Bad or Brilliant? Who’s right about Arsenal star?

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity and so perhaps the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere should just be glad that he is being talked about. At least he has not been forgotten and this is further evidence that the young midfielder is still being seen as one of the best hopes for the future of his club and country.

But we know that he has had his off field issues with photos of him smoking and partying, as well as the constant injury problems that have hampered his progress on the pitch, and it is this part of his life that the celebrity Man City fan Noel Gallagher picked up on, as revealed in a report by The Mirror.

The Oasis star said, “You think of the great midfielders in the game now, like [David] Silva and the Barcelona players – they’re athletes. They don’t smoke and drink.

“This lad has been caught twice. That’s what sets him apart and what links him to Gazza.

“That catches up with you in the end. If you are smoking and drinking you are not an athlete.

“The great players in the league dedicate themselves to be the best, and smoking and drinking isn’t going to cut it.”

The Arsenal manager has recently been full of praise for Wilshere though, talking about his hard work and dedication and suggesting that an injury free spell is all the talented player needs to prove his doubters wrong. But we would expect Arsene Wenger to back up his player.

What not many people would have expected is for the Bayern Munich and Germany international star Mario Gotze to pick Jack in his perfect five-a-side team, as reported by Metro. Having described Wilshere as the perfect player, the man who scored the winning goal in the World Cup final chose Wilshere over the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and his German team mates like Mesut Ozil.

So which of these vastly different opinions of the Arsenal star is closer to the mark?

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  1. Honestly smoking does no professional athlete favours. Compromising your lungs and thus your ability to take in oxygen only limits performance.

    As for Gotze’s 5 a side I don’t think he chose Wilshere for his quality over Messi or Ronaldo. Wilshere has immense untapped potential but that’s all it is currently, how can you compare him to Messi or Ronaldo?

    1. If the guy smokes occasionally it’s not gonna do sh*t to his lungs. He’s young, in shape, and has a good diet a couple of cigs will not be totally detrimental.

      And the players that Goetze chose were all sponsored by Nike magista’s. but having said that, he chose wilshere over other good players who are sponsored by magista which is understandable because wilshere is an outstanding footballer. As long as he gets minutes and avoids injuries he will break out this year mark my words

      1. “Mark my words” = I really hope.

        About time Jack fulfilled his potential, if he doesn’t do it this year just how long do you keep waiting? He’s 24 going on 25 at the end of next season, so that will be 8 seasons in the first team setup and just how much has he improved as a player?

        More evidence to suggest he’s another Walcott than another Gascoigne at present. Gotze on the other hand….now there’s a player.

        1. He’s 23 Charlie… 23. Why do you feel the need to constantly round his age up??
          You keep saying 8 years but you realize you’re counting years he’d barely sprouted pubes? I really don’t think any rational fan would be all that critical of him not being a valuable first-team member from the ages of 15-20… Do you?

          1. Can you read? END OF NEXT SEASON he’s 24 going on 25 i.e. born in Jan….which is 8 years in the first team setup considering he made his debut at 16 and has trained with the big boys ever since.

            You can focus on his pubic region all you like, I’m simply acknowledging his involvement with the Arsenal first team. He had a loan at Bolton at 18 and has been in the first team proper ever since. Always a fan at the ready to offer up an excuse or two, Jack is running out of time to be considered a ‘talent’.

            The guy talking about him in this article has helped win the world cup for his country, helped his club win the CL, the Bundesliga and established himself as one of the premier players in the world at 23. Jack doesn’t even make the best Arsenal XI and there’s people like you who continue to say “this is his year”. I get it’s a nice thought to have Jack fulfill it all at Arsenal, but when do you say nah let’s take the 40mil we’d dupe City into paying and try with another talent?

            1. Lol dupe city!! Like your right and the professional football club that is Manchester City would be wrong ! Hilarious

              1. Nothing to do with right or wrong….they pay ridiculous money for players unless you think 49mil is good business for Sterling. There was murmurs of their interest in Jack for around 40mil and there comes a time you’ve got to question whether it’s better to sell or not….obviously none of you would because you all think every Arsenal player develops in a linear fashion and none are ever simply talented youngsters who don;t fulfill their promise.

                Plenty on here all to ready to jump to the defense of our own player just in the vague hope he turns good, some do, plenty don’t. Simply saying Jack is currently in the latter for whatever reasons you all care to throw my way about injuries etc etc. Even when fit he doesn’t make the first XI, and I compare him to Gotze because frankly that’s how all of you speak of Jack so AGAIN….simply comparing to someone who is worthy of such adulation.

                Sorry Jack doesn’t measure up to the fantasy standards many of you pretend he’s at when critically analyzed.

