Ballon D’Or? Arsenal star needs to win some games first

While it is true that the Arsenal and Germany star Mesut Ozil comes in for an unfair amount of criticism from some fans and a lot of people in the English football media, it is also true that the creative midfielder does not help himself at times and could certainly have more of an impact for the Gunners at times.

Ozil certainly has the talent and without being too big headed, he is fully aware of how good he can be. So maybe his recent comments reported by the Evening Standard about his goal to win the Ballon D´Or award in the near future is not quite as unrealistic as you might think.

Our number 11 is not talking about winning the prize at the end of this year, as he freely admits that he has not done enough and also that to really stand a chance he needs to be part of a successful team. That means either a Champions Le4ague or Premier League win, as the FA cup will just not cut it at the highest level.

Ozil said, “I have to become more dangerous in front of the goal.

“I was injured for long spells last season, and scored only five in 32 competitive games. I want to improve this. To achieve it, I have to be a bit more egotistical.

“You need to win major titles with both club and country. In 2016, the chances are there to do just that. We’ve got a great team at Arsenal, which can win titles.

“After two FA Cup victories in the past two years, we want to be in the mix for the Premier League title. We also need to beat the knockout stages curse in Champions League.

“The group stage clashes with Bayern Munich are a real benchmark test. And I want to win the European Championships with Germany.”

With players like Ronaldo and Messi to contend with, Ozil is going to find his dream of lifting the Ballon D´Or an extremely difficult one to achieve, but if he can sharpen up in the final third and start to score the gopals that his talent deserves, you never know.

But let´s not get ahead of ourselves Mesut, perhaps you should be more focused on winning a few games for Arsenal first.

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  1. hey listen ozil is a world class talent. his haters maybe just want to watch him do beautiful play and freestyle football
    i for one believe ballon dor is not beyond him.thats why i hate comparing him to other players like silva iniesta and others.he will be a massive hit i promise you that when he finds great understanding with his teammates he can clock a record of assists

    1. If only we had a striker that could score more goals like the offside one that Ramsey scored vs Pool, imagine how many assists Ozil would get…Cause that Santi goal creation pass was exactly what Ozil does(creates great chances)…

    2. I hate to say Giroud fail to do what an average strikers like Befitimbi Gomis can do. I saw the man against Chelsea and again united causing troubles to defenders. What is so special to him is that he is able to use his physical body to create chances for himself and able to penetrate with dribbling. Unlike Giroud, very rare you can see Gomis playing the ball back to his midfielders he often passing the ball forward after his hold up play and i think that is the best hold up play. His aerial present is class too.

      Giroudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd youre not an arsenal material.

    3. A world class ‘talent’ yes, but not a world class player since his move to Arsenal and that’s impossible to argue unless you’re blindly bias. Cazorla in his debut season at CAM scored 12 goals and assisted 11 with a worse version of Giroud to supply and no Alexis, Ozil hasn’t scored double figures and barely manages 10 assists in the league. Which when heralded as his calling card is a paltry number baring in mind how he’s not a scorer, doesn’t dribble and commit defenders, doesn’t have a high work rate.

      I think this ballon d’or talk is fantasy at present, when he scores a number of valuable goals and assists by the bucket load then maybe we’ll talk. As it stands I would argue Cazorla would provide more of a threat at CAM than Ozil does.

      1. Agreed. Last season we found good form with Ozil and Wilshere injured . I’m interested how we play with Alexis and Cazorla orchestrating the midfield!

    1. I would agree. OT – Welbz out for “a few months” with knee injury. That’s why Campbell wasn’t sold obviously, and makes our inability to buy a ST all the more ridiculous.

  2. all he needs is to score more goals and most importantly perform with a sharp striker and stay top form always. dare to dream, i respect and admire his aim. it’ll be such a wonderful feeling if he do gets the ballon d’or later on with us, but there’s work to be done, and i know he’ll put his heart to it. such a brilliant talent he is, go for it Mesut we’re with you

  3. He has to win the champions league and be the most influential player for Arsenal and score more goals and record more assists. For all this to happen though, he needs to play with better strikers than what Arsenal have at the moment. He should focus on getting us back on track in the epl.. Who knows, anything is possible.

