Why Bale is helping Arsenal to seal Benzema transfer

If this all works out the way I hope, it will not only mean that Arsenal have added another top class striker to our already strong and talented squad, but it will give the Arsenal fans another stick to beat our north London rivals Tottenham, not that we really need any more ammunition against the poor little spuds.

But if the news about Gareth Bale in The Guardian means that the Real Madrid boss Rafael Benitez starts to prefer the Welshman in the central striking role, it could well mean that Karim Benzema decides to call time on his career in Spain´s La Liga, thereby opening the door for Arsene Wenger to swoop and seal the transfer of his fellow countryman to the Premier League.

Benitez played Bale in that central role last night against his former club and after scoring the second goal in their win, the Madrid star talked about his role and pleaded with his new manager to play him there all the time in order to get the best from him.

Bale said, “It’s my best position. When I played for Tottenham, I felt I played my best football there and when I play for Wales, I play there and play my best football. For me, that’s my position and it’s where I want to play.

“I’m able to go out to the left and the right, and it’s what I was doing at Tottenham and what I do for Wales. It’s great to have the support of the manager and the president [Florentino Perez] and, hopefully, I can repay them with some goals and trophies.”

Does this mean that the Gunners´chances of signing the France international centre forward has just taken a big turn for the better? And all thanks to one of the favourite sons of our bitter rivals…

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  1. Benzema is too expensive……people talk about him as if anything he does on the pitch results to a goal.

    1. But he is better than Giroud in everyway. Thats wat we want, Giroud is good but we want slightly better player who has speed, good dribbler and shooter of the ball. With our mid-field, striker just have to convert good pass to goal!
      Apart from it, it’s psychological boost to everyone and rivals will fear us especially that chelski SHIT! Positive environment can do anything!

    2. don’t y’all trust Muzzi Ozcan?………He’s t Tested, Trusted,can predict players transfer …..even the end of the world *coughs*………BENZEMA ain’t COMING!……. He said so……. L()L

      1. Looks like u didn’t through Arsenal transfer news.. New guy pop-up today – Emanuele Giulianelli! 🙂 Google him and enjoy!

        1. Emanuele Guilianelli……… Hahahaha…….saw the damn name…… But i skipped…… I’m having troubles forgetting Muzzi Ozcan…… Don’t want any more nightmares!

      2. Forget those guys – I am baffled and intrigued by Usamanov – “we are one player short” – now why in the hell would he say that? Is he trying to outdo Harris the carpet man? Both of them are gonna look pretty damn stupid if a marquee signing does not materialise. Wish they would shut up tbh.

    3. Too expensive for who? Which available top class striker would you rather spend the money on? Available being the key word there, cause no team will sell us their top class striker unless we table a ridiculous offer… way more than 50 mil I think.

      1. Higuain I reckon wants out. They only offered him a one year extension and repeatedly spoke about sixty million bid being too hard to turn down. Then Higuains brother/agent said the only person talking on moving is the owner. I reckon the money said of Benz ..45m would definitely prize Higuain away. I think that’s too generous a fee for both players but if we are willing to pay well over the odds to get one of them in ..well it might be a nice change of pace.

      1. It will take sixty mil bid for Atletico to even listen. Only signed last year and I doubt that even Real could prize him away. Next year or the year after depending on his contract, I doubt we will even bother ..Sanchez.

        Unless Wenger likes the look of him playing striker ..is he playing up front lately. I doubt it with the signings they’ve made. If Wenger believes he’d make a top striker ..???

    4. Fans complain Wenger won’t splash the cash on top players then they complain that they are too expensive. Give me strength!

  2. Jack Wilshere injury could be more serious than thought . New CM signing now more likely it seems could be out for 2-3 months again rumors

    1. Really feel bad about Wilshere! Injuries takes off confidence of player. I don’t want him to end up like Diaby! Get well soon..

      1. it’s his right ankle not the one he had surgery on there was a tackle from paulista in training we could sign Camacho from Malaga as replacement depends on his fitness as well

        1. We should have bought DM by now..no need to wait for injuries. This way Arsenal could whole of its energy on striker.

          1. Listening to Ray Parlour on how important pre-season is to players led me to believe this is why Arsene strikes either early or late in window instead of in between. Disrupting there preparation is a big deal as they will have to train alone and will take longer meaning a couple of months before we see the best of them. When we sign players early integration and preparation is easy. When he leaves it late integration will take a while but preparation is done as he has trained fully with his old teammates.

    2. Best Comment so far though i have not gone through everything but i believe any passionate Arsenal Fan should know that , Wishere,Ramsey, Walcort , Rosicky, Chamblin, Arteta has never missed a Season without going to One Month Minimum injury in the past 3yrs , So remove this five players from our Midfield and tell me how many we have left mostly when it get to tougher stage where we have to play three matches within a week . Without adding a Striker we scored abt 74 goals last season , This is the same way Arteta started getting injured b4 seasons kicked start last seasons that Wenger over looked and went into the seasons like that just imagine what would have happened if we do not have conquelin on loan , if Wenger failed to buy another CDM that will help Conquielin when the game get Tougher this season i can assure u that Arsenal will not Win anything and will struggle again for that Top 4 Position in respect of any Striker we may add……….Thank You

  3. benzema 45m for a player who turns 28 in dec or reus for 45m+ who is 26 years old ??????
    would have preferred reus

  4. If we not getting a striker I don’t understand why Chuba was loaned out?

    In fact I don’t understand why he was loaned before a replacement was signed and delivered first.

