BANG! Arsenal swoop to beat Spurs to Welbeck transfer!!!

At last it looks like Arsenal fans might have something to get excited about on this final day of the summer transfer window. As long as you consider the signing of the England international striker Danny Welbeck exciting that is.

Sky Sports are reporting that the 23-year old is currently having a medical ahead of joining the Gunners, when not long ago it looked like Welbeck was set to join our north London neighbours Tottenham on a season long loan deal.

There is no word as yet about whether Arsenal will be taking him from United on loan or permanently, but with Olivier Giroud due back in action around the turn of the year, you would assume that it was a loan deal.

Welbeck may not be everyone’s cup of tea. He has not exactly been prolific at Old Trafford but I like him and what he offers the team and there have been plenty of reports linking him with us before which said that Arsene Wenger was a fan, so it is not just a transfer stab in the dark.

Happy now Gooners?

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!

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          1. @dan.m
            we would have to pay his 300k wages for this season we could get three very good players on loan for that . as much as i wanted him aswell maybe its not feesable with financial fair play.

            we should have went in for song and alderwield on loan but now we missed that boat

            1. It is feasible with FFP. We generate massive money and can pay that kind of cash.

              We just have a manager with no testicles. I like Welbeck, but he’s not what we need. We need a goalscorer even with a fit Giorud.

              Not taking Falcao might just be unforgivable.

              1. FFP UEFA rules are tight – permitted loss over 3 years only €45 million.

                Chelsea severely constraint hence why their net spend is 0 this year.

                Will have to see how Man United will fare after the mega outlay and wages – £346K for Falcao per week.

                1. FFP is going to be lowered to €30 million loss over a 3 years. Which is only about €10 million a year.

                  Arsenal can not do much creative bookkeeping like MCFC and Chelsea can do with their owners. Arsenal had a pre tax loss of £2.2 for the last 6 months. Even with new Puma deal we have some increased spending but not bottomless.

                2. Supertuur

                  We never make profit in that period unless we win the CL and are you shore about the puma deal as far as I know most of the sponsorship comes in in July August, we shall see end of October, end of financial year, but one thing is true we have around £230m in the bank.

              2. United payed 346k a week for this loan deal I m talking sense here if whe had to pY that much then I can understand why we didn’t target him. The only thing about signing welbeck is does that mean we can’t go for a world class striker next summer?

          2. Welbeck is not that bad, he just doesnt fit van dicks plans. Plus they have Falcao now. We would never get Falcao with his 350k salary,NEVER EVER. I’m actually happy to have welbeck and think he is better then YAYA and Campbell.

    1. im going berzerk wel fooooocking baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      1. Because your a muppet? Why in the world would you believe Falcao was honestly going to join Arsenal? Did you think Arsenal were going to suddenly change their wage structure and pay $350k a week for a striker on loan? Wenger screwed up, but this Falcao aspiration makes you as deluded as Wenger.

      2. Complete joke. lack of ambition. Utd get the player we all wanted, and we’re left to pick up scraps and sign a player they don’t want anymore. Just hope this rumour about us bidding for Reus is true. Otherwise it’ll be another season where I slowly and painfully develop an ulcer watching us scrape out 4th place again.

      1. True, no more than a 5% chance, with or without Falcao. We would need a complete new back 5 for starters to have comparable quality to what Chelsea have. Only Kos would have a modest chance of getting in their line-up. 2 CDM also required to equal/better Matic. New LW to better Hazard. New striker to better DC. But that was always the task ahead, not sure why everyone thought otherwise.

        1. @jonestown1
          They thought Falcao was going to be poppin in goals supplied from a midfield too lazy to track back and defend…
          f**kn laughable…

    2. Welbeck …!! Please kill me now,a player not deemed good enough for the poorest Utd team in twenty years.
      That idiot Wenger has yet again made us a laughing stock.
      This is going to be a LONG season.

    3. RSH I remember when our strike force was Henry,Bergkamp and Van Persie. Now its Giroud, Sanogo and Welbeck!

  1. If United are willing to sell someone to us that should be a warning sign. Remember Silvestre?

    They probably wouldnt have sent us Chicharito even if we had tried

  2. If it happens. Lads we need to get behind Danny Welbeck. Young English lad who runs his bollox off. Could work well with ox n theo and the main ballers behind him. I hope he arrives with a p*ssed off point to prove attitude and I know we’ll make him feel one of us. That’s all we ask.

    1. Absolutely, he can hit the net which is more than Sanogo. Would fergie have sold him to us? No way, just cos he don’t fit van gits plans he’s out. He’s more than we have at the moment. Hope it goes through!

