Barca´s brain explains why Arsenal need Jack back

While Arsenal were flying along in the Premier League, and beating an unbeatable looking Bayern Munich team into the bargain, no one was too concerned about the injury situation at the club. And to be fair, there were not many Gunners out of action for us to worry about.

That has changed a lot over the last couple of weeks of course, and now Arsenal fans are crossing our fingers and hoping that one or a few of those injured players can recover and make themselves available to Arsene Wenger as soon as possible.

The likes of Theo Walcott and the Ox have had their fair share of injury problems to cope with in their playing careers but it is surely our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere that has been hit the hardest of all our current players.

The good news, if you can call it that, for Wilshere is that his most recent spells in the treatment room have been caused by tackles, one from Man United´s Paddy McNair and one from his own team mate Gabriel in a training session. So he can at least hope that the label of being injury prone is not right and that he can finally get his career back on track and start to show just how good he can be.

One man who clearly feels that Wilshere can be one of the best is the former Spain international star Xavi Hernandes, who was so good that he was dubbed the `brain´ of the Barcelona team that was arguably the best club side ever. In a Daily Mail report he gives his thoughts on the unlucky Gunner and the massive potential that Arsenal have waiting for us.

Xavi said, “He played a fantastic game against us [in 2011]. Let’s not forget he was just 20 or 21 years old (Wilshere was 19). It’s just a shame he got injured so many times over the past two years.

“If he gets going and a bit of continuity as well, he may make the difference for both Arsenal and the English national team. He is a different kind of English player.

“Even though he has been nourished in a physical type of football, he is really talented, gifted for passing and he does not give the ball away. He does not seem to be English!”

So have Arsenal got a world class player in waiting and will he ever get a proper chance to prove Xavi right?

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  1. The problem with Wilshere, is that it takes him many many weeks before he returns to form. If he returns today, he’ll only start wowing us by April next year!

    And then another injury strikes 🙁

    1. Well, is not like he’s staying in bed all day long. I bet he hits the gym everyday just to stay fit. He walks, he will not running soon but he does move

      1. I bet that you don’t win much with your bets Bud?
        And How do you know what jack gets up?
        Your talking about the same player who has the most snaps with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth!

        You make me laugh, with your know it all comments,
        Keep them coming mate!

    1. sorry for putting traitors in that list they dont deserve it.Wilshere only needs to be consistent in his performances the ones that earned him a place in the team of the year arsenals player of the season and young player of the season

  2. what every gunner likes about willshere is that he gives his best on the pitch.the only one who can match his energy is alexis.hope he gets back soon then we can win the treble(if we get through the group stages of the champions league we will win it,fa cup is arsenal cup nowadays and we only have one rival for the epl eassssy!)

  3. The question is whose place will Jack take when he’s back to full fitness? Ozil? Cazorla? Ramsey?
    It’s clear in his mind from recent comments, that he thinks he can replace either Santi or Le Coq.
    They have been the engine room for all our best results this season and last, now with Ozil doing the virtuoso stuff.
    It will be great to have Jack back as a squad player, and he will get starts as part of sensible rotation, but the team has moved on since last season, and he needs to understand that

  4. I’m sorry but I live in the real world where fairy tales and fantasies don’t exist!
    And unless there is a cure for brittle bones and joints within the next few years!
    Jack Wheelchair will always be known as a could have been World class player.

    The same goes for Walcott, Welbeck and the Ox.

      1. I once had a dream where we would beat anyone and the players would be known as The Site.

        The www . arsenal .

        Walcott wilshere welbeck

    1. @Fatboy Gooney
      It’s not about Jack having brittle bones. He has metal in his leg. He will always be prone to injury because of this. And he will never play to his full potential also because of this…FACT

      1. Yes I know that mate! ??
        I couldn’t be arsed to mention the metal this time around,
        The metal/ screws are there because of his brittle bones,
        Whereas Ramsey had his leg broken into two …
        yet no metal for him, but he has muscular problems instead of brittle bones ?
        its either one or the other with our young English boys!

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