BANG goes Arsenal’s season if Giroud is out for 3 months!!

Some things never seem to change for Arsenal. The Gunners were already struggling a little with a mounting injury list after Kieran Gibbs and Mikel Arteta joined the likes of Theo Walcott and Serge Gnabry in the treatment room. And those two injuries were picked up in the first two competitive games of the season.

Surely that was it for a while and it actually looked like we had got some good luck for a change because neither player was going to be out of action for long. Then, BANG, in the very next game, right at the end an innocuous looking incident seems to have left Arsenal without the services of our main, some might say only, centre forward Olivier Giroud.

And according to a report in The Telegraph, the French striker’s ankle problem could mean Arsenal having to do without Giroud for three months. THREE MONTHS for a broken ankle, can you believe it? He has still to have a second scan to see if it really is as serious as first feared but knowing our luck, it will be. The only good side to this is that it happened before the transfer window closes.

I know that some Arsenal fans will see this injury as good news, especially if it forces Arsene Wenger to sign another striker, but I think it will spell the end of our title hopes. Giroud is pivotal to the Gunners system and it was clearly evident at Everton on Saturday how much we can struggle without him. He may not be the best finisher but he is the focal point of our attack and without him we have no physical presence. His link up play is hugely underestimated in my opinion.

The report is talking about someone like Loic Remy or Danny Welbeck being brought in to replace him, but I very much doubt whether they can. What do you think, Gooners?

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  1. Huge blow! Now Wenger has to realize we need a striker! And I’m not talking about Kalou or Welbeck! We need someone like Jovetic!

    1. Yes because Jovetic was impressive in any game he played for City including the one yesterday. I am sure that whatever you say now about Welbeck you did for Sturridge, a poor player with Chelsea. You wouldn’t believe your eyes seeing him as he play at Liverpool these days. Sometimes players need a big change, some fresh air. Probably that’s what Welbeck needs. In any case, it will be Wenger making this call. If he needs Welbeck then he will get it (doubt Utd will sell to us though).

    2. Hey,Don’t exaggerate.You say as if Giroud has won us the EPL Title.Sanchez is there and we have Yaya and Campbell.While the last two duo are not brilliant and neiher is Giroud and duo can do the job !

    3. Welbeck or Bony would do well in our system. Everyone loves the idea o Cavani/Falcao but it’s obvious we still don’t compete for those guys…

      If you’re gonna disregard players at least have some idea of their ability and worth.

    4. Too right….we need every player that scored in their last game, Jovetic is gonna get 35+ goals this year. Yeah, right. I come on here and am always staggered by the knee-jerk brigade, absolutely unbelievable. I know they say you are only as good as your last game but this is taking the p**s.

  2. Not looking good as far as buying a striker is concerned, Wenger’s putting faith in what we already have.

    Press conference quotes:
    ”I believe we have enough players who can play striker, I don’t know Cerci”

    “Whoever plays up front knows their role. It’s up to the players around the striker to chip in with goals.”

    ”Beckham and Zidane played on the flanks and they turned out to be world-class players. Alex can be the same.”

    1. The 2nd statement reminds of when wenger was asked about CAZORLA, “I don’t know him” in like 5days later SANTI is a gunner. So who knows??

  3. Jumping the gun, eh? What if at the end of these 3 months we are still within reach of the first position? The only thing pi$$ing me off was the fact that Giroud began banging important and nice goals, now all goes down the drain.

    1. Yeah that means nothing! We spent more of last season at the top of the league and then bang! Just about finished forth, are squad isnt strong enough to win the league…..people seem to forget your starting 11 doesnt win you the league, our squad is still thin compared to others e.g city and chelsea….city have aguero, jovetic, dzeko and negrado up top! We have errrr sanogood! And an injury giroud who if he is out for 3months we then have to wait for him to get his fittest back and even then hes not exactly world class

  4. Has it actually been confirmed he’s out for that long? Or are we still waiting for scan results?

    1. No one confirmed this yet (2PM BST). Scan results probably will be sent when the day closes and we will find out this afternoon or tomorrow the latest.

  5. Here’s an idea – Wenger should go in for Torres. He’s clearly surplus to requirements at the Bridge and would be a fantastic addition to our squad!

