Balogun gives Arsenal a transfer dilemma with loan ultimatum

Arsenal striker Folarin Balogun has expressed his reluctance to go out on loan again, stating that he would prefer a permanent move away from the club if they decide to send him on loan once more this summer.

The 21-year-old had a successful loan spell with Ligue 1 side Reims last season, where he netted an impressive 21 goals. Prior to that, he had a stint with Middlesbrough.

Despite his loan experiences, Balogun has only made three senior appearances for Arsenal since his first team debut. He believes he has proven himself and deserves an opportunity to showcase his talents at the Emirates.

“What I can say is that I definitely won’t go on loan again,” said the USMNT international.

“I’m not sure on the discussions that are going to take place, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. But I’m just committed to now, I try to stay present.”

With the presence of Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah ahead of him in the pecking order, his chances may be limited, especially if the Gunners manage to secure the signing of Kai Havertz.

If Balogun remains at Arsenal and is pushed down to fourth-choice striker, it is likely that the club would prefer to send him out on loan again to ensure he gets regular playing time. However, the American striker has made it clear that he is not interested in another loan move and would rather leave the club permanently if that is their intention.

The future of the Hale End graduate remains uncertain, and he awaits further discussions with Arsenal. While he is committed to the present and focused on his performances, it remains to be seen whether the club will accommodate his desires or if a permanent move away from the Emirates will be on the horizon for the talented forward.

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  1. Let arsenal keep balogun and sell nketiah balogun has proved him self right to claim a number in arsenal first team

  2. I see a Star in FBalogun that needs to be given another chance this season. I mean you don’t score the goals he scored in France if he was a fluke. In my opoinion he should be kept and ENkethia sold. But I am not sure he would want to be a deputy to GJesus. Arteta can also cash in on him and Nkethia if they have a towering good CF in view.

    1. But nobody is showing interest in Nketiah, I doubt if there are many clubs willing to match his current salary, so offloading him will be a bit difficult.

  3. Fair enough, he wants to belong to a team and get a FAIR chance at proving what he can do. I think he’s made the right choice by refusing to be loaned out again.

    He seems like the most natural forward we have on the books so it’s a pity MA places Eddie and Jesus firmly above him.

  4. I didn’t watch the entire match, but he didn’t seem do hold-up play at all on the YouTube highlights

    I believe Arsenal will ask him to play in the cup competitions and be Jesus’ backup in EPL. If he wants to be a starter in EPL as Martinez did, I think Arsenal will sell him

  5. He should be ahead of Nketiah for sure and given proper chance to oust Jesus. If he fails then its on him. Lets not give chance another club to make millions on his sale in the few seasons to come.

  6. I would keep Eddie. Attitude over talent any day. And let’s not overhype Balogun’s season. Yes, he scored some goals but in a league where Lacazette scored 27 league goals. The same Laca that couldn’t hit a barn door with another barn door when he was younger and playing for us.

    Folarin has done the dreaded deed of believing his own hype. I’d keep Eddie out of the two as has demonstrated a willingness to be a team mean.

      1. He’s throwing his weight around like he’s all that. He had a good season in France, which is no measure of success. I think he should be given a chance but he can’t go demanding to start and issuing ultimatums. I get that he wants to play, but he hasn’t earned the right to displace Nketiah, much less Jesus.

        Eddie has proven he can lead the line and score in the Premier League. Were he allowed to just be a poacher, I’ve no doubt he would score a lot more goals. Unfortunately, for any player wanting to join, our striker position isn’t there to score goals, but more to act as a foil for our wingers and attacking midfielders.

        1. He has a right to look after his own career and make decisions that he thanks will benefit him. He’s at the age where he wants to know where he is wanted and that’s completely understandable.

          Why would you want to stay on the books of a club that don’t value your service enough to want you back or give you a fair chance?

          How could he earn that right without a chance? He’s done way more than what was expected of him in France, that should earn you the chance!

          1. He scored fewer goals than Lacazette. Let that sink in. Ligue 1 is no measure of success. He deserves a chance, but he has to earn it and I’m not sure it’s fair on Eddie for him to get bumped in favour of him.

  7. Not a dilemma at all. The lad had a breakout season with 20 league goals in a good league naturally he would want to stay and try to oust Jesus of the starting 11. If Arteta has plans to integrate Balogun in the squad he would have kept him regardless if not he would have sold balogun for a big fee to facilitate the purchase of another striker.

    Balogun ain’t stupid he won’t demand or expect to immediately replace Jesus. He will easily take Nketiah spot in the striker hierarchy and push jesus by playing well when coming on.

  8. I really liked his goal vs Canada. Great confidence and determination in that run. I’m just not sure his hold up play is there, but I’d be happy to see him stay and prove me wrong.
    That said, if he’s not good enough in the areas we need him to be, we’ll never have a better time to sell than now. Big call to make imo

  9. Loan Eddie and tell him you want the same performances as Balogun showed and put balogun as second choice for us this season. Problem solved.

  10. This is a no brainer, sell the American to one of two clubs with an ulterior motive, he should either goes to Juventus or Napoli.

  11. Give the guy a chance, can always sell in January window. We need a striker that can score, he can come off the bench and compete.

    Currently we have a backup striker who struggles to score or have an impact, rumored to be earning 100k a week.

    Give me a young striker wanting to play over a dud content to sit on a bench for 100k.

  12. Balogun has strength,pace, is instinctive, things Nketiah doesn’t fully possess,
    What we need are powerful CMs,a DM and AM, loan out Nketiah and Viera who can’t intimidate in the 19yard,clearly Balogun is a Jonathan David in the making, let’s try him out, we’ll need all the muscles we can get, something we have missed.
    I can understand why some players don’t like loans, because it doesn’t give a sense of belonging.

  13. I prefer Balogun to Nketia. Loan him and bring Balogun to team up with Gabby J. We need another striker but not Havez.

  14. Nketiah, when fit, did not get good minutes after Jesus was back, even when we needed rotation. Says a lot about how much Arteta trusts hum.
    I would ship both him and Nketiah if we can get a Vlahović for that price, and a perfect plan B to what we have.
    Chelsea is buying Nicolas Jackson for 35mil, so Balogun should easily get 40mil, going to 50mil. Nketiah is not on a super high salary if we sell him in EPL – he can fetch 20mil for sure. That is enough to get Vlahović

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