BANG! Arsenal hit with major injury setback!!

Just recently the news coming out of Arsenal Football Club on the injury front has been strangely positive. Arsene Wenger seems to be listening to his medical and fitness experts and is even being ultra cautious in bringing back the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey.

And we have recently learned that Olivier Giroud is ahead of schedule, while the others are doing well and even that Abou Diaby is fine, amazingly. But of course that was all too good to be true, because a Sky Sports report has now hit us with the news that club record signing and creative spark Mesut Ozil has had his recovery date put back.

The German midfielder himself revealed that we would not be seeing him play for Arsenal again until at least the new year. And while a lot of Arsenal fans and football pundits have been on the 25-year old’s back and have labelled him a flop, I think we have really missed him since he picked up his knee injury in the Chelsea game, because he was just starting to hit form and is like the oil in the Arsenal machine.

Ozil said, “I have already been out for five weeks and will be out for another seven weeks.

“That is a really long time but that is the way it is in football sometimes. My head is held high and we look forward.”

Thank the stars we have Alexis Sanchez playing out of his skin, although I do think we need the creative talents of Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and co to step it up a bit and cover for the absence of our injured play maker. How badly do you think this latest setback will hurt Arsenal?

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  1. Thank you injury god, we deserved this.

    Ozil out, Diaby out, Koscielny out, Debuchy Out.

    New targets for this season –
    1. Top 4
    2. Champions league round of 16
    3. Surrender FA cup

        1. buahahahaha……… OMG! ……..u killed it………. And what does this mean for Welbeck?…… Another Man-Utd bench treatment?

        2. @ kickassfan…..buahahahaha……… OMG! ……..u totally killed it………. And what does this mean for Welbeck?…… Another Man-Utd bench treatment?

          1. I’d rather see welbeck on the left attacking midfield than Cazorla, then Sanchez Middle Walcott right and the beast of viroid holding it all up for them three it ahud be mad good!

          2. @Soopa, dunno. Really dunno how Wellbaked will cope, cuz frenchly speaking, Giroud comes first, then Sanogogo, then any other person.

    1. Honestly, everything about Arsenal is disturbing at the moment. Nothing good is happening at all. Things seem to be deteriorating and everyone everywhere isn’t speaking positively about us.

      So many sh*ts are being said about us and guess what——- all the sh*ts sound true. I would blame Wenger majorly for abusing the reputation of this club with his selfish and inconsiderate tendencies, but the board is to be blamed too.

      What happens if Chambers gets injured, or Gibbs or Monreal, or two or three of them or any other get’s injured?

  2. Old news pls bring us(Arsenal fans current news like…breaking news wenger has been sack and replaced by bold as temporal couch till the end of the season…that will mak us happy..

    1. Well according to the poll Admin did, so far 176 of us on this forum want Wenger to stay until at least the end of the season, where as 134 want him gone now. I’d like to see what Kickassfan, th14, quantic dream, soopa aeon etc and the rest of them AON (Arsene Out Now) have to say about that!

      1. I say it was rigged. Bsm must be involved.

        AKB’S probably just changed their Ip or reset router to vote multiple times

          1. Haha seriously, good one, did not see it coming.

            Just like I didn’t see Arsene running club into the ground 10 years ago.

            1. Come on then Einstein give me your list of how wenger has run this club to the ground in the last 10 years I bet I can give you more pro then cons of what wenger has done for our club come on I dare you to challenge me

              1. @ 61 never again……. He’ll accept ur challenge, provided u won’t make mention of the following:
                (1) Stadium debts.
                (2) Top 4.
                (3) Champions League places.
                (4) Buying pLayers and forging em into worLd class stars.
                (5) Other incidents that may have occured 10yrs ago and beyond…..
                Haha!….. I really did hit the nail on the head, didn’t i?……..confused now, aren’t u?