    Plus 3 months of solid game time for him would surely get him back on track, AND he’s not cup-tied for Champions League…

  6. Albeit bad, there is no doom and gloom because of OG absence. Have some faith…just a little…in the remaining players.

  7. Sunday – Podolski off to Wolfsburg
    Monday – Giroud out for 3 months
    Tuesday – Wenger – “Podolski is staying at Arsenal”

    Typical Arsene!!!

    1. Did Wenger actually confirm that Podolski was going?.
      I believe Wenger is looking to get Reus, and, only if, we got him, Lukas would be released.
      Now Giroud is out, for however long, then the Reus deal is probably not going to happen, as Wenger will be looking to bring in a Striker, on loan probably.
      May now go 422 with Alexis and Campbell up top.

  8. We needed a striker before giroud went down. now we are pretty much done if we don’t buy one. And I mean a world class one. gonna ance to pay over the odds but sometimes it has to be done. Look at United and di Maria

  9. Podolski, Sanogo & Diaby all in Arsenal training this morning
    Wenger : “Giroud won’t play tomorrow. Broken bone ? I don’t know yet. We will tell you later.”
    Wenger confirms Podolski is in the squad for Beşiktaş game & says “he will stay with us”

    yes hope so but still need 2 add a striker cb & cdm
    as 4 kostalas stupid move to join roma hope we face them in cl

    1. wenger has yet again flopped in the window, why not go early for players?

      we have upgraded not built our squad,
      im so disappointed.

      an u can all shutup about, theres 6 days left- remember last window- kim kallstrom

      shouldnt be loaning no average players.
      we have money now.

      im getting tired of this, sanchez is gonna have alotta pressure on him prematurely

      1. 100% agreed we are 3 players short of a complete squad & it will prove in the title race veery club has depth I know we can compete with psg/city/chelski but we could have made clever signing mandzukic joined atheltico for 17m or even balotelli for 16m

        bottomline wenger is outdated he no longer knows what is needed this is where others have overtaken him

        1. I will be here to remind you what you just said when we will celebrate yet another trophy. Watch this space.

        2. What are you whining about? I may be wrong but i can never believe you know more in football than AW. He may get it wrong at times but he is not outdated and ignorant. Please show the man some respect.

        3. Agreed! Wenger has lost it….we have basically the same amount of players as last year except half of them are injured already! So much for bolstering the squad…..same old shit with wenger…naive and ignorant….. And budd wake up and smell the coffee! We are miles away from winning the champions league and miles away from city or chelsea to beat them to the prem! Oh and thats if we even qualify for the CL

          1. “half of them are injured already!”
            You are being a bit like a drama queen with that statement.

            3 new injured players makes half a squad?

          2. So you want Wenger to buy 100 players to compensate for injuries? I think all teams are targeting us thinking that we are soft hence those injuries…Surely we can do with a little help from referees.

        4. I am just tired of this old outdated coach. If doesn’t want to build a winning team he should leave the club, Arsenal will be fine.

    2. Waiting on a specialists report for Olivier.
      How come we have not been told the extent of the injury, at least, YES ITS BROKEN, OR NOT.
      Needs a specialist to give some idea of the recovery period, and if surgery is required, but, surely, the scans show the seriousness of the injury.
      Nightmare scenario.
      At least I will not have to read all the Giroud s… posted on here every day.
      As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for “.

      1. Patience young one. Hair line fractures can often not show up immediately because ankle injuries lead to swelling which can hide small fractures.

        1. yeah, that.
          I had one six months ago (playing football haha, but I am no pro).
          And they had to scan 3 times.

        2. I broke my ankle. They took me in, X rayed, sent me to see the specialist, who confirmed the break, showed me it on the X ray, sent me to the plaster room, got it plastered, back to the x ray again, back to the doc again, to check the plaster was on correct and the break in optimum repair place. Sent home.
          Took 3 hours, all done. See you again 2 weeks.
          WHY, does it take 3 DAYS for them to identify the problem with footballers. Yes it swells, but,surely, if they could see mine, why noy OGs.
          An explanation might help me/us to understand the problem, and, it is mega important, because IF Giroud is out until the New Year, Wenger needs to know ASAP so he can make some decisions.

          1. Hard to believe that all ankle injuries are not the same isn’t it? If only Giroud had your ankle and your injury we would have already had the prognosis after 3 hrs! Perhaps you can donate it to him……

  10. If we are honest this would be good news if Wenger buys a good striker. If he does not then we will all know that Wenger is an imposter as a manager and is really Mr Bean. Welbeck, Bony, Cavani, Lacazette, are all great strikers who could do a job. As importantly we should buy the great William Carvalho, the nearest thing to Paul Pogpa outside of Paul Pogpa himself. The guy is dynamite. Why haven’t we bought him already. Is Wenger waiting for 10% discount?. All in all we were proud of Wenger doing all those early signings. Now everybody is realising Wenger is a prize wally who is the worlds greatest ditherer and is letting the teams title chances slip away.

