Barbosa transfer GOOD for Arsenal apart from one BIG problem – Olympics

If you believe the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, which is always a risky business by the way, then it looks like Arsene Wenger is making a determined effort to sign the young Brazil international striker Gabriel Barbosa from Santos. But even if we do sign the 19-year old I still feel that Arsenal will be looking to complete the transfer of another forward before the new Premier League season begins.

For one thing we have Metro reporting that the talented young player dubbed by some as Gabigol and others as the new Neymar is heading to the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro where he will hope to continue his excellent international start and add to the two goals he has scored in four games so far.

That would mean that he might not be done with international duty until August 20th when the final takes place. That is also the date of our second Premier League match against Leicester City after the opener against Liverpool, so there is no way that Wenger could think this was a good way to start the season for Arsenal.

There is also the matter of his youth and inexperience and our manager is old and ugly enough to know that even the best players are unlikely to hit the ground running after such a move. Like I say, though, I think we would be getting a really good prospect but if the Gunners are to make a proper go of winning the title this year then another more experienced and proven striker is a must, especially with Danny Welbeck out with injury and Olivier Giroud possibly coming back late from Euro 2016.

So will it be Gabriel Barbosa plus one coming to the Arsenal party this summer?


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  1. What is the point of an
    academy when none
    of them play for Arsenal.
    30 mill on a Swiss = Xhaka
    35 mill on a Chilean= Sanchez
    42 mill on a Turkish /German= Ozil
    And the English players they bought hardly play either.
    Walcott 7 mill Ox 12 mill Chambers 16 mill Wellbeck 16 mill.
    Now its 20 mill on a Brazilian.
    Meanwhile the academy players get loaned out to
    Rangers Hull WBA Ipswich Birmingham Barnsley.
    Arsenal don’t buy stars we make them.
    No wonder the England National team fails
    with too many foreigners in the EPL.

    1. We got Gibbs, Wilshere, Iwobi, Szczesny, Akpom, coquelin and bellerin from our Academy.

      We also have the second best Academy in the PL

      1. Exactly.
        Gibbs never plays.
        Wilshere always injured.
        Akpom at Hull.
        Coquelin replaced by Xhaka.
        Szczesney in Rome.
        Proves my point.

    2. Is this your new rant david?? Are we going to have to put up with seeing this on every transfer thread??
      The way you can simply neglect footballing protocol to suit whatever agenda you may have to whinge and moan is simply baffling… Now it’s loaning out youngsters as opposed to turning straight to them to strengthen our first-team is your gripe? unbelievable…
      Loaning youngsters is a tried and tested method as the step up from u21 football to playing against actual men is simply huge. Especially with the intense physicality the EPL demands… The lesser league is a great way to test them and for them to gain experience, and if they can’t leave their mark there they obviously probably aren’t ready to lock down a place in a top-4/title-challenging team.
      It’s only the past few seasons where we’ve seen Bellerin and Iwobi lock down places in the first-team as they showed that there are special cases of being able to step into the first-team and have an instant impact without the need for a loan. Then there’s the case of Coquelin who spent years in a variety of leagues playing multiple positions before coming back to lock down a first-team place as our most defensively productive midfielder.

      But if you honestly have the expectation that whatever need the first-team may have a club should be able to look to their academy and magically pull a battle hardened, first-team ready player at anywhere near the caliber of player you’ve cited in – umm let’s see:
      Sanchez – Just one the MVP in his second consecutive Copa in consecutive underdog victories against FIFA’s number one ranked team…. Umm pretty sure that puts a serious claim to world-class if i’ve ever heard one…
      Ozil – World-cup winner… One of the first names on the german team-sheet. Has the kind of vision that you just can’t keep, most assists in the EPL since his arrival. The best playmaker in the world!!!
      Xhaka – 23 years old, youngest bundesliga captain, played a huge part in bringing his club back to being a CL team, consecutive MOTM displays with the Swiss, built like a house.

      Are you actually seriously citing our pursuit of these players claiming we should be turning to our academy with players just out of puberty?? Your logic is an absolute joke mate….

  2. A few tweets from reliable sources have come out in the past few days claiming BS on the fact that we’ve made an offer and it’s fabrication from his agent… Whop wham…
    I honestly can’t see Wenger shelling out such a large fee for a player who won’t be ready for a few years (as high as his ceiling may be) when we need multiple first-team ready attackers…
    The complete fee (Barbosa himself owns 40% of his rights which… I highly doubt he’ll part with cheaply, not to mention his agent who i dare say is licking his lips at a potential big pay-day as well!) would be roughly the same as two germans rumored to be available still currently playing who are capable of doing filthy things with the ball and technique that surely makes Wenger wet…
    Personally… I still think Drax and Gotze have world-class potential and will be baffled if Wenger doesn’t pursue one or both.

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