Balogun close to leaving as Arteta hints at agent problems

The speculation on whether the extremely promising young striker Folarin Balogun would be extending his Arsenal contract has been discussed all year, and once we got past the summer transfer window without a decision it seemed likely that the youngster would be moving on as a free transfer this summer.

Mikel Arteta has maintained that Balogun was keen to stay and we just needed to find an amicable agreement, and yet again today the boss is saying the same thing, but with the reminder that there are three sides involved in the discussions, and hinted that the agent could be the stumbling block.

Arteta said in today’s press conference: “You need three parties to make a deal. For sure, the club wants to make a deal, the manager wants to make a deal, the player wants to stay and I’m not sure about the agent.”

He was then pressed on whether the agent was stopping a new deal being agreed. “No, I’m not saying he’s stopping.” he continued. “I’m saying that we need to find an agreement with him.

“We are negotiating with an agent, with a player that wants to stay at the club and we need to find an agreement. I’m telling you that we are doing everything we can to keep him here and hopefully from the other part they are doing the same and they defend the same interests, which is the player’s interest, which is to stay at the football club and be successful with us.”

Although Arteta sounds exasperated with the agent, it could easily be too late, as I have just read an article on the Athetic, who are supposed to be close to the inner workings at Arsenal, that suggests that Balogun is close to an pre-agreement with a foreign club, as he is allowed to from 1st January.

So maybe Balogun’s agent has just been stringing Arteta along all this time?

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  1. Now this is where ikel Arteta shine for me…the fact that he explains to the fans what the problem is, what he is doing to try and solve it and where he wants it to end.
    The same goes for Saliba as well it now seems.

    Something that the great Arsene Wenger never did and why there are so many unanswered questions regarding his transfers in and out…at least not until he produced his autobiography.

    That’s why I really would like to hear the views from both him and MO, when that particular saga has come to an end – then the fans will now what went on and why.

  2. If (and it looks likely) balogun leaves then time will tell if we made a mistake. Many footballers have promise or potential but fail to show in the big league. Yes, he played well in the europa league against lower opposition and Aubemeyang raves about him but we have Martinelli who is the same age and has proven in the big stage against the big boys that he can cut it. I wouldn’t stress too much guys.. yes we may lose a good young striker but we still have a great young striker in Martinelli.

  3. We have a really good crop of young players that have the same or even higher potential as Bologun. I won’t lose sleep if Balogun leaves and becomes a star.. We have many more on the conveyer belt, we just have to learn our lessons regarding how we deal with players and their contracts.

  4. Again Arteta is showing great communication with fans, and explaining the reasoning behind decisions and actions. It’s quite refreshing to see this from our manager when this has not been the case in the past.

    Of course we know this is not required, but it proves Arteta was speaking truthfully when he mentioned the importance of the fans, and wanting them onboard with his leadership of the club.

    He understands how vital support is, and how damaging it is when there is a divide between the fans and the club.

    Comments like his go a long way to try and heal the divide, this just furthers my belief that he is the right hire for us as manager. When he said he understands the club and the culture, it’s acts like this that reinforce his comments when he accepted the job.

    Well done Mr. Arteta, I for one appreciate your time and effort with these explanations, even though we know it is not necessary or required to do your job.

    1. Unfortunately when player agents are involved any transfer or contract negotion may not be in the interest of the player, but the highest remuneration to the agent. There should be a fiduciary duty to act in the player’s best interest, but that may not be the case with all agents.

  5. Being honest with the fans is the best way to get their support no matter the circumstances regarding form etc… they will back you to the moon if you are open and trying your best.

    We seemed to have turned maybe a small corner in terms of picking up a few needed wins, getting rid of the players not needed & now opening up about Saliba and Bologun to which we have all wanted answers for.

    When Mesut leaves I am sure an in depth explanation will be told by Mikel and on Mesuts side also, as to what the hell went wrong the last 2 years with him.

    Newcastle next!!

    Welcome Rekik from Berlin!
    Goodbye Mesut, Papa, Kola & hopefully Mustafi. William see you for pre season.

  6. What is Edu really getting paid to do? l thought it was his job to secure players contract and transfer deals, which, were sanctioned by Arteta. It seems that when deals fail, Arteta gets the blame and if they are successful, he jumps in and claims the fame. Edu must prove his worth in this transfer window or should be sacked if he doesn’t. Arsenal must keep Bolagun at all costs, as the mistakes made with players like Gnabry, Donyell and Bennacer cannot be repeated. Bolagun has the qualities to develop into a world class striker, as he already very prolific. Both Aubameyang and Lacazette are ageing, so, Bolagun must be groomed to take their places shortly.

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