Balogun moving to Chelsea could enhance the reputation of Arsenal’s Academy

The transfer window is not straightforward and usually some unexpected moves happen, and we ask ourselves how that happened.

As per recent reports, such an unexpected move could be Folarin Balogun’s move from Arsenal to Chelsea.

Everything suggests the USWNT’s striker isn’t in Mikel Arteta’s plans. He ought to leave and would have left by now, but no team has been able to afford him yet; Inter Milan and Monaco have all been unable to meet Arsenal’s asking price.

Chelsea has entered the race, and considering their willingness to spend to get what they want, they could easily convince Arsenal to cash in on their promising striker.

Some may object to Balogun leaving, but it’s for the best.

Arsenal could make some good money to continue their summer spending spree; a Jurrien Timber backup could be signed while allowing their academy graduate to establish himself elsewhere. Ultimately, the financial aspect of this transfer cannot be overlooked.

The transfer can open space for others to step up and shine. With Balogun’s departure, emerging stars in the ranks will have a greater chance to prove their worth and establish themselves on the first team.

It will also give Arsenal a valid reason to go all out for a striker next year. They’ll only have to offload one of Nketiah or Jesus for a top striker like Victor Osimhen.

Balogun moving to Chelsea could show the positive reputation of Arsenal nurturing young talent. It could attract even more talent to the Arsenal academy.

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  1. Huh? It would enhance the reputation of the academy, if he’s successful, wherever he ends up. It would be quite detrimental to the reputations of the decision makers if he ended up being very successful for a rival – if there’s any chance he can become a really top tier player and we aren’t able to accommodate him at this moment in time, just make sure he doesn’t go to a rival, please

    1. It’s very shortsighted & hypocritical to stop Balo plying his trade anywhere if we can’t use him. Had ManCity applied those standards over Jesus & Zivchenko, Arsenal would have been under water last season.
      By all means take the money but don’t price him out of the market and kill his ability to earn a living.

      1. It’s a competitive business, you’ll notice city are reportedly far less willing to deal with us now that we’re seen as a threat.
        If balogun does go on to be something special, would you feel good about him doing that at Chelsea? At least if he makes his name at Milan, it will be at a distance, we wouldn’t look like complete mugs if he went to Chelsea after that, and we might even have the opportunity to sign him back ourselves.
        I’m not going to be crying about his ability to earn a living – he’s earning more than I’ll ever earn *right now*, and he’ll be absolutely fine in the long run.

        1. DAVI you not “crying for him” sums up my philosophy on all already rich players entirely . I will never pity poor budding or actual millionaires for them not becoming even richer even sooner.

          Not with all the homeless, hungry and destitute folk around the world, esp those in war torn countries. I save MY pity for those who REALLY deserve it. I am both hard hearted and soft hearted, but I chose whuich to be according theother persons situation. in question.

          Simple reality. True life perspective and proper life values for me Every time.

          1. Agree with you totally and completely. Even if he doesn’t have any contract after this one, he would have earned more than many people earn in a lifetime.

    1. Precisely… it seems Balo is being punished for the arrogance of wanting to start at Arsenal. Meanwhile Jesus is out crocked.
      Surely we can rotate him with Nketiah. No? The youngster backed himself in France, no thanks to us & did a brilliant job. We now wish to frustrate him… I think Arteta is trying to break him so he can manage him!

  2. I want to unequivocally assert that FBalogun leaving isn’t because of Arteta’s dislike for the Boy, he did so much to get the player to sign new contract with Arsenal last time.

    Arsenal need to recoup some money and FBalogun seem the best bet for the club at the moment.
    No Arsenal player has his value in market. And considering his Epl experience GJesus and Nkethia are above him in pecking order. We know what GJesus brings to the team and Nkethia can score goals if played regularly. All our CF are not towering what Arsenal need is a dynamic towering ball holding CF not in the stature of FB. And Arteta seem not to have plans for that now. Please let’s know that some players contract are renewed for club business purpose and profits all players won’t make it at first team.

  3. Yes. His move to Chelsea would likely force them to bench or loan out the powerful Broja, Jackson and Washington

  4. I don’t believe that Balogun figures in MA’s future plans and the fact that he publicly stated he was not going on loan again this season has now backfired. Agreeing to extend his contract to make sure he didn’t leave for free makes good business sense but I doubt he will go to Chelsea, France or Italy looks more likely but £50m? A tad optimistic.

    1. Thats right. PL clubs will have to pay more, and rivals most of all. Balogun is a one-season wonder and his arrogance put Arsenal in a bind.

      I suspect he will be found out at the club that buys him.

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