    1. OMG, our main striker (like him or not, 22 goals or not, lamp or not) is out for a crucial game for our UCL campaign.
      Those are NOT good news!!!!! never!!! ever!!!!

    2. Mate, absolutely guarantee you haven’t watched a full single match in which the “great William Carvalho” has played. And the fact you think he is the “nearest thing” to Pogba confirms this. If being black and over 6 foot is the criteria then you are spot on. If it is style of play then you are miles out.

  11. ox : “Whoever plays up front knows their role. It’s up to the players around the striker to chip in with goals.”

    guess we may not see a new striker

  12. I think this shows that as much as a lot of Arsenal fans slate him (including myself at times), as soon as we hear that he may miss three months, we realise how important he is to the team structure of the team… And how much he will be missed!

    1. exactly, and still you get thumbed down,
      I am thinking that some so called gooners would like us to drop to the chamiponship división just to make a statement vs Giroud, Wenger etc…..

      1. Yes, exactly. Football fans (in general) are so fickle. Hell, I’d even through my own name in that pot from time to time! Nothing is ever good enough…

        I’m pretty confident we’ll make a big signing before the window closes, we just have to qualify for UCL tonight. People need to just take a deep breath and relax a bit.

    2. He may be average but the alternative sanogo is so far below average that losing him would be disastrous. We just want an above average striker at the club again. For a club that had wright, bergkanp, Henry van persie and Anelka that doesn’t seem too much too ask for.

    1. I’d rather a class, properly aged striker like Miroslav Klose if that’s the route we’re going

  13. One striker, one DM and I’m happy. At least an attacking player will negate the need to get Giroud on the pitch too early.

  14. We can never ever win the title, why? Because our players are made of glass, they are not strong enough or fit enough to ever last the course, this time last season, we already had the likes of Zelalem and Akpom on the bench because our squad was so ravaged by injuries. Something is not right at the club. So far, we’ve played three competitive games not including community shield and we already have Arteta, Sanogo, Diaby, Gibbs, Gnabry and now Giroud injured!! What is going on? This is just ludicrous. We can never win the title due to this, our players just simply are weak and injury prone, also, something is not right with the medical team and training methods.

    1. @Matt: you are so right! Could I also add that the scouts who spy out these players are to blame with the manager who then buys them! Wenger has a lot to answer for if he doesn’t challenge for the EPL title this season.

    2. Mate, Giroud has been bullet proof injury wise to date – not his fault if someone wildly swipes their studs over his foot. Arteta also taken out with a nasty tackle. Can’t legislate against that – Shad Forsythe or no Shad Forsythe. Take the point on Gibbs and Sanogo though. And Diaby is in his own category but that is a different very sad story.

  15. In last 5 yrs, Arsenal have spent £150m on attacking-midfielders & wide men compared to just £13m on centre-forwards

    giroud is imp 2 the squad but more as back up stirker not main still there is time for wenger to go out & spend some money

    1. Real Madrid must have spent over £500M on attacking midfielders/wide men in the last 5 years – with Benzema their only real centre forward for the past 5 years. Don’t think they are hung about labelling “strikers” in the way some on here do – because Ronaldo and Bale are so clearly not strikers. For Ronaldo and Bale read Sanchez and Walcott – our own admittedly slightly down-market equivalent.

  16. If Wenger does bring in a striker, it won’t be a world class one, it will be a cheap, average and experienced one either on loan or for a fee of 10million max.

  17. i think his injury if out for 3 months could be the silver lining in arsenal signings if wenger is forced to make one..

  18. Alessio Cerci’s agent arrived in London last night. He is thought to be hopeful of generating interest from the Gunners

      1. Cerci plays SS, AMF or SS, exactly what we need… NOT

        Bring Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon to cover Giroud and possibly bench him!

        Not to forget CB/CDM or both!

