Barca boss with Premier League warning for Arsenal

With our form good and our confidence high, Arsenal fans are understandably looking up the Premier League rather than over our shoulders. So it is the two teams that finished above the Gunners, Chelsea and Man City, that we are looking at as the main obstacles to a Premier League title.

But maybe we should be just as worried about the team that we beat into third spot. The Barcelona manager Luis Enrique certainly seems to think we should after Manchester United beat the Spanish La Liga champions in a pre-season friendly game in America last night.

And the fact that they got the win without Di Maria or the new signing Schweinsteiger, with Louis van Gaal still expected to spend a lot of cash before the transfer window shuts, prompted Enrique to suggest in an ESPN report that United could do what his team achieved last season and bounce back from a disappointing year to claim the treble.

He said, “With a coach like Van Gaal and the kind of players they have. It is a team that are going for everything.

“In a year a lot of things can happen. We came off the back of a year without a trophy and we won the treble. United could do the same, it’s a great club.

“I spoke to [Van Gaal] for five minutes. It was a pleasure. He is a great person and one of the best coaches that I ever had. I have great memories of him.”

We already knew that winning the league was not going to be easy though, and we should also remember that Barcelona were without Messi and Neymar in the side and that it was only a friendly. But at the same time, Arsenal fans should not dismiss the threat posed by United or even Liverpool for that matter.

Who do you think will be our biggest rival this season?

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  1. Until May when we are crowned champions every team we face is our biggest rival,we have a poor record against Stoke City and Swansea we need these points so this must be rectified by beating such teams

    1. Swansea the Arsenal Wannabees, and Stoke Rugby FC. 2 Completely different teams that give us more trouble than any side in Europe. It’s time we change this around + beating Chelski next weekend and twice during the season.

    2. Another pathetic arsenal fan that thinks this team will win the premier league, no gamblier would bet on arsenal winning the premier league not with this team. Come may alot Of You guys will change your user name and start saying wenger out but i Am saying it from now pelase arsene go home.

  2. United’s problems are deep, their chemistry last season was terrible to non existent. I think it was a big surprise that they made the top four, given the level of their performances. They will be back, but this season is a stretch too far imo.

  3. Thats just polite talk, many here think UNTD will be fighting for EPL, i think they will fight for top 4, you just can buy 5, 6 players and expect to win something, they will sell Di Maria, thats big loss to them, and De Gea isnt safe either, cohesion of players is big part esspecialy in midfield, they bought new mid, to work they will need time, and time in EPL means no title, Chelsea and Arsenal have the biggest chance to win it, City squad is getting older and less motivated for EPL, and i think Pelegrini isnt on level of Wenger and Mourinho

    1. This cohesion concept is simply this summers go to mantra because it’s all that’s coming out the Arsenal camp. If you think United are only going to fight for top 4 that’s naive, and to say Di Maria is a big loss just makes no sense at all as he contributed little last season.

      United aren’t cohesive and the City squad is older and less motivated for the title…..LOL ok then whatever makes you feels more secure that Arsenal are a favorite. I personally don’t feel the need to make up imaginary barriers for our rivals, Chelsea are strong, United will be stronger, and I fully expect City to get stronger.

      1. Will be interesting whatever happens. The three northwest clubs that are essentially assembling new teams over the summer versus the two lightly tweaked London teams. May sound perverse but I think a more evenly matched top 5 will offer us a better chance of at least still being in the mix later in the season – no one team likely to dominate and walk away with it and all dropping a few points against each other. I doubt however that all three of the spending teams will have gotten it right though, just can’t tell at the moment which ones are going to gel right away. As you have and others have said elsewhere, pre-season friendly results mean zilch – Enrique just being polite to his old boss. Seem to recall United having a good pre-season last year.

      2. @Champagne Charlie
        Exactly…many will say what they want to say right now before the season starts to feel optimistic. Nothing wrong with that but when reality hits it will be hard. I have about a 3/10 hope for our team to win the title with the squad as it stands now.