            2. Ok. And how many players in world football have done that? Don’t speak of him as though that’s the benchmark, that’s the obvious best-case scenario that very few players reach at that age. There have been world-class players who have had a much less injury ridden career than Jack who still weren’t at his level at the age of 23. Do they bare relevance as well??
              You continuously talk of this 40million dollar evaluation as though it’s a telling sign of him as a player who ‘hasn’t reached his potential’ but he’s very, very obviously not really had much of an opportunity to do so from the injury table. This isn’t a computer game.. He’s not going to hit 26 and stop improving. These past few years we’ve seen Coquelin and Ramsey take massive, massive leaps in their development and start contributing at the age of Jack now. Just for once drop this 40million nonsense and evaluate him as our current player with this season ahead of him, not comparing him to current world-class who have had full seasons to build form and confidence.

          2. He is still one of the youngest players in our 25 man squad, give the fella a break.

            Let’s not forget he is younger than both Ramsey and coquelin and only 18 months older than chamberlain. Why not compare his record to players like that. He is more than a year younger then Ramsey but only 6 international.caps behind and playing for a country that has far more completion for places. OK Ramsey has more games under his belt on the domestic scene, but then wilshire who is younger than coquelin has played more games than him.

            I don’t see anyone getting on coquelins back saying time is running out, yet jack is younger and people are saying this is a make or break year?

          3. @josh37

            He’s critical towards everyone, of things that people have to say, of our own players, etc., always. Nothing new there.

        2. Are you serious? If/when he is healthy for more than a month there will be improvement just like other players.

          Ramsey struggled for YEARS from his one injury and everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt for years despite playing terribly for all of 2012. Jack never played terribly.

          But he would greatly benefit from a year without injury. Then we will know. I am glad he is with the club. Did you see his last games – one for Arsenal, one for England? He was brilliant.

      2. He didn’t choose Messi or Ronaldo because he would get overshadowed and probably less of the ball

    2. Smoking one cigarette a week is likely far less damaging then breathing in some of the pollution and toxins many people are exposed to daily in the streets or even from carpeting or textiles, but we don’t stop traveling or decorating our homes now do we??

  2. A part from his injuries problem, Wilshere’s talent won’t lie. But those talent can’t grown fully shape if he doesn’t manage his mind in the right way. Noel’s right, if you choose to be pro footballer then life like one.
    You may argue on some exceptional case (also bad examples), like Ronaldinho in the past or Neymar at present. I don’t think Wilshere can live his life the same way like those guys, while runs his footballer career and hope to reach the top. So, manage up your mind Will!

  3. Jack is neither brilliant
    or bad. Jack is interesting
    because he is white and
    English in an EPL landscape
    dominated by black or foreign players,
    foreign managers foreign owners.
    The majority white supporters
    have become increasingly marginalized
    and pay to watch black English or foreigners play.
    Jack gained legend status because
    he was once young white and English
    and on course to succeed in this prized arena.
    But injury has seen him become an
    occasional player and where the only
    thing to report about him are off field misdemeanours.
    How long can Wilshere continue to be “the next best thing”?
    Is he simply one of the white English “quota” players?
    Should we have taken the 40 mill City offered?
    Even Wenger who kept Diaby 4 years beyond his use by date
    has mentioned “6 months” for Wilshere to prove himself.
    Iwobi Akpom Niles Zelalem Fortune and Adelaide all quota qualified
    (and all black) look better prospects than Jack.
    Unless he can turn things around quickly
    the future looks black for Jack.

    1. You’re an absolute moron David…
      These entirely fictional ‘quota’s’ you come up with are just offensive. You section people based by the colour of their skin which is the epitome of racism. Wenger has openly come out and been a strong advocate for erasing racism in the game. Do you really think he gives two sh!ts about a player’s race/colour/nationality? The only relevant quota is home-grown and, funnily enough, all the players you’ve mentioned contribute to that. That’s literally the only relevant thing and their origins are spread out all over, English, French, German/American and Ghanian I believe.

      You say a lot of stupid things on here… But I’m asking nicely. Please stop with the racial prejudice. I know you think it’s innocent, but it’s really not. Racism hold a lot of forms, but the way you’re claiming ‘white supporters are becoming increasingly marginalized’ really sums it up.. How can you not see how truly f@#ked up that is to say??

      Admin, personally, i’d love your support on this one. Discussions about our players sectioning them by their colour I feel really shouldn’t have a place for discussion.

    2. I don’t know what all this black/white nonsense is. Do you also categorize players according to the ear size or their eyebrow color? That might be interesting. Pure Jibberish.

      1. It’s not jibberish when unfortunately it’s a mindset that a lot of people have. Just because it’s not relevant to his average day of living, elsewhere it has a massive impact. He references the ‘marginalisation’ of white’s, inferring that it’s somehow preferable for whites to watch whites.
        Elsewhere ‘marginalisation’ can ultimately lead to lesser job prospects, lower quality of life due to being a minority or ultimately murder and death as a result of the colour of your skin.
        The white mentality that’s often upheld is ‘i’m not a racist, I don’t judge, it doesn’t effect my day-to-day life so therefore, what I’m saying isn’t relevant.’ Well it f@#king is!!
        His inferences of a slight advantage in white people watching white people has deeper connotations that he obviously can manage to comprehend. They’re elite sportsman, so obviously the majority don’t take is as offensively when talking about the life .001% are living. But that very same mindset is upheld elsewhere with a lot more damaging consequences. He’s inferring white as a superior class with ‘marginalisation.’ In any shape or form that’s f@#king offensive and one of the major problems with this world….