          1. But don’t we need 11 wingers? 🙁 We have 7 already. We’re still little bit short 🙁

            1 – Sanchez
            2 – Miyaichi
            3 – Podolski
            4 – Ox
            5 – Gnabry
            6 – Walcott
            7 – Campbell

            We still need 4 more wingers to challenge 🙁
            Cerci will be a good start 😀

            1. Stretching it bit there Twig but I get the gist. And where is Santi – though you would throw him in there for good measure. AS, LP or JC are not wingers – never in a million years – every other one has and can play more centrally. None of them hugs the touchline and holds that position – none of them get to the goal line consistently and cross. Wingers are pretty much dead in modern football. Who are Chelsea and Man Citys wingers? Seems that any player who doesn’t play centrally now is labelled a winger simply because he operates nearer the touchline.

    1. Who knows may be injuries to Arteta and Giroud just before the window closes is some form of divine intervention from up above, hinting to procrastinating Wenger to at least strengthen this two positions!

      1. Who knows eh? Surely if you follow the logic on here and accept just how crap they both are then we should immediately being fielding a stronger team now and we no longer have to put up with them dragging us down, no?

  19. had it been arsene is liverpool manager,he wouldn’t have bought balloteli instead he will say STURIDGE IS GOOD AS WELL AS LAMBERT CAN DO THE JOB,STERLING CAN SCORE AND WE HAVE GOOD ATTACKING MID so there is no need for another striker.

      1. Podolski played striker many times for Germany
        Sanchez played striker in last game
        Walcott has played striker and WANTS to be a striker.

  20. I really don’t think Wenger’s objective is to challenge for the title. I think he is just trying to achieve another top 4 finish.

    Without bias, our squad is the weakest amongst last year’s top 4 teams. If Wenger really wanted to win he would have fixed our problems a long time ago instead of patching them up. As it stands right now, we will not challenge Chelsea and Man city to the title. And I am sure liverpool will finish above us.

    We will probably be fighting for a fourth place finish with Everton and Spurs.

    1. yep sounds about right.

      of course u will get thumbed down, cos ppl here are so biased even when slapped with cold hard facts

      1. The only “cold hard facts” available suggest Chelsea and Man City have deeper squads and are rightfully favourites and if we had spent as much as them for the past 5 years we would be up there too – but we haven’t and we aren’t.

        Being so sure about Liverpool finishing above us though is a leap of faith too far IMO at the moment – not too mention a bit chickens**t.

    2. Or maybe Wenger just puts too much faith on players like OX, Diaby Arteta, Giroud and Wilshere. Make it worse, he fields them simultaneously (Diaby, as if).

      It did pay off with Ramsey but this experimenting is costing us challenging for the brightest silverware. I understand OX and Wilshere, they are in their early 20’s but Giroud, Diaby and Arteta are already over or close to their 30’s.

      Diaby is 28, if we release him and he ends up bossing it somewhere else, what’s there to regret? If Diaby manages to stay fit in some other club he’ll still be 30 when it happens. He’s taking up one squad place for a non-homegrown player.

      Giroud and Arteta are in the starting XI God knows why. When you put Wilshere and OX who are still looking to improve the result is far from great. Our youngsters would benefit from these “playing to accommodate” situations if the would play with ie. Cavani and Khedira – not 33-year old never-been-CDM Arteta or impact sub at best Giroud.

    3. Totally agree, wenger isnt ruthless enough (or just to blind to see it) to say your not good enough and im buying someone who is…..all this “money” we have and he still dont want to spend it all, to come close to challenge on all fronts we need. CB, DM, ST and not a shti ones! World class ones

  21. unless we can bring a top striker like a cavani i rather not bring in a striker instead invest in the defensive side of things bring in a quality enforcer and another defender . i believe campball is best suited to that cf slot give him a chance . we also have walcott to get us goals from wide alexis sonnogo ox we have many players that can fill the void it is the defensive side were we have major problems especially in those big games

  22. Get Remy NOW! He is a very realistic and safe option! He has premier league experience and he is affordable. Yes, I would love to see Cavani or Falcao for 50 mill pound but these huge money deals take a long time to negotiate. Besides, you never know how the strikers from other leagues will make it during their first year in the premier league. I belive Remy can do the job these three mounths.

  23. Kalou or Welbeck is the answer. We need experienced PL players.
    Cavani, Falcao, Reus, Martinez etc don’t have vital PL experience. And cost two much

  24. Even before last season we knew we needed a DM and a world class striker. We are being given gifts from the gods in the shape of injuries to Arteta and Giroud. Both are Wenger’s faves to play in games and now he has a chance to go buy quality with all that money that is burning an unnecessary hole in his pocket. No excuses. Do it!! It’s 26th of August today, for Christ’s sake!!

