Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal – Horror show defending – New podcast from Sonny TV Unfiltered

So let’s have a welcome to the newest contributor to JustArsenal. He is a podcaster called Sonny and is a true hardcore Arsenal fan and has some excellent ideas which will inform, educate and entertain our readers. He is well connected and works with hardcore fans like his mates from AFTV and The Football Terrace. His chosen charity to work with is Gooners Vs Cancer and coming from East London he wants to work to raise awareness of knife crime and poverty on the local streets.

One word of warning, he is a real terrace Gooner and his YouTube Channel is called Unflitered because it is! Expect a few choice swearwords, especially if Arsenal defenders are involved lol.

Sonny is a real Gooner and he is really passionate about the club and the game. We hope to see regular contributions from him all the way through the season. Welcome to JustArsenal Sonny.


Let us know what you think of his podcast in the comments…..

You can follow Sonny on Twitter @sonny_arsenal and on his SONNY TV Unlimited Youtube Channel


  1. Welcome Sonny?

    One thing that worries me about our defense is the use of Maitland-Niles at RB This guy’s talent is being wasted.We shouldn’t underrate some of our youngsters at all because some are truly talented.AMN has speed,pace,power,dribbling,strength and height.His qualities are well distributed too.If only he is handled better I believe he can become a key member of the team.AMN is able to play RB because of his physical qualities rather than an understanding of the position.For this reason he has always been positionally suspect from day one.The calmness he shows on the ball is also typical of a CM.For the few times he’s played DM/CM for us it’s his defending and strength that stood out.
    We had a chance to give Osei-tutu a chance last season but we didn’t and loaned him this season.You can tell me it’s only U23 bit it’s not a certainty that AMN is better than Osei-tutu an actual RB who is very talented

    1. Kev, i disagree with you on AMN, he had the opportunity to cement his place as DM/CM and wasnt good enough, he was in the team when we have to recall koquieni from loan, wasnt he?, he was in the team when we bough Xhaka. Whilshire, Ramsey were having injuries but stil he couldnt get a nod ahead either, pls tell me, was Wenger been sentimental? Was Wenger blind? You may point to his game against utd, i cant remeber any other games he played as cm/dm and 1 game isnt enough accessment. I can remember him because of his contributions from wing and now rb.
      Talking about conversion of position, it happens to players and not unusual, Belerin wasnt rb from start of his career and so thousand other players who had/having succesful careers, nobody call it a waste of talent.
      2 succeful WC managers didnt see him excelling at that position and that alone is an indication to him, he has been playing as rb since 8months now, he ought to have adapted and forget about other things, with his temparament he might not do well in other positions,look at that blunder, what explanation can you give rather than lack of concentration

      1. The fact that two WC managers didn’t see him excelling at CM means almost nothing.You do realize these two WC managers are the same who rate Xhaka and keep on playing him regardless of mistakes??Ahh, I forgot their humans.Also I beg to differ on your point about him not being good enough.The funny thing is Maitland-Niles was promoted to the Arsenal first team based on his displays at CM in the Arsenal U23’s and on loan.I also believe he played on the wings at times on loan.You might not remember but in the 17/18 Europa League anytime Wenger switched Maitland-Niles from RB to CM he was always impressive.He was also impressive against Southampton in the Carling Cup in the 16/17 season where he played DM in a three man midfield of Ox-AMN-Reine-Adelaide.He also dominated Pogba and the entire Utd midfield in match in which Arsenal lost and earning till today Pogba’s respect.You can observe this anytime Pogba and Niles have meet each on the pitch.He absolutely has all the qualities to be a CM.He is not a RB and just because other young players adapt to different position doesn’t mean he can adapt.I remember how Vermaelen was switched to LB and became terrible later when asked to play in his own position.He’s had many great games even at RB and was good in the first half against Barca and Chelsea in the UEL before his second half capitualition in both matches.We must give this guy a go in his original position or sell him rather than waste his talent where he will be a failure.Play Niles in his original position and see what he can do rather than assume based on a human’s analysis that he won’t do well

        1. Well in that regards, he should leave if he feels hus talents are been wasted because i do not see in at CM in an arsenal shirt this season so far UE is around

          1. We could have been better off pairing AMN with Torreira last season when Ramsey was injured.Better defensively and technically than both Xhaka and Guendouzi.Their qualities would have made our midfield more balanced

      2. AMN never had a solid stint at CM yet. He was low in the pecking order because he was fresh out the academy, then he played opening day and got injured for a while, then Bellerin got injured and he had to play RB. I think you’re being very unfair.