                1. So we haven’t won a prem for 10 years still don’t answer the stupid question why wenger has run down the club in ten years come on give me your list there won’t be one cause wether he the right man for the job or not everyone appreciate what he has done for our club and were we will be in the next 20 years COYG

          1. No I’ve been saying for a long time that this will be wenger last contract and even if he wins cl or prem he will still leave no matter what, I am excited about wen we get a new manager and move forward from wenger but it wouldn’t bother me one bit if he sees he’s contract out or if a new manager comes at the end of the season I’m just happy we as a club are financialy in a very good position and the future is bright for us gooners

      2. Ahahahahahaha! @Big-Gun, u say “according to the poll admin did.” Lol! Ma man, why are you doing this? What really happened? I seriously do think you do know that at the moment, Arsene is a mess, but u just want support him all the same cuz u feel it wud be embarrassing for u to be heard u’ve given up on him.

        @Big_gun, no time is too late to realise the truth and embrace it, so long as you are still alive and well. Forget Admin’s poll, even he isn’t willing to embrace an Arsenal without Wenger. How can such poll reflect the truth?

        1. @ kickassfan …….. Lets not forget, GUNNER-T and our Likes have been placed under moderation, while em AKBs roam free…..L()L… I had come of my posts even systematically deleted…. Its obvious, i knw whose side the Admin is on (with due respect) …. But still the truth must prevaiL

          1. Well from what I saw, Gunner T was using some seriously filthy depictions and language, and I still said to him if he isn’t careful Admin will do something about it, as I was told previously by Admin he is moderating all the time. So the kid was given a heads up, but still, being his childish self, dug himself deeper into his little hole. So all I can say is that both of you deserve to be moderated after your actions. Crying about it just proves my point.

        2. Wow that poll must have really struck a nerve in you. So according to your theory, the poll that dboy mentioned also falls into that category of ‘how much truth can it really reflect?’

          All I can say to you Kickassfan is that the voice of reason and a sound mind has spoken and won the day. Better luck next time kid.

          1. “All I can say to you Kickassfan is that the
            voice of reason and a sound mind has
            spoken and won the day. Better luck
            next time kid.”

            @Big_Gun, that got me sneezing. Jeeze!!! #Allergies

      3. So your saying anyone who is a wenger fan Is not an arsenal fan how you work that out wen most people on here only probably become arsenal fans cause of wenger success in the first place

        1. A kid becomes a football fan bec of the players who play the game, and not bec of the managers.

          18 years of managing the club, winning only 3 leauges in a 2 race competition with manure, and you call this success? hahaha

            1. The very fact that we are all devided means that AW has to go for the better of the club, But it should be done with honer grace and class after all he has served us well for most of his time in charge, he is still tring his best but unfortunately football has moved on from his ways, so guys come on we are not going to throw him out like his some kind of criminal or traitor, we are the Arsenal not spuds or Chelsky.

              1. He is supposed to do his job, a sack doesnt mean death sentace it simple means that you have to move along bec you are not good enough.

                You leave when the time is best to leave. Gurdiola was the best example. Fergi left with the Epl T.

                Wenger should have left with the fa cup, but he loves to continue to feed his ego with Arsenal. What a pest he has become.

          1. We only won 13 leauges in our lifetime in over 100 years work out the maths mate and it was a level playing field then now we have to compete with sugar daddy clubs so it’s been much harder u numpty wow u ain’t got a clue sometimes

            1. Manure had the same ammout of leauge T. compared to us when Wenger arrived. 11 Manure, 11 us. It was a 2 horse race between us and manure. The others where to weak. As soon Moro showed up. Wenger became History. Fergi did also had not the same amount of money but he could compete, ask your self why?

              1. Don’t need to ask myself why cause the answer easy highbury to emirates and having no money to compete man you really are clueless

              2. Of course united had money cause of their 60thousand + stadium only in the last 2 years have we spent more then 16m in our history u num nut

            2. Well YES and NO now we have the FFP in place so it’s even again in fact we should come on top becouse we have gone through the pain of building the next generation stadium and new lucrative sponsership unlike nearly all of the EPL clubs, my reason for AW to step aside is becouse his not upgrading his always trying to make do, we the Arsenal want to fight the war and not the battle.

          2. Who brings in these players that the fans love? Could it be – uummmm – the manager?

            Arsenal’s fan base exploded when Wenger showed us how truly beautiful the game could be.