      1. agree i just said on the last article i didnt think this was a bad idea
        and im sure he would have netted the 2 great set ups at leicester that sanogoals missed
        feck maybe even i would have ,,,

    2. am i happy welbeck is coming?
      no but its better than nothing.

      welbeck is a very good lad we grew up on the same street and have played with him a couple of times and regularly with his older brother chris. i believe wenger can turn him into a great striker.

      what he brings to the team? he has excellent link up play, great energy/ speed , and is a good passer for a striker.he can dribble well and has good ball control. the only thing you can say is he isnt a proven goalscorer, but having watched his development his finishing is very good in my opinion

    3. In fairness, is Welbeck Cavanni? No chance. Is he world class? No chance. Could he score more goals at Arsenal? Likely. Arsenal’s midfield is as overstocked as Man United striker position. The real comedy is we’ve loaded up on our midfield and have not addressed our greatest need and United have done the same in not addressing their midfield.

      Welbeck could create more chances with Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Sanchez, Wilshere feeding him the ball. Outside of Mata and Di Maria, UNITEDS midfield has as many holes as Arsenals striking options….and that back three!!!! Lol when Rojo and Blind are ‘big signings’….

    4. you can get behind those when they are on a sprinting track but on the football pitch pray for them not a brake their legs in some dribbling attempt… hahahahahahahahhhhaahhahaahahahh arsenal laghting stock, joke, giroud, sanogo, welbeck what a striking partnership hahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha………… welbeck 6m loan, falcao 12m………. what a deal!!!! please mesut hand transfer request and save your career!!! robin van persie smartest man alive, so was henry, nasri, sagna, clichy, fabregas not to forget him… dont dare to boo him at emirates, man is smart… ramsey what are you waiting for? and now thumb me for a day,mount, year, decade… i dont care, i am out of these pathethic children!!!!!!!!!! fu+k offffffffffffff!!!!!!

    1. Dunno but we will find out. Thought we wanted options – not the options most wanted but small mercies and all that malarkey.

      1. the german transfer window shut at 5pm today unfortunetly would have loved to see rues…huntelaar or sokratis but that aint going to happen

        welbeck looks done

        dm??schnederlin would be excellent he looks quality and is working towards his peak he would be the most important sigining this window.

        cb g.paletta (parma) £9m
        whilst wenger is in italy he should be going to parma to try and get this player.
        the only players that are better than him in seria a as a centre back is chiellini,bonucci,benatia

        what he brings?
        he is a very underatted player he is super strong,mobile,and is one of the best at marking, his tackling ability is borderline world class.

    1. leo come on man,

      psg and france cdm blaise matuidi is going nowhere.

      kondogbia just signed for monaco last year an hes happy there

      schneiderlin doesnt want arsenal

      stop man, enough

    1. I think after the Charity match Wenger will go out smoking somewhere in the mountains for the rest of the day.

      1. As far as I know not if we put the paper work before 6pm it allows teams another day if It’s registered with FIFA

  3. Im would actually be fairly happy if this went through as long as we also got a cdm! To me a cdm is more important that anything else, flamini and especially arteta are not good enough at all! Welbeck works really hard and can occasionally finish unlike sanogo, with ozil sanchez and ox behind him there is potential there

    1. So it’d sing galvan give their worse striker to us and u won’t kind fuk arsene has gucked our fans kinds up

      1. Because i didn’t think we would be getting anyone whatsoever, it’s just nice to know that wenger is actually still ‘active’

  4. Welbeck is not even a proper striker, just another wing who can sometimes play striker. dont we have plenty of those already? rather we sign no one!!!

  5. F#ing excited
    F# ing excited
    We buy a VERY average player from a team that finished 7 th and he wasn’t a regular and you want us to get excited ??????


    I can’t wait to hear what the club says about this one , remember wenger stated we will buy if it’s better than what we have, I bet Cambpell and Giroud are crapping themselves

    Did you know that welbeck contacted us according to talk sport ????
    Why did Madrid / Chelsea/ man city / Liverpool not sign him
    And we turned down Balotelli and Remy ????? FFS

    1. Mate it us panicking not Wenger – that is the unfortunate truth. You want club panic cast your eyes to OT.

    1. only other club he is linked with is spuds. No way we would let spuds use our medical facility to sign a player, especially when their stadium is minutes away. Its probably for us…

        1. I think were just going through the denial stage now man :/ Wenger went to Rome because this deal was already in place.

        2. Yeah, Bayern – fair play but a Spuds medical at our place – that would be the crowning glory to this transfer window. But judging by the reaction to DW many will have their fingers crossed it is true.