    So I’m preparing myself for the worst and no new striker – but I’ll be gutted all the same

    1. Yes Its strange that Akpom was loaned out

      Maybe Wenger feels our CFs are Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott and maybe he feels we have enough strikers with Alexis, Oxlade

      Wenger also uses Ramsey at RW and Ozil at LW which I HATE lol

  5. Whoever we get, lets support him and hope he helps us to glory.

    I would be very happy if we got any of these players
    Lord Bendtner

    1. Anybody on this list would do me fine and surely one is doable … However not one would come to warm bench for Walcott or giroud and rightly so … So seriously worried we will not have attacking force to move to next level … Again

  6. We wont buying any top striker.lets be honest we always be 2 players short of wining the league.thats wenger for u.the man is lost.every year same old storys n funny thing is he has program us fan to think like him

  7. Exactly what people fail to understand……. Only a few seasons left and he would click 30…… Then the search for a new striker begins……. Plus who knws how many season it’ll take for him to settle?……. I’m not saying he ain’t a Top striker…..not only does he cost 45mil…. But we are known for not always dishing out such huge amount for players…..which is worrying….. Thus if we get him and he justifies the amt paid, we will all be happy…….conversely, if he fails to meet up expectations….. It will be a merry-go-round in the transfer window…..and the ultimate search continues……… My point is, get him (seriously! He ain’t the only gem) if you can or must…and don’t be scared of getting another if he fails…..

    1. so barca paid 75 mil last year for a 27 years old player… so if barca can and feel the need for it, why wouldn’t we do the same thing…

      1. We’re nowhere near Barcelona financially… We have money but let’s not go overboard and waste it.

  8. A forward is definitely coming, and most likely it’s Benzema. Sanogo, Campbell, Akpom gone on loan and Podolski was sold to make way for a world class striker. Benitez is going to do us a favour after what Mourinho had to say about his diet and wife’s cooking.

    1. I didn’t think of that. Pretty sure Perez doesn’t like Mourinho either. That should be our main negotiating line!

      But if somehow we do get Benzema, and I’m not really too excited about him, I’ll be pleased that we, Arsenal, are able to unsettle and take a player off of Real Madrid that they don’t really want to sell. It’s not Ronaldo but it’ll be pleasing nonetheless.

    2. Yeah, I thought of Rafa doing a sly one – the Benitez/Mourinho relationship makes the Mou/Wenger relationship look like a minor nursery school tiff.

  9. Usmanov’s interview looks like he wants to give the club a kick so we get a striker.

  10. OT
    I was figuring out why Wenger brought Arteta in the game and then it struck me. Wenger was still thinking Chelsea could still score a goal in the dying minutes and might bring it to a draw which directly leads to penalties. And it would be obvious to have Arteta in penalty takers list. So, that’s my assumption. Luckily, we won the game.

  11. O.T
    I salute Wenger After reading this article from bbc sports website for being loyal to the club and taking all the grief from fans and media. Everyone has their own opinion but for me hats of to wenger

    The Gunners have not won the league since 2004 and went almost a decade without a major trophy before winning the FA Cup in 2014.

    Usmanov, Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, believes it was the club’s move to the Emirates Stadium in 2006 that hampered Wenger’s ability to challenge for more trophies.

    “Arsene had a very, very difficult position when club shareholders didn’t want to put their money into constructing the new stadium,” added Uzbek-born billionaire Usmanov, who is not on the club’s board.

    “Because of this Wenger lost five years, maybe the best of his career, without a trophy. In reality, 10 years.

  12. Arsenal Academy 4 – 2 Stuttgart Academy
    Zelalem with quality seal in PSO. But our keeper is the real hero !

  13. Arsenal Academy 4 – 2 Stuttgart Academy.

    Zelalem with quality seal in PSO. But our keeper is the real hero !

  14. Funny I never thought Arsenal could afford 140wk for Walcott 130wk for Giroud and another say 150wk for Benzema all playing the same position,

    1. A quarter of a million a week… A f****** week … On these two mediocrities and we still waffle on about how we are financially constrained and can’t compete with big boys …please

    2. It’s the new wage level now that the clubs got the extra 30 million a season from TV money. wages will go up across the whole league.

  15. Barcelona does’t have one designated striker, why do we need one with Sanchez, Walcott the Ox, Ramsey, Ozil, who can all score goals !


    Up the Gunners.

    1. I’m guessing barce get away with it because there forwards score 25/30 25/30 and 50/60 in a season lol

  16. Well still have couple weeks to go so lets see who will come in.

    Not to change topic, but i got the chance to watch some of our under 19 prospects playing in the South Africa competition. The young man fortune was quite impressive and is very much a player we must keep our eyes on, good height, good built, a lot of pace and has technique ( if people say new Henry if you look you will see why)

    Ben sheaf seem to be developing as a Defensive Midfielder, good built and what i really like are the long range shots he has in his arsenal. the greek defenders in the squad are also ones note watching

  17. There is still better players out there. AW is build a team of kids to come good in 3 years so I would say they will at in the shitty cup until we get to the semi finals and then the best team because it’s all about silver now. I think he will buy a young CF again don’t no why CA has gone out but there you go. Still need a DM and a CB

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