  25. Someone has thrown a injury curse at Arsenal, we already needed a striker. Really hope wenger gets one or else don’t even think we have a chance at the title

  26. Ain’t it ironic that the early injuries are in positions we needed to strengthen even in JANUARYs transfer window. Praying we make it through tomorrow night. COYG

  27. Could this be a blessing in disguise? Now go get us Cavani and whilst you are it boss, get also William Carvalho and a TV5 replacement. Yes we are that short!!!

  28. I dont agree with anything as a blessing in disguise when a player (and an important one like it or not, as our team sheet IS) gets injured.
    Especially not before a crucial UCL qualifer vs Besiktas.

    That being said, it is time to get a striker, not for the Besiktas game, it is imposible to get someone new to work properly there. But for the remaining of the season. 3 months out means he will start training in 3 months. half season out.

    Cavani, Falcao.

  29. Uhmm buying a world class st now is like pouring water colde tham the als challenge to giroud, esp after his strong last game..
    But mann.. I want cavani:/

  30. It sounds like the same injury i had in my senior year of senior year of highschool. I was out from june 17-august. So if its the same injury then ya 3 months sounds right, and i didn’t even break it but it was a crack.

    We def need cover now and he needs to be top class b/c no one on our team can score 16 goals in the BPL and 20+ goals over all.

  31. b4 Sat’s game, ppl were calling for playing Alexis as a ST, after the game, no one is talking about that. but AS can still be our main ST, if AW sign a tall, physical CDM.

    I think OG12 is extremely important to AW’s system, bcoz he can be and is the focal point. He balances the team. without OG, signing a physical CDM who can be the new focal point and engine of the team is a MUST. once the CDM balance the team, both Poldi/AS can be lone ST.

    OG’s injury is not game over. but we MUST MUST MUST sign a powerful CDM.

    Also, Ozil shall not play as a LW, bcoz he doesn’t depend. but as a CAM, he can drift wide and give winger like Ox/sanit space to cut in.

  32. seems like a case of damned if he`s in and damned if he`s out!!!! but not really …..cavalho plus a quality striker will do for me…and it doesnt have to be a cavani and certainly not a remy…just someone with pace skill and an eye for goal…and we can get things moving but it will require wenger to spend 50m in next 5 days…as i keep saying its a simple test of whether hes willing to put fans and club above board and profits…lets see

  33. if Wenger doesn’t buy a striker now he should just quit because he should have bought one for the last 3 windows and has failed to do so. He is holding us back not taking us forward, his stubbornness is Arsenals biggest problem bar none.
    You cant win anything with a weak spine and all Wenger has done this summer is weaken it further by selling Vermaalen. He will never learn and he will never change and we will suffer for it.

    1. It is quite ironic. When RvP was around, we had a mediocre midfield and sh*tty defense. Now our midfield is the best in the league and our defense has improved, but we lack that certain special CF up front. I really don’t get Wenger’s logic. He needs to play our players where they are most comfortable. Now that Giroud might be out, he is going to rearrange the whole of our attack to accommodate for it which is only going to disrupt things.

  34. Arsene Wenger has again drifted into a delusional world where he believes the current squad is strong enough to compete for trophies. You would think he was required to spend his own money for these transfers!

  35. I don’t really get it, the ball just hit him on the shins, ok it was at some speed, but after all he went through last season. Maybe that area was weakened as he did seem to injure it at the end of the last game. In which case, hopefully it’s muscular / tendons rather than a bone break.

  36. This is absolute bs. Here we are supposed title contenders and both our mediocre CF’s are injured? We have no one to replace them and I am not happy about Wenger keep changing the positions of certain players to accommodate for injuries as this only disrupts the squad. BUY A PROPER F*CKING CENTRE FORWARD WENGER and stop making makeshift plans all the time. We have 70m left give or take, go get Cavani or someone we know is capable of getting 30 goals a season. we have sorely lacked a decent goal scoring machine up front since RvP left. At the time, he didn’t have the quality around him so he carried the team pretty much on his own. Now we have plenty quality in our midfield and flanks, imagine what a player like RvP could do now. Cavani will boost our chances incredibly to win the league and even the CL. PAY THE PRICE and we have a world class CF for years to come.