        1. Yes, I agree.He has only been poor at the centre once which was against Osterunds where he played DM and even in that one he was just ineffective.I remember him being a different player in the middle anytime Wenger would change his position from fullback to CM in the Europa.This guy is a proper talent being misused because of his physical qualities.Imo he lacks understanding of that position that’s why his positioning is always suspect

          1. @kev you are absolutely right,his talent is being wasted. I think he should be switched back to his normal position and then we’ll see if he is shit or a really good player.

          2. The more average performances he continues to have at RB the higher the probability that his confidence will be low even in his original position.Even an established player like Vermaelen’s confidence was shot for a very long time after Wenger asked him to play LB such that he became poor at CB.How much more a youngster??

  2. We’ve had a bid for upmacenco (not sure on the spelling)£45m turned down

    If true why so late

    Why not offer Mustafi plus £60 m

    1. Why leave it so late?
      I read an agent interview recently and i got answer to that question: a player might not be available till some hours to end of the window due to other transfers and he might not even be the primary target, e.g primary target might be injured or unwilling to move. So lots of variable. As for why we havent bid for cb, that is what no one can say except UE himself just like Ken analysed in one of his post today. Lets hope we recruit a better defender before thursday

  3. Few days to go and reports carry that we have had a bid for Upamecano turned down. Why did they leave it so late in the first place I guess the Barca game just opened their eyes more.

    Please please please God help us get a good CB before deadline on Thursday

  4. just a thought on the game, does anybody know if stats will be included at the end of the new season. that is , aubas goal, and mr.ozils assist.?.

  5. We need a CB and backup RB
    We can’t rely on Mustafi
    Niles isn’t a RB unless we play three at the back then we don’t need a RB

    1. Pepe is not the answer sane problems this season
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  6. Arsenal have had a £55m bid for Dayot Upamecano rejected.

    Please we do we get this money from?

  7. I dont even know what to believe of all this media. Today we have £45m. Tomorrow we not buying.
    But my dear arsenal is giving me joy will all this moves. Even if we dont buy again, I am happy. It’s been long we go into transfers like this.

    Sorry. Which club did he plays for

    1. We are a big club and need to act like one please subscribe to my you tube Channel Sonny TV Unfiltered

  8. Would still rather get an EPL CB over Upamecano. Not sold we’ve even bid for him. CB’s can go so many different ways. Remember that time everybody wanted Eliaquim Mangala? If we were to get him, United still picked the better bet with Maguire.

  9. I bet Mkhi wouldn’t want to run into Sonny down a dark alley, especially after a poor performance, with the size of those guns ? hahaha!!

    1. What a great opinion how we are waiting for Bellerin to get fit baffles me AMN is going to cost us points lacks concentration.
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  10. Niles is not arsenal’s level. No matter what position they play him… I hear some people singing is talents here. But what abt him has been impressing. Nothing..

    He hasn’t improved at all. Some say he is not been played in his natural position, some even said he can defend so he should be played as a right back but what quality will a CM have if he cant defend..

    Niles is way below average….

    1. Since CM know how to defend like a defender why don’t we just stick Ceballos or guendouzi at right back? It’ll save us the trouble of buying a new player.

  11. AMN is a quality player being played out of position, like other players, been happening at Arsenal for the past 15 years. He should be paired at the base of midfield with Torriera imho. Chambers can fill in at right back until Bellerin is back, oh how I miss him. Surely we must be looking at someone rather than Tierney at left back as it’s unlikely he will play again this year. Sessegnon is only £30 mil but close to joining spurs. Upamecano is highly priced but a brute of a CB who is also good on the ball, hope we get him. Attack sorted ok but also need mor creativity in midfield. I’m not expecting a top four finish this season as teams like Everton have invested well and now very close to getting Zaha. There will be a few surprises this year, Wolves will join top six along with Everton so it’s a defining season for Emery.

    1. Declan, it’s a “defining season for Emery” alright. If Arsenal Management and the Board aren’t happy with his coaching of the team, team performance and achievements, his contract will not be extended into the third season. What I find hard to understand is why he has Management investing in the future, by buying players like Sabila as a CB, who may not even play for him. Surely given he only has this season to impress, one would think he would have looked at the short term fix, pushing for players to win now. Maybe he is putting the long term interests of the Club ahead of his own?

    2. Very worrying we have not addressed the defence
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