    2. moment u realise we are pinning our season on danny welbeck agreeing to join us.

      sniffing glue is now a viable option

  6. What is it with Wenger and his new love of english players.Some one needs to tell him that there was a reason they didnt get out of their group at the WC.Sterling and Sturridge are the only gud English players and they are both at liverpool

  7. Welbeck? Seriously? Fellow Gooners we have become so striker starved that we are happy with this Man U reject? FFS! Even Bony would of been a better prospect than this. Pathetic. What about the CB we need and a CDM? Nothing? Nope.

    I can see us getting 6th this year, all over teams around us are looking strong whilst although we have good players the Prof just plays them out of position or In Campbell’s case not at all! Why is he playing Sanagogo? He is crap and won’t be ready for years if at all.

    It’s baffling. I am a season ticket holder and regularly get hassle from the missus about the cost etc . Am beginning to think perhaps she has a point as I don’t really see us any further forward than last year.

    Oh to be a Arsenal fan eh!

  8. Aguero dzeko negrado jovetic
    Ballotelli sturridge sterling
    Costa drogba remy
    Rooney van persie falcao

    F#cking sanogo welbeck giroud

    How can you win a league with that?

  9. that is the final straw how can we allow a genuine WORLD CLASS STRIKER like falcao to go united not bid for cavani benzema or martinez and then go for a man u REJECT who also DOESNT SCORE !!! how can any arsenal fan or wenger himself be happy with this ??? the lack of ambition is frightening and frankly im disgusted ! iv always shown faith in wenger but this is it for me … WENGER OUT

  10. I knew when the Welbeck story first broke out, about a week ago, that that’s what we’re likely to settle with. It smelled of Arsenal all over. Cheap, not spectacular, within the first 100 in the world in his position, unwanted by club, won’t make pulse racing, won’t see massive shirt sales, but … just okay.

  11. CHRRIIIIIIISTTTTTTT !!! Danny F’ing Welbeck !!
    What a complete disgrace ! We truly are a bloody joke of the football world in transfers !!!!!
    Why are u doing this to us Wenger ?? WHHHHHHYYYYYYY ???????

    1. @IrishGooner85,

      Do ye remember writing this yesterday about others commenting on our transfers?

      “Do ye F’ing support Arsenal or not ???… Wenger out bridgade out in force today ! Funny how ye all shrivelled away into ur bedrooms when we won 2 trophies in 2 months !
      Why don’t ye all just F off and support the cheating money clubs !! Cause ye obviously don’t support Arsenal ! Ye are just trolls who want to spread negativity through out our beautiful club ! Just hold yer judgement till 11pm tomorrow night and PLEASE STOP all this megativaty throughout our club !!!”

      Have ye changed ye mind since yesterday or are ye just a naturally two-faced dick writing what fancies ye at the moment?

      Care to explain yeself?

  12. @ cardo87 well said. Welbeck, Giroud, Alexis, Rosicky, Ox, Ozil, Theo, the back four, who did I forget? maybe one more signing coming on. Hate to burst anyones bubble but this sounds like a very potent team. No champ league team likes playing us.

    1. That’s not what Galatasaray supporters are saying they are over the moon with their CL group specially with Arsenal being the seeded team they all wanted.

  13. Wellbeck is a home grown player and with Miyaichi’s departure we would have another 2 spaces…the best and only reason to sign him IMHO.

  14. I guess Welbeck is better than Sanogo. At least he is an England international player

    Would have preferred Cavani, Reus, Huntelaar, Bony though

    1. exactly. Giroud is average enough. Now we have two more average players to add to our average strike force. Oh please make me look like an idiot Welbeck and score on your debut or something. I beg you…

      1. You know it is guaranteed and written in the stars don’t you RSH? Welbeck 90+4min winner against Man City. What are we gonna say then, LOL?

  15. We couldn’t get chicharito who is far better dan this flop called welbeck, sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with the arsenal board. Just a few seasons ago man utd got our best player rvp but instead we buy crap players from them. Same with silvestre

  16. Front three when Walcott returns?

    Sanchez(left) Welbeck(CF) Walcott(Right)

    Bearing in mind Sanchez can play striker, so we now have Sanchez, Giroud and Welbeck as strikers, not too bad! Oh my god imagine if Wenger signed a top class CDM in the next four hours?

  17. BANG WELLBECK is your headline? Please tell me your joking? I might just go “BANG” my head into a wall if this signing excites anyone with a brain.

  18. Underwhelming signing if true but I would feel relieved… but that’s only because this means we have a striker position covered with enough money to splash on defending positions. Right Arsenal? RIGHT ARSENAL???

  19. I don’t mind Wellbeck he works hard is quick and has a good attitude and can finish he’s better then what we have without Giroud up top.
    We need 2 more in center half and schneidelin would be good.