  37. Simple
    Wenger and the board care about making a profit nothing more nothing less, and they are very clever, they buy Sanchez -season tickets and we are all on a high, then your hooked, if your happy with top 4 be quiet if you want the league we need wenger out and Kronkie to go nothing will happen until then

    1. the board and wenger dont personally gain from the clubs profits(if you look at the last set of accounts the profit margins are getting smaller every season from a few seasons ago so there is not much to take from the club in profit really a measly 7 million pound last year i think this wont bother the board to cream that amount form the clubs pockets they are all filthy rich as it is) the self sustaining model means all profits go back into the clubs pockets so we can compete at a good level this has held us back a few years ago but with new revenue coming in we can put more into transfers and wages

  38. Ill never know why we didn’t go for Ballatelli – particularly at the price. We’d have to spend twice the price, to get half the player-

    I know he comes with risks, but Wenger was happy to accept the risks with Suarez- so should have gone for him-

    Now with Giroud’s injury – Im very worried – aren’t you?

  39. what is a world class c/f consist of these days? back in the day we had a double act up front that worked in tandem perfectly in berkamp and henry one couldn’t really function without the other properly almost the perfect combo for a strike pair graceful speedy winger converted c/f and the perfect no 10 with perfect all round vision and goalscoring ability what do we have now that is that equivalence we have a wordly no 10 but no great gracefully speedy henry type c/f and there are none like that out there atm maybe a few potential wannabes remy lacaztte and the likes but really ozil needs a double act with someone and maybe we will see it click into place with sanchez maybe he has the ability to be an henry winger converted c/f has similar traits pace skill strength can score ace goals just needs to find his feet at c/f and he will form a deadly partnership with ozil i think maybe the old time wenger classic 4411 the ox on the left and walcott on the right Ramsey and new d/m in the middle would work a treat for me this formation never dies out just gets reinvented to suit the players available

  40. playing with g-rod up front is like sticking to fingers up to traditional arsenal play of fast movement one twos and pass and move football this is very unlike wenger to make such a major shift away front his normal trends of style of play big man up front with no pace just isn’t the wenger way really he needs to go back to the past really to answer the current problem i have noticed all the other top 4 teams are more wenger they are (wengerites to coin a phrase) than wenger himself playing with a big srtong pacey team like we use to have they all copied wengers blueprint and left him behind somewhere along the line and he altered his and its not been the same since dont change a winning system of power and pace if it is was working for you mr wenger

  41. Sorry to see a player injured.. but it is indeed a blessing in disguise.. it happened a lot earlier when the window is still open. Imagine this happening next week..

    All season long we have been stressing for a clinical finisher.. Giroud is not a great finisher.. and Podolski is not being played a lot as he does lack some skills.. So it is the right time to bring in a replacement who can strike fear like Henry once did. The very sight of Henry was enough to scare teams.. That is the fear we need to instill.. That is what we need in Arsenal.. Imagine Cavani, Ozil, Sanchez, Carzola.. and Bech strength Walcott, OX, Campbell.. That is what we need to compete in all competitions..

    Again can’t come at a better time Wenger should just invest and buy a quality striker.. instead of buying another 19 year to fill the gap and hope he will become a super star in the future..

  42. Going off topic did anyone notice in the everton game Ozil sprinting back 70 yards to try and close down Lukaku after he fouled Per? He almost got there too!

    Not a single mention in the match commentary or any reports, but I noticed it as much as him losing coleman for the goal (although Lukaku was also completely unmarked when he ducked).

    Wenger chose Monreal & Ozil vs Lukaku and Coleman. At Goodison.

    That tells me he has pretty much unshakeable faith in his players so is unlikely to get a replacement for OG. And tbf to him we did dig out a result.

  43. And what is this I am seeing.. sorry apologize for my ignorance.. but who is Alessio Cerci.. Why are we interested in him.. again Wenger being cheap.. I don’t think he ever cares about world domination.. a squad that people should fear to play.. Look at how Bayern, Madrid, and Barca, now city and Chelsea put together.. Wenger does lack the Fire to prove.. Don’t know his logic as always stinks.. He is still living in the 90s world.. Modern football has changed.. He is failing to adapt.. He buys talents grooms them and then they leave.. we are not a talent factory like Ajax or Saints.. we are the Gooners.. we dont want to lose that identity.. we need a change..


  45. All people here are crazy. You criticize Giroud and at the same time acknowledge that our season is over! which is which guys?

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