Arsenal get crushing blow to Reus transfer hopes

The race to sign Marco Reus is hotting up and Arsenal fans are definitely hoping that the Gunners are one of the clubs in with a decent chance of completing the transfer for the talented German international forward. Whether that is to be in the up and coming January transfer window or when his £20 million release clause becomes active in the summer remains to be seen.

But the latest development with the Borussia Dortmund star has dealt a devastating blow to the Gunners’ hopes of signing the 25-year old. Because according to a Daily Express report the news from Germany is that Reus has taken up a new hobby, learning the Spanish language.

“If you can get a player of his class [Reus], you need to try it,” Franz Beckenbauer said. “If he doesn’t go to Bayern in 2015, he will probably go to another big club like Real Madrid or Manchester United. Dortmund will probably not be able to hold on to him.”

Now while that does not absolutely mean that he is planning to move to La Liga with Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atletico, it does not look good for us. Maybe he knows that our club captain is Spanish and he wants to be able to talk freely with Arteta, Cazorla, Monreal and Bellerin. Maybe Reus is already fluent in English and simply wants to impress his new manager Arsene Wenger, with the Frenchman being famous for his language skills, but it is much more likely that I am clutching at straws and Reus is not coming to Arsenal.

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  1. It was great seeing “rambo” on the score sheet with a double! The signs look encouraging that our “rambo” is returning to his old goaling scoring self! Coyg!

    1. Some dude was on this blog some days ago listing Ramsey as one of those that should be sold. I told him Ramsey is the new Lampard, poor form is always temporal for him.

  2. for the last time, reus is not coming to arsenal neither is cavani, if it was only teams like napoli and liverpool that wanted him then we’d have a fighting chance but when the big boys (Bayern, Real Madrid, Barca, City, atletico and chelsea want him then arsenal has absolutely ZERO chance of signing

  3. Haha no he’s not taking spanish to communicate with Arteta. But I do think a lot of Germans know English already. And I don’t think he’ll join Bayern since he slated Robert and Mario for doing so. Therefore he’s learning it for when he joins Real Madrid or Barca.

  4. Reus won’t come to Arsenal if the Bigs are in the competition to get him too. Unfortunately, we are consistent with 4th and making the round of 16 when the likes of Real Madrid/Barca compete for titles season after season. And they throw cash around like nothing. So unless we offer him more than they do, you can kiss our chances of signing him goodbye.

    1. Or we could start competing for titles. There’s still some time which means there is still hope.

        1. haha yeah and i tried to pass it along to my fellow Gooners. But by the thumbs down, I can tell that it ain’t gonna work.

    2. “Unfortunately, we are consistent with 4th and making the round of 16….”

      And even worse, we (and I am talking about the FANS here) are CONTENT with 4th and making the round of 16. Maybe it is not so much a bad thing. Maybe it is just who we are or what we’ve become!

    1. well unless he wants to be injured for the rest of his career I suggest he stays way from Arsenal Hospital F.C. a place where u come with one injury and leave with two

  5. cant wait until someone else buys Reus. Honestly, i just cant stand these articles anymore. anyone with sense knows he’s not coming here.

  6. In all honesty Reus would be a luxury. He’s a brilliant winger, top 10 in the world, but I’d prefer we broke then bank for a world-class CB. Hummels should be our aspiration, or a cheeky bid for Varane. As for our anchor role, I’m a big fan of Kondogbia, but I’d settle for Schneiderlin or Carvalho.

    I think we need 2 DMs and 1 CB. I say this because once Jenkinson returns from loan, Chambers will become our 3rd CB, and I believe 4 CBs will suffice. As for DMs we’ve needed an upgrade for years. I may be greedy but 2 DMs will allow us to play big, and be more imposing in big games; especially away from the Emirates.

    I think Khedira (despite his injury record) along with Kondogbia will elevate us to Champions league contenders. As much as I love Flamini and Arteta at least one should be sold in the summer.