  20. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with arsenal board A few seasons ago man utd got our best player rvp but instead we buy crap players from them like welbeck and silvestre

  21. Still Diaby will be back soon…..he is like a new player!

    Oh hang on, reports in he has just put his back out whilst putting on his boots, out for the rest of the season.

    Why the heck is he even still at Arsenal? Get rid!!!!

  22. Welbeck’s agent via talkSPORT – “Danny doesn’t want to go on loan. He wants a straight transfer and he has every right to say that.”

    I wanted bony huntelaar has a 10m buyout clause come on

  23. This is a championship winning striking squad: Higuain, Giroud AND Welbeck
    This is not a championship winning striking squad: Giroud, Welbeck AND Sanogo

    Honestly, I don’t mind Welbeck at all, but we still need competition for Giroud. Welbeck won’t score many goals, but he would certainly work hard for the team. Strangely, I’m a bit excited to see Sanchez and Welbeck on the pitch together! They’ll certainly give most EPL defenders a very tough time 😉


    1. agree twig we look like we need a boost of energy instead of sachez working his arse off on his own
      when walcott comes back gives more of a threat

      1. Yea count me in, if the deal is done Welbeck is our man and just may be he might do well under the professor it might take a few seasons but Arsen will be patient.

    1. AW in Rome playing footsie in the Vatican and is probably going to lock himself in there when we sign no one!

      Just sign a quality CDM and I will feel a bit better, Schnederlin would do as a last minute surprise!

  24. Ok ! Iv calmed down now ! And after some rational thought and reading few comments here maybe Welbeck could do ok playing central role ! He is fast and tricky but i mean come on we could of got Falcao for same price sure wages are a hell of a lot more by would of made us serious contenders ! Anyway ! Shoulda woulda coulda !!
    All I can think to make sense of this is that Wenger has a bigger player on the cards and is waiting till last hour to announce it and is usin the Welbeck deal as a smoke screen to cover up a bigger transfer on the cards !

  25. I would like to meet 1 yes 1 Arsenal fan who is behind Wenger he’s a blatant liar, and I predict this is the end for him, we may win a few games this year but we are an embarrassment , how can a manager turn down Balotelli Remy Vela and then agree to Welbeck I’m lost for words , wil will suffer this year, I don’t blame welbeck he’s a genuine lad who works hard but he’s not a CF who will bang in 25 there are teams who are better then us and I hate to say it but
    Even Man U at the end of this window will be better
    Then Everton Lukaka
    Swansea Bomy
    I’m devastated this is the worst ever time as a gunner at least I forgave him when we built the ground but now we have No excuse I will not be spending £250 to travel to see them this season

    1. Mate, we need to keep this sane and grounded – Balotelli, Vela and Remy have never knocked in 25 either.

  26. I am quite satisfied with the welbeck signing, and he will be great for arsenal, he is not a Falcao/Reus/Cavani, but i have no doubt he will become and arsenal star, he is ahead of Sanago in terms of development, has more pace and works real hard.

    All needed now is DM and CB

  27. Happy??..We have been conned again. Imagine Welback leading our star studded MF players. He is not even a rat’s worth. United not in UCL get Falcao and Arsenal get their reject to make do. Fu@king joke. And where is the CB and CDM you Pope’s co@k sucker??????

    1. Little Mr Angry off again. The classic prototypical Invincibles bandwagon plastic man. Have a feel between your legs see if anything is hanging there?

  28. MAN UTD GET FALCO , ARSENAL GET MAN UTD CAST OFF WELBECK. Thas to tell Arsenal FAN’S that Wenger and Co (the Arsenal Board ) have no AMBITION at all happy with 4th place year after year. I really believe that Arsenal didn’t even try for FALCO
    Welbeck is NO top class player he is average at best so I for one will not be jumping for joy. Please correct me if I am wrong
    but after Arsenal won the FA CUP Wenger and Co promised the Fan’s this was just the start and they would get Top Class players in. They lied through their teeth. I am sick in the stomach I feel really let down it’s not as if Arsenal have no money to spend they have.
    The FAN’s should protest at every home and away match until we get rid of Wenger and this shit Board. WENGER OUT OUT.

  29. To be honest,if Welbeck had the chances Sanogo had yesterday he would have scored. Not happy with this signing but he’s much better than Sanogo

  30. im guna turn off ssn i think altough im ok with welbeck everytime they mention falcao to united i feel like dragging my neighbours into the street and beating them repeatedly

    1. LvG buys Falcao and he is in the process of re-building (ie re-buying) an empire in a masterly fashion – you can guess the media take if Wenger had bought him – “Le Prof’s big risk last-minute panic buy”.

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