Balogun breaks silence on how Arteta reacted to his fine loan spell

Following his impressive loan spell at Reims last season, Folarin Balogun has shed light on his conversation with Mikel Arteta. He had a standout performance at the Ligue 1 club, making him one of the top scorers in any European league, which raised expectations for his inclusion in the Arsenal team this season.

However, Balogun didn’t receive many playing opportunities, not even during the preseason, and eventually opted to make a move away from the club to AS Monaco. This decision left some Arsenal fans disappointed, as they believed he deserved a chance to demonstrate his abilities and contribute to the team.

Balogun has now revealed details about his conversation with Arteta after returning from his loan spell, shedding some light on the circumstances that led to his departure from Arsenal.

He said to ESPN:

“He didn’t really say much, he just said that when I came back he just said well done, and he encouraged me to keep going.

“Then me coming back in preseason, it was just more about me seeing whether I fit into his plans and seeing if I can continue to play some games.

“He said that he would try to get me involved as best as he could, but of course, he also told me that the people higher up were making decisions on me and seeing what would be best for me. So the conversations between me and him were good, but it was more about the club, what they wanted to do.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Balogun probably should have been given chances to prove his worth in our team, but the move to Monaco is probably the best thing for everyone as he gets to play often and we made some money from his departure.


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  1. In other words politics was the reason we didn’t get to retain him. I won’t say financial reasons because we keep letting players leave for peanuts and even pay others off. Also seems like Arteta was not really interested in how well his loan went, If he really wanted him he would have said something to those higher up because we all know they listen to Arteta a lot. Harvertz, Viera, ESR, Nelson, Trossard, Raya; once again performances don’t seem to mean much to be chosen by Arteta, do they?

    1. That’s certainly my interpretation of Balogun’s version Chapo – but I wonder what MA’s version would be?

      1. Ken, In my opinion the gaffer would like the kid return on another loan spell to hone his skills.

        The gaffer is not known for showing his hands he usually keep his cards close to his chest.

      2. Just seeing this. Who knows? I think the fact that Arteta has remained silent on Balogun’s is answer enough

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t believe the story that Arteta basically said it wasn’t up to him if Balogun stays or goes. What people higher up had the authority, that Arteta would sanction and basically undermine his role as manager to sell him? We didn’t need the money, but Arteta had recently given Nketiah a huge contract and either didn’t fancy Balogun or couldn’t let him play over Nketiah as it would have shown us he was wrong. The decision to sell him will ‘come back to bite us on the bum’, as the sale by a previous manager, of Gnabry has!

    1. I too don’t believe what BALOGUN is here reported to have said about MA.
      It makes no sense and does NOT have the ring of truth.

      I think its a false report and do not think Balogun , in the position he was in at that time, would possibly have uttered such untrue tosh!

    2. GB, I’m with you. When you fall out with Arteta, particularly if your performances make his decisions on player selections look flawed, your career at Arsenal is at an end.

  3. It would have been nice to retain him but maybe Arteta wants a different profile forward such as Toney next year. Not sure of Eddie haters, much more single minded in front of goal than Jesus. Granted Jesus is more talented but finishers we need. Havertz is not that, Saka and Martinelli are our main men.

  4. As usual the truth is somewhere in between I am sure.

    If Arteta wanted Balogun he would have stayed. Arteta has support from ownership to spend over 600 million, rip up contracts, and make player decisions.

    He could have convinced ownership to not sell Balogun for 40 million if he wanted.

    Arteta and Edu don’t owe an explanation to fans or media. However, it would have been nice to understand their reasoning for selling a striker who scores goals, and keeping Nketiah who lacks consistency in goal.

    Neither Jesus or Nketiah are clinical strikers, and Nketiah lacks the versatility Arteta raves about.

    Curious decision by the club, and surely will be a topic as Balogun progresses and Nketiah does not.

  5. I suspect that in a perfect world arteta would have preferred to keep him and give him a chance, but it seemed that we needed to sell some players to offset our spending on rice, havertz and timber, and balogun was the player we could get the most money for who wasn’t already established in our side. All the best to him, I think it’s a very good move for him – who knows, maybe he’ll come back to arsenal in the future.

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