BANG! Sanogo’s France double is great news for Arsenal

Yaya Sanogo may have had a slow start to his Arsenal career after being ruled out with a back injury almost as soon as he joined the club last summer. And he may look pretty ungainly at times, almost as if he has had a growth spurt and has not got used to the length of his legs yet, but he does also seem to show real promise.

Unfortunately, when you are a striker you are judged on goals and the young Frenchman has still to register his first senior Arsenal goal in a competitive match. That lack of confidence in front of goal was in clear evidence against Leicester City last weekend, so the news that the 21-year old Gunner scored an international double for the France under 21 side last night is very good news for Arsenal.

The goals, which you can see below, came in three second half minutes, reinforcing the belief that one goal leads inexorably to more. The same thing happened with Sanogo in the Emirates cup, when his first goal against Benfica soon turned into four and Sanogo in front of goal turned from Lord Bendtner into Thierry Henry, if you know what I mean.

Sanogo is likely to feature again for the France under 21s on Monday when they take on Iceland, so hopefully the lanky striker can score again and return to the Emirates feeling confident again, because the sooner he can get off the mark properly for Arsenal, the sooner he can really start to flourish.

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  1. Nawras says:

    That was very good for him. He still needs time to fulfill his potential though. Hopefully he will keep scoring as it’s vital for any striker.
    Now we have 4 strikers in Giroud, Sanchez, Welbeck and Sanogo. I don’t think we will ever need a striker as long as they perform & develop well.

    Can’t wait for the next game already. COYG!

    1. DanielC1989 says:

      did you see the goals though? one was a deflection and the other he almost hit the post from an open goal. hardly anything to shout about

      1. SaveArsenal says:

        So because a defender tries to block his shot and fails it is a bad goal?
        For the ‘open net’ he chased down a ball at full speed, chipped the keeper, stopped it and then took a shot with the keeper and a defender crossing on on him.
        No one is saying he is ready but he is an Arsenal player and scored 2 goals, you should be saying well done.
        It is not his fault Wenger pushed the buy up to lead the line before he was ready.
        Fans like you shouldn’t bother, you criticise him when he doesn’t score and rubbish his goals when he does.
        You’re a waste of space.

        1. Nawras says:

          Spot on.

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    not good enough…we need to secure a top world class striker in Jan

    1. HEYCH says:

      Your comments aren’t good enough…

      1. Colin says:

        While I understand your reaction to that comment, I think your reaction isn’t right. To succeed at the highest level you need players who can impose themselves in different areas of the pitch. As much as I like Giroud, Welbeck and Sanogo they are notthat imposing yet.

    2. John Legend says:

      Am with you this time, Hafiz.

    3. Arsenal Fan says:

      Go play championship manager

  3. almostawinner says:

    its was not fair to sanogo (or arsenal) to have him as our main backup to OG.

    i just have this feeling that sanogo will eventually come good but i think he’ll have to start by going on loan for a bit, i dont see him doing his developing while at arsenal (esp now that we have welbeck; welbeck looks hungry , he’s going to do well).

    1. Colin says:

      It was also not fair on Giroud, because he was on fire at the beginning of last season, but then played until he dropped. I know we all curse Giroud’s misses, but he hasn’t had a rest (apart from injuries) for practically a whole year. I like Welbeck, but Giroud is a fabulous workhorse for Arsenal and Danny has quite a lot to live up to.

  4. RyoSila says:

    A good prospect for the future.Needs backing from the fans.

  5. GunnerCPH says:

    Fair play, a goal is a goal. However, he does need to work a LOT on his finishing. Every single goal he scores is either a tap in or a poorly struck deflection. He needs more power and more precision, only then can we start taking him seriously.

    1. Archangel says:

      True..this 2 are more goals of kazahstan than of sanogo…

    2. ethangooner says:

      Watched both goals. Like the way he fell back to good position for the first goal, good touch for the second. But it is pretty clear that when he is in good position, he still rushed his shot and just shoot hard toward goal. This time he is pretty lucky with both goals, both went in. In both cases, I believe he has more time than he thinks, take one more touch and pick the spot. It is his biggest weakness now, the rest of his game are pretty good for his age. Need to go on loan to Liege 1 for 1/2 season after Giroud back, another loan next season in the EPL at lower team but know how to play football on the ground like Leicester should do great for him. Hope he is ready for Arsenal after that.

      1. Colin says:

        I like your analysis, I think a lot of pressure went on him last season and he hadn’t had much playing time before that due to injury even before he got to Arsenal. He has the eye, but he is snatching and rushing as you say. Perfection at sport is about being relaxed, like if you grip a golf club to tightly the ball will swing etc.

      2. th14 says:

        He needs a good ST coach.

    3. He has a very good goal scoring record for the French U21s, who won the WC/Euros (not sure which now).
      Wenger says he had a frightening record before injuries.
      The lad has got real potential, we just have to be patient.
      We have in fact, a few young guns with the potential, just lets see which of them makes the improvement to be our Striking future.