  4. Welbeck is out for a few months. It’s already happening.
    This is beyond a joke. Better sign a striker then. Oh wait…….

    1. The saga continues.

      They say Wenger knows best, I say his lost it. He all know Arsenal and injuries. Next will hear Theo, Ox, Gibbs and Ramsey for out for “a few weeks” which will turn into months.

      Arsene is turning this club into a jock, fans should wake up and smell the coffee!!!

      1. My bad for the typo’s in the comment above. Guess I got so emotional typing I lost my cool. I have finally come down and now let me get back to the Arsene bashing.

        Somebody’s got to do it, don’t judge.

  5. welbz injured has no bearing on our season, he had surgery last week. wenger had time to rectify with replacements. he didnt as he felt we didnt need to so our squad is ready.

    get ready for the title challenge lads.


    1. I’ll always support Arsenal.
      But I don’t support the things Wenger and the club are currently doing at at the moment
      Giroud better start getting his shooting boots ready.

  6. Why do you think we perform better away from the emirates? I’ll tell you why. its because the Arsenal fans who go to other stadiums support the team no matter what. You can hear them singing louder than the other team’s fans.

    1. well then dont charge the highest tickets in europe to our fans to watch them come fourth.

      make it affordable like it was in highbury
      an u might get more real fans then

  7. Ozil right now is displaying the sort of attitude that the whole Football Club should show , there are only a handful of people at Afc who has the want to win every game attitude . Even at that awful excuse for a club MU everyone wants to win …. we should get more people to adopt this attitude

  8. Hello Gooners, Its good to be back after a while.
    Welbeck out for 5 months the season was over when we lost the first home Game.
    Im sick of Wenger, this club is ruined by fooking idoits

  9. A team that had to cut short ONE player’s holiday because they could’t do without him 🙁 🙁
    Then the same team doesn’t add any player 🙁 🙁 🙁
    I wish i was a mental doctor..I would have offered my services freely to Wenger 🙁 🙁
    I love Arsenal but Hate Wenger 🙁 🙁

      1. Budd is the username of a genetically engineered towel by Aliens for an unsuccessful mission and now lives in South park, Colorado by the name of towelee.

  10. It is shocking that Wenger knew a week before the close of the transfer window that Danny Welbeck will be out for months but did not make any effort to sign a striker.

  11. Whosoever believe that arsene Wenger’s main aim in arsenal(Emirates stadium) is to win trophies(major trophy) is completely delusional, Wenger’s main now is just to make money for the team and that’s all.

  12. As expected injury strikes, it always seems to do so before are after Wenger does something foolish, Everyone new there was something wrong with welbeck, especially when wenger spoke of everyones else injury except Welbeck.

    Feeling gutted because he offers more than giroud and walcott, its an opportunity for Campbelll to shine.

    So transfer window is closed and this was known from last week, i wonder why its just released to the press know i wonder why, i WONDER

  13. O men but for finishing i would have taken Welbeck for Giroud.His finishing is so poor i mean Welbeck as compared to Giroud whose is also poor and that tells me a whole lot about Welbeck’s quality.With Giroud i do not even have an ounce of hope at all because he is average.Its a shame i become so annoyed when i see him playing.It pains my eyes to watch him honestly speaking.I guess i have to deal with it for this season and maybe the next.

  14. Not even King Henry won it, its gunna be even worse now because Messi and Ronaldo have made it all about goals scored! Sooo Nemo should just wake up from dreamville…lol Rosicky’s outside foot passes thou *bows down* #100%Gunner

    1. Haha. 100% agree. Unless Ozil scores 40+ goals with 20 odd assists and Arsenal win the Champions League, Premier League and F.A Cup treble. He can keep dreaming of that Ballon D’Or.



  16. Ozil i am going to say this as plain as possible you do not offer arsenal what is needed for you to win the Ballon Dor, you are all most 27 and you feel you will become more egotistical now that is a laugh.

    I would rather see Sanchez in that number 10 role, because he has more chance of getting the Ballon dor award with his commitment to the team and the ability to get the goals that push is team along to a title.

    I will say this again OZIL was not needed when he was bought and now seem to be taking up space. Give that reponsibility to people who work for it and not dictated by salary or favoritism

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