    3. How or rather why do people feel the need to involve skin colour or race into a simple article, go on a different site if you want to spout your tripe. This is about football and in the main arsenal, probably the least racist and most minorities tolerant club and fan Base in the world,

    4. There is no way in this day and age ANYONE should be judged on their skin colour or even religious preference. The only thing that Wenger looks at in his players is their footballing ability, and we should all do the same. The only “quota” here is whether a player was trained locally as a youngster, no matter their colour or nationality. The Arsenal fans are made of every race and creed and so should the players that represent us….

      1. This is the third or fourth time i’ve read David bringing it up. The only feedback I’ve ever read has been negative comments in response. To be honest i’ve had a hard time refraining from personal abuse. I wasn’t calling for you to agree or disagree, but perhaps have a word with him about it, as the negative response clearly doesn’t impact his need to vocalize his ignorant, offensive views.

  4. This could be his final season….especially with the rising of Crowley, Rene-Adelaide and future procurement of players

  5. Jack Wilshere reminds me of some one I`ll never forget, but nowhere near as wild. He also was a brilliant player and he threw his career and life away. Asked what he spent all his money on, he replied ” women, booze and fast cars, the rest I squandered”. Manchester United and Irish international he was a living legend. Take care Jack!

    1. Squandered? I don’t think George best would or even could have said squandered lol!

      Anyway if he did say that, he only copied it from Clark gabel, who probably copied it from someone else.

      Jack wilshire is nothing like George best not in terms of socialising or ability.

  6. I don’t need any labels or qualifiers when speaking about Wilshere.

    He is a very good and even improving player who has had terrible injury luck but who is simply valuable to the gunners. I am glad Arsenal have him and not one of our rivals.

    1. Exactly, people get way too caught up in him ‘not coming good with his potential’ and putting time-frames on aspects for him…
      I don’t get it. Coquelin seamlessly integrated into the first-team at Wilshere’s current age after years of sporadic first-team appearances and debatable success on loans. Ramsey was the resident whipping boy for the majority of a season with fans strongly advocating for his sale before him producing a phenomenal season as arguably our best player. Theo was being booed before two huge games vs spurs and chelsea then going on to have a pivotal season in the wake of RVP’s departure when we desperately needed an attacker to lift their game.. Just before his return end of season, there seemed a common opinion that he should be sold ‘as he couldn’t break into the first-team’ and ‘100k a week is too much.’ Now, the majority of fans have him in their preferred starting XI. Prior to there were heavy calls for RVP’s sale due to his injury record until his late 20’s, then fans were calling for Wenger’s head for not extending his contract sooner….
      Near on every flipping season a player improves drastically and fans act as though they believed all along. Whether it be this season or the next, Wilshere’s name will be added to that list. He has a strong mentality, technical, aggressive and intelligent. All the tools needed to succeed in the English game and more. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

  7. I find it truly astonishing that some supporters would want to get rid of a player that our rivals would bite our hand off to have ! Wow

    1. 100% mate, people bang on about signing great players and wanting a squad with depth, then want to sell a player like wilshire who would get in every side in the country and probably walk into most of the top sides in the world.

      Let it be testament to strength of our squad that wilshire has to fight for a place in our starting x1 cos mourinho would take him over Oscar and Willan anyday of the week, city would take him over Fernando, fernandinho and nasri, United would choose him over blind, schnerderlin, schweinsteiger and carrick and he certainly better than Henderson, lucas and Milner.

      Wilshire can play anywhere in the 5 man midfield, that is a mark of his quality and in a couple of years he will probably find and settle into his best position, for now he just needs to lay his injury troubles behind him, build up his ankles and focus on his football. I expect him to reach 50 international caps by the time he is 26 and pass 250 domestic appearances

  8. Jack is good….but he needs to show it! As somebody rightly pointed out, there has been no too noticeable improvement since he broke into the first team. He played some good matches tho’… against Barcelona at Camp Nou. He’s got the experience, let’s just HOPE he stays on his feet this season and he might just do something special.

  9. I love JW but I hate smokers. Now what do you think? He should just stop smoking and I’m sure we’d have a Gold in our hand.

  10. Have a look at the recent performances he put in for England. There is brilliance in him but it is about enabling him to shine.

    He needs to stay fit so he can play regularly and we will get the best out of him.

  11. Jack’s biggest problem is knowing when to let go of the ball, only thing keeping him from being world class, better than ramsey imo just that ramsey scores when he plays shit. This season i think that Jack will score more goals and move ahead of ramsey in the first eleven.

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