    CM: Ramsey, Wilshire, Khedira
    DM: Kondogbia, Arteta, Diaby?
    CB: Koscielny, (Hummels/Schar/Van Dijk), Mertesacker, Chambers
    RB: Debuchy, Jenkinson, Bellerin
    LB: Gibbs, Monreal (maybe Mings?), Bellerin (again)
    RW: Walcott, OX, Gnabry
    LW: Sanchez, Campbell, (blank)
    CAM: Ozil, (blank), (blank)
    ST: Welbeck, Giroud, Sanogo, Akpom

    I excluded Cazorla, Rosisky, and Podolski because I’m not sure what their future holds, any suggestions ?

    1. Great man! I agree with your comment almost 100%.
      We truly are lacking enough commanding midfielders (that is if we even have any atm). Your choice list of Kondogbia, Carvalho, Schneiderlin and Khedira is one that I truly agree with (and for some reason I feel like we might/should end up getting Khedira -with his high level experience and commanding style of play, even though some don’t fancy him much because of his RECENT injury record). All of them will give us something that probably only Diaby has. But Diaby’s fitness issue is really bad, I would have stricken him off that list. However, because it seems Wenger has got some love going for Diaby, I may just be satisfied with only one from that choice list of yours.

      As regards the defense, don’t worry about a 4th CB. What we need is a 3rd CB (Chambers) that can play CB, without the RB position suffering from lack of experience. I agree with your suggestion that we bring back Jenkinson as backup for/to fight with Debuchy for the RB position. This means that Chambers will eventually concentrate on fighting with Mertesacker for that second spot in central defense, all the while being a viable backup for RB and a possible successor to Mertesacker.

    2. Given our budget I would go for more affordable targets as we need have so many positions need to fill before having a title challenging team
      LCB/LB: Mings (Hummels a dream but unlikely, if you go for a backup, a versatile, young and English would fit the bill the most)
      DM: Scheiderlin – we need one who know the league so we can challenge for title as soon as possible – given our relationship with Southampton and what happened last summer, most likely we will get him.
      CF: Welbeck is not good enough to start up front for a title challengers team, Giroud an impact sub at best – If we can get one star a season, it should be in this position. Whether we can find one is another issue – If Real sign Reus maybe Benzema will be available.

      After these, with some luck with injuries we may be serious challenger again.

    3. I agree with your comment, manU spent like 140mil last summer. If arsenal could spend that on quality reinforcement then we’d be able to compete.Isay we buy the following:
      1) CB-Mats Hummels
      2)CB/DM- Javi Martinez
      3)DM- Morgan Schneiderlin
      4)LB-Fabio Coentrao

      Sell players like BFG,Flamini,Monreal.

  7. I am not so much concerned about Reus, because we have Alexis Sanchez now. I like to think that we should be concerned about our NEEDS now more than ever. Right now, what we NEED is a player with a commanding presence in central midfield. We also NEED re-enforcement in central defense. After which, we NEED a coach (Arsene or whoever it might be) that CAN MAKE the team defend and press as an organized unit.

    The number of fans on here that flip-flop on opinions on a per/game basis is enormous, it is just UNREAL.

  8. I’m not deluded but there still is a chance of us signing Reus. In the summer we were signing him until he got injured so there is a chance that he perhaps wants a move to Arsenal

  9. “dealt a devastating blow to the Gunners’ “What a pathetic article, someone who is not a football fan would think that Reus is already a Arsenal player and has just broken both his legs and is out for 3 years!!

  10. These reus articles are really boring and annoying, the lad is not coming to arsenal get over it, we have enough wide attacking options anyway, I will say though that he shouldn’t go to Madrid though imo, he’s class but I can’t see him dislodging any of Madrids front three anytime soon, especially with him being injury prone, think it would be very bad for his career in the long run

  11. seriously? 1. we need defenders. 2. where will we play him, i mean he is a wc player , but surely other things are needed. 3. he is ridiculously injury prone. 4. no and no to draxler ffs

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