        I for one think Man Utd and Liverpool have made better signings than last summer and are stronger and Chelsea without signing anyone will be a force again since they won it last season and Man City will definitely add and are already stronger with Sterling who I think is a definite upgrade to Navas. Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City are 3 teams that have alternated EPL titles for the past 6 seasons with a player scoring scoring 20 or more in the league when they won it. Most of them with the exception of Yaya Toure in 2013/2014 were strikers. They are definitely favourites more than we are. So lets hope this “cohesion” guy can score 20 plus goals in the league to give us a good shout at the title.

      3. Champagne Charlie
        cohesion concept was always there, Chelsea added Cesc and Costa and they won EPL, how much time City needed to win EPL with new players? Why do you think it would be different with Untd, i am just stating facts, no team has ever won EPL before with 5 or 6 first 11 changes. City won EPL ofcourse their hunger for new title would be smaller, Arsenal didnt win EPL for 10 years, who has more hunger?

        1. Hahaha…now its “Hunger”. I am sure they had no hunger or “smaller hunger” when they won the EPL in 2014…smh
          And also no one i saying Arsenal should buy 6 outfield players. We need 2 (ST & DM) and maybe someone like Reus. But the 2 are of more priority at least.

        2. Can’t say as I’ve never lifted the trophy myself, but every Arsenal great who comments on our team says when the first one comes it will open the door to many because when you win one the desire to keep doing it builds and builds.

          All I’m saying is to write off United for signing quality players in the positions they need is backward logic. Then to say City are getting old and have less hunger is pure hot air. It all comes about because you want to talk yourself into making Arsenal more and more likely to win the league.

          For me, United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal will fight for the title this year with no clear favorite.

          1. I agree with you about Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal
            I do have reservation about United – they will be stronger with the signings they made especially in their weakest area CM. But they are not in the best shape to win next season – I personally does not rate Van Gaal, he may be a great tactician but he is not flexible and very poor man management (just ask any Barca or Bayern fan) – He has his philosophy and all players have to follow it or out – Falcao and Di Maria – top top players but both flop badly – coincident? Both players had proved in the past that they can adapt well in different leagues. Both now got 1 EPL season under their belt and can potentially much better next season – but got kicked out for new players who never play in EPL (Depay, Schweinsteiger, Muller ?) – great Van Gaal logic. Last season many tip them to be a force to reckon with? They barely get into top 4 even without CL participation. They wont win titles this year

      4. United will be stronger? You mean stronger than last season? Probably. But every team is always trying to improve – that is nothing new but many panicky fans are acting like opponents have never done that before. ManU and LPool are buying because they know their clubs were deficient.

        Arsenal were the STRONGEST club the 2nd half of last season – and Arsenal have improved already with the addition of Cech, Walcott, and Ox who were not available then. And Akpom is emerging quickly. It is not a sure thing but then again neither were Coq or Bellerin.

        I have no doubt ManU will be strong – they should be with all the money spent. But that has nothing to do with what Arsenal should or should not do in the transfer market – this is a club clearly on the upswing. It would be stupid for Wenger to make wholesale changes right now. (But then again, Wenger has already done something stupid by giving Giroud that exorbitant contract).

        If Wenger makes no more additions to the squad I believe it is a big mistake. But he does not need to go crazy just because ManU needed a heavy re-working. LPool spent massively last season – and the their team was very poor. ManU got DiMaria, one of the best players in the world. Did it help them? Spending money is not necessarily a cure-all.

        I suppose I understand the panic based on Arsenal’s recent history. But…. please look at the energy and danger already in the squad – it is breathtaking.

        1. Church was a good addition, where Arsenal has done well is buying more youth. Our U18 and U21 teams where not complete. Looking at the pre season and some of our loan guys. I have good feeling about.

          Reine Adelaide
          Maitland Niles

          How do we give these players game time to develop at the highest level.

          Toral will go out on loan again, and if he does not highly impress I can see him leave. Wellington similar.

          I would love to see an Arsenal core of 6 7 players.

        2. You contradict yourself so often it’s hard to even follow…

          “I have no doubt ManU will be strong – they should be with all the money spent”….”Spending money is not necessarily a cure-all”.