      1. Benny Hill is on the panel. Thought he was dead.

  6. MDOwn says:

    Pressure of Welbeck’s arrival and the sudden lack of faith in his ability to stand in for Giroud might make him pick up his game. The question now is when will he play again for Arsenal? I guess League cup games and impact sub? Is that enough or should he be sent out on loan?

    1. kia says:

      I think it would be best for him to go out on loan… Problem is, we can’t afford to send anyone on loan with our lack of depth!

      In terms of “out-and-out” strikers, we only have 3 in Giroud, Wellbeck and Sanogo… If one of those three are injured (a situation we are in now), then we only have 2, if my maths serves me correctly! Subtraction wasn’t my strong point:)

      1. mohawk says:

        Arsenal have the depth of strikers at Sanogo’s level. Akpom and Afobe have far more experience and are more ready than Sanogo. Send him on loan and stop wasting time pretending he can play as the lone striker at EPL level.

      2. MDOwn says:

        Yeah I agree, he could do with a loan spell, but we can’t afford it, what with your maths being correct. So the problem is he is now very much a bit part player, which as we have seen makes it incredibly difficult to score on a regular basis. Really he has to play the League Cup games, and come on later in games we are wining to get a chance. I’m a little concious of his development though, he will be 22 this year, and doesn’t look as promising as Afobe (21) and Akpom (18), who I think are both on loan.

      3. jermaineBryan says:

        this week would be perfect for him to go on loan to a prem team were he will garentee a bench or starting role.

        wenger should go for an xp striker like jonas who is still at his peak.he was jut released by valencia although being the firstchoice striker since negredo left.

        30*jonas free agent
        80-82rating prev valencia main striker
        worth 11m
        champ League 14app=8g,5ass
        la liga113app=36g/16ass
        excellent=ball control,
        very good=dribble,preditor,long shots
        decent=free kick,speed,passing
        last season comparison;
        # ave 0.87 shots outside area better than giroud
        #39% take ons better than giroud not far from welbeck
        #56% shot accuracy would rival the best finishers in the prem.(r0oney 53%,rvp46%)
        #scored 10 goals 1 more than welbeck,
        #ave identical amount of goals from corners as giroud
        #78% pass completion better than giroud69%
        #ave 0.71creates more chances than welbeck
        #ave 25.74 passes similar to giroud better than welbeck(plays similar passing game to arsenal)

  7. Young Gun_AFC says:

    Sanogo just needs to stop skipping leg day and he’ll come good. He needs more time to develop.

  8. 007 says:

    Keep it up Sanogo!!!

    ooh oh, wait a minute!!! Knowing Wenger this might tempt him to start Sanogo in the city game which I am not too sure for us going into very tricky match which can be decided by one brilliant moment or one stup!d mistake depending on whether you’ll wearing red or blue on that day.

    He needs to improve his 1st touch, his ball control, and he needs to be as cool as ice in that 18yard box!!!!

  9. John Legend says:

    I would like a “short thick man devil” for a striker to add to our options up front. Dont get Wenger’s obsession with tall clumsy guys. If Joel can be moulded in that devil up front and he does fine, no problem.

  10. mohawk says:

    It is good that Sanogo is playing at the level where he can learn and improve. He should continue that by going on loan or playing with the reserves.

    However, just like his 4 pre-season goal performance, this does nothing to suggest he is suddenly ready to play with a top team in a top league. What is this urge to declare someone a player from a single performance at a lower level or in meaningless game?? That is a knee-jerk childish reaction.

    Sanogo has a long way to go. Akpom and Afobe are far more ready just for example.

  11. rkw says:

    the guy is mediocre at best…wenger will hag on to him for too long and then flog him for tuppence to bastia….sound familiar…

  12. LoCkAy says:

    For once I will agree with Hafiz…
    Nobody cares (except Wenger, obviously) about Sanogo scoring 2 goals with the 21 squad…!!!

    We should have had a world class striker since he sold RVP (dumb ass move handed the league to Man United) for so called “sporting reasons”…!!

    It does not really matter since majority of the fans and the all board support a minimal “recruitment policy” and a lack of trophies (as well as being battered, trashed by the top teams in the league and not securing a result with a troubled Man United).

    We are “supposed” to be a top club, but we are clearly entering the CL as “silent” participant… Wenger will never have the audacity to say that we are in to win it… The same thing applies to the league… Not a chance!!

    A CB, a striker (top one), a DM and may be something to add more quality (Sanchez is the perfect addition, but not enough if we want to challenge).
    Campbell was kept… For what? He would have done a better job than Sanogo!!
    Rosicky is on the bench when we know he is a match winner.
    Ozil, Wenger pride, has been a clear disappointment so far.

    Looking forward to the come up!

  13. tfemi79 says:

    He always scores for under 21

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