took Lacs off against the spuds ( I missed his signals to the bench ) and ranted about it till the end of the game.

          We woukd all like to know the ins and outs of the club, but I really need to understand that this just isnt possible.

          Perhaps, as amateur coaches/managers, we should leave it to the professionals? As TH14-TW14 says above, we are too quick to criticise.

        2. Exactly but fans always think they know best….

          cause in Fifa 20 he can always play 90mins every game and score 100 goals

          1. QD.. just had to google the date, 24 September, it comes out. There was also a clip of a demo saying how realistic it is – showing Salah’s diving.. it was bloody hilarious, but then it made me think – what about Harry bloody Kane?!! ?

          2. @Sue
            Haha it must be realistic indeed if they decided to include diving in the final game. Is that even a feature? Or maybe those players dive automatically when inside the box! Do Kane and Salah have a diving rating? Like how often a dive results in a penalty..these games!

          3. Says on Youtube how to dive in Fifa 20 ??
            That dive was exactly like one I’d seen him do (take your pick ?) can’t remember who it was against though! If you google Fifa 20.. you should see it!
            A diving rating? Now you’re talking – should be sky high ?

          1. Lacazette has a huge workrate, he attacks, defends, fights for every ball and gets kicked by opponents many times. Just look at his face or body language after 70 min, he is tired and that means he is more vulnerable to injuries.

  6. “…Emery should have a full squad to choose from in roughly four weeks time.”

    I don’t believe that we can have all our squad fit. At a point in time, someone somewhere will always have a hit. It’s part of the game. It’s not that I’m being negative here.

  7. Is good to give young players the opportunity to show case themselves but as for my own opinion iwobi and mikki going one season is a mistake except those young player prove me wrong…. even if they are not good enough I.e iwobi and mikki I don’t see us going anywhere cos no real dept but I wish our club the very best

  8. Arsenal were at their best last season with only one of Laca, or Auba starting, so this isn’t as bad as people think. I love Laca, but Auba is a goal machine, and wasted at LW.

    I remember at the time Emery getting a lot of stick for not starting them together, but we looked so much better. We’ll have a balanced look now, which we’ll benefit from.

  9. Games he will miss:Watford,Eintracht,Aaston Villa,Nottigham,Man United and probably Standard Liege.One injury and we are already looking light at the front.Academy players will have to step up in some of these games

  10. No need to worry as Aubameyang will come to our rescue like a black knight on a white steed to vanquish the pesky Hornets of Watford.

  11. What I don’t get is the dishonest communication between the Club and the Fanbase.
    What is so bad / wrong about being honest about an injured or unfit player?

    Let the fans know that a certain player is unfit. This takes the pressure off everyone concerned as The manager will not be labelled a defensive hack for not playing Laca. It will take the pressure off Laca himself as it protects him from criticism for playing shit. It also keeps us fans in the know about who is fit / unfit etc so that we can have honest discussions going on facts instead of the never ending speculations.

    Just be honest towards the fans.

    1. Goonster, the reason must surely be that he doesn’t want our opponents to know anything that might help them.

      Take the Watford game, knowing Lacs isn’t available must be music to their ears.

      But I do agree, we are always in the dark and can only make judgements on what we see and are told at any one time…frustrating and unhelpful to all involved.

  12. Lacazette should have been rested all this while but the crying of the fans push the coach to the misused of this player, now it is obvious, he was playing with injury, this is not good at all.

  13. Everton Soares or Zaha should have been bought, or Iwobi shouldn’t have been sold. Now any injury on one or two of our front three and we r soooo short.

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