          I’ve not touched on money once in any of my predictions, I’ve stated United are buying what they need which is how you get better…..for how much is of no interest to me. Spurs and Liverpool are often the examples of big investment going wrong, but fans fail to acknowledge those two went wrong with buying a host of garbage players instead of doing what United are doing – buying quality where they lack it.

          United will contest, City will buy top talent again and contest as ever, Chelsea are solid, Arsenal are just about ready to compete. You say Arsenal were the ‘strongest’ club 2nd half of the season, probably making that judgment on some solitary stat like points gained (which is doesn’t equate circumstance). Chelsea were the strongest, they held off everyone and won the league at a canter, what’s strong about an Arsenal team that had 2nd place in their control with 4 games to go only to bottle it and finish 3rd? You’re always looking to a favorable stat to make some kind of weak argument.

      5. Is that United will be stronger and Arsenal will be weaker? It will be like a dream to you all when Arsenal is crowned with EPL title…WE ARE ARSENAL

  4. We will win EPL only IF our squad remains injury free, something like Chelsea last season, our defence looks very solid and our key players are very motivated, cant wait to see our diamond Alexis again!! This could be our season after all waiting

        1. ??????????.
          Last 6 games
          Hull 1 – 3 Arsenal
          Arsenal 0 – 1 Swansea
          Man Utd 1 – 1 Arsenal
          Arsenal 0 – Sunderland 0
          Arsenal 4 – 1 West Brom
          Arsenal 4 – 0 Aston Villa

            1. You are because you are stupid enough to count pre-season.
              Were any of the pre-season games counted in the 49 game unbeaten run?

      1. Another pathetic arsenal fan that thinks this team will win the premier league, no gamblier would bet on arsenal winning the premier league not with this team. Come may alot Of You guys will change your user name and start saying wenger out but i Am saying it from now pelase arsene go home.

  5. I think it will come down to
    the hunger the skill and
    the nerve of the managers.
    Van Gaal is under massive pressure.
    After the experience of
    Moyes United should have
    got a younger manager
    and just given themselves
    4 years to build a new team.
    This is their third one year win the league
    miracle plan which has failed twice already.
    Rooney is their only real threat and if
    they lose De Gea they will struggle to make 4th.

    1. 100 % agree, and to those saying Di Maria wouldnt be loss, than why is PSG buying Di Maria for 60m? Di Maria and Lucas with Ibra or Cavani as CF will be amazing. Depay big signing and Di Maria isnt big loss, no more commenting for me, to much stupidity here.

    2. LVG is the ONLY manager able to mold DiMaria into a mediocre player. As soon as DiMaria got away from LVG in Copa America, he suddenly re-emerged as one of the best players in the tournament.

  6. City are off the radar
    and in a comfort space
    which makes them a
    very dangerous underdog.
    Arsenal are expected to mount a huge challenge
    so will come under extreme pressure from the media
    and fans something only Ozil + Cech would
    have experienced in club football.
    Thus Wenger is doing everything he can to
    temper expectations while encouraging belief.
    He has described Arsenals opening 4 games as tricky
    when they are pretty much regulation wins.
    Let the mind games begin.

  7. I think Wenger should play
    Cech in the Community Shield.
    I hope he does not show
    any weakness by playing Ospina
    or Martinez.
    Surely Wenger Cech and our team
    are mentally strong enough
    to handle a few pre match comments from Jose?
    We’re a big team now right?

    1. Ospina will not be back in time for the Community Shield and playing Martinez would not make much sense. And we’ve been a big team for a while now

  8. Ronaldo could be moving back to Man Utd….if the transfer is completed…

    we will be fighting for 4th again

  9. United will have a good club. You would at least hope so after spending over 300mil on transfers over the last 18 months.

    But the huge buying spree is also an admission that the club’s problems were not minor. And it could take some time for all the new faces to find each other on the pitch.

    As for me. I am glad I don’t support a club that requires fans to have a game program to identify the players on their OWN TEAM.

  10. Funny how for Arsenal was “just meaningless friendlies” and now for manu is “they will be fightimg for the title.
    Yeah ok its barca…but what else can Luis Enrique say than that a grest tem beat him….that a lousy team did?

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