            1. he showed us how beautiful it can be and i was entranced.

              and now i hate what he’s done the last 4+ years.

              cant live in the past forever.

  3. Every year I believe Wenger will buy the ayers needed. January is upon us and I strangely believe we will buy a decent CB and DM, Ozil will come back and set PL a light.

    Is Wenger deluded or me.

    thumbs up me
    thumbs down Wenger

  4. You know the saying fool me once?

    Well I’ve been fooled 9 or so years now. That’s some real hoodoo there. Wenger should save some fir Man U and Chelsea

    1. We are making polls about who we would preffer, and City will actualy take a move and bring on of them home. If i could decide i would go with Klopp, i like him as a manager and person.

      1. Pep Guardiola for more then one reason. Klopp his great motivator of young talent but we are aming to have big players and it takes a special kind of manager to be able to tame them.

  5. @Gunner T: welcome to moderation club, so I read.
    Count yourself lucky to have been part of the elite. Not sure how elite, probably all AOB’s have been part of it.

  6. Why are some people so scared of life without wenger. We are so sh1t at the momment and all you hear is keep him to the end of season. He should go now and give us a chance. If he managed ANY other top club he would have been sacked years ago.

  7. If you like to know whats up, check the people on fb up or on twitter who dont hide behinde multy accounts. Just Arsenal should creat such an option to backtrack people likes and disslikes to see what rlly is happening on this site.

    Fans live from Arsenal games on Arsenal tv on youtube do say everything what is needed to know. So check their openions from time to time and hear them tllk.

  8. big gun I think the poll is a bit misleading , you yourself have said give wenger till the end of season
    I want him gone but realise in January it could hurt the club, so there’s no where to vote for some of us, start another poll wenger out or wenger to stay then we will get a good idea as long as it’s not fixed

  9. Rotating pLayers, can go a Long way to curbing or preventing Long term injuries……. But our deluded manager would never buy the idea ….. Worn out players would continue playing within an interval of 4days at most and would not be rotated…. Are they machines?….. Ain’t they flesh and blood? …… Don’t they need some bit of rest to regain strenght and build up tissues?….. Nah!….Wenger thinks otherwise and his selfish decisions are bringing Arsenal Fc to ruins

    1. 100% right. Also its not as if we havent got the players either. The way he is treating poldi and campbell is out of order.

  10. I wish it were the days when u won’t need an account before u could comment on this site, I’m sure this site would have crashed. Lots. Of folks visit this site, but a good number of dem don’t comment becuz they don’t have an account or they must have forgotten their passwords.

  11. Simple question to all who think of them self as Wengerits, i mean Wenger supporters. What is for you the turning point in saying enough is enough. Or lets say do you have any limits at all. Honest answers, plz. No intending to be a troll.

    1. KS- Guuner

      I think apart from one or two they have all becom AOB, we just don’t agre on his departure date now or end of the season.

  12. when I saw the article tags and saw the names Cazorla and Alexis, I nearly had a heart attack. Losing Alexis would finish us.

  13. Does anyone remember the time when we werent really a team of big names but we were a TEAM? It was while watching that beautiful style of play that I fell in love with arsenal.
    Even through the transition to the Emirates, Arsenal still had some fight or brilliance within the team. Recently it seems like way more passes are going from side to side and players like Jack seem to complain more instead of showing grit. The Mourinho style of play has put a stop to any remaining dominance from our side. Its quite visible that Wenger hasnt kept up with the times and should leave before the play gets any worse.

  14. With Ozil out until next year Wenger MUST somehow solve this creative midfielder/winger problem. Possibilities:

    1. Use Sanchez in the attacking mf and get a winger like Reus. With Giroud/Welbeck up front.
    2. Use Sanchez as attacking mf, put Welbeck/Ox as winger and get top Striker like Cavani, alternatively use Giroud
    3. Get Reus who can play either winger or attacking mf (this is my favorite). When Ozil comes back we can put Ozil in the middle between Walcott and Reus with Sanchez up front. Also, we always have injuries so another forward/midfielder will always be valuable.
    4. Dream idea: Get both Reus and Cavani (as well as top DM and CB). Dream because it will never happen.

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