Barcelona announce signing of Aubameyang from Arsenal on social media (Images & video)

Barcelona have finally announced the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal, having agreed a deal with player and club before the deadline on January 31, releasing a series of images and a short video-interview.

The announcement is believed to have been delayed as they awaited the Gunners to officially unregister the player, due to the Catalan club not paying a transfer fee to us. In fact the latest reports claim that we paid the striker off to depart in order to save on his wages.

Barcelona were unable to announce his signing inside 24 hours of the close of the actual deadline as the paperwork was completed, but all the formalities must now be completed as their social media team have made their announcements to day.

It wasn’t the most over-the-top announcement we’ve ever seen, but they have spread things out with various shots.

Auba also gave a short interview to the fans in English for his announcement.

If Auba can get back to somewhere near his best he will be a steal for the Spanish giants, and if he does, it will prove that he simply wasn’t motivated to give his best for Arsenal any longer. If he doesn’t on the other-hand, it will show that we were right to offload him due to his faltering ability possibly due to age.

Either way, we can now draw a line under it and move on. Good luck for the future Auba.


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  1. Good luck to him,he carried the team for 2 seasons.also according to the Times,Arsenal paid Auba a 7M fee to terminate his contract.

  2. Aubameyangs time at Arsenal is very interesting and is a microcosm of the clubs fortunes on and off the field these last 4 years. Unfortunately I am not able to give my full view on this topic

      1. I have noticed something, according to JA,every time a former Arsenal player or a player we failed to sign gives an interview,they always(supposedly) have a dig at the club or MA,like Saliba, Guendouzi, Ozil, Vlahovìc…

      2. @ken1945.
        Beleive me it’s a great thought provoking balanced article. Unfortunately someone or something in the system has prevented my article from appearing.
        Are any of your articles similarly with held?

  3. In less than two years, this club has lost two of the best and highest paid footballers of our time: Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerik Aubameyang. To top it all, the players were also paid handsomely to leave.

    Just let that thought sink in for a while….

    I’m not pointing fingers, but to me, it says this club is in deep trouble.

    1. Rfrancis,

      Spill it out. Now imagine you are the owner for a while. You pay high premium to bring in players then you loose them for zero or pay them off to cancel their contracts. Imagine that in business terms, Balance sheet terms.
      If I had a manager, and because of his egoistic management style is costing me millions, the company will not only be in trouble but I would fire him. He has to maintain the value of players. A haunted player looses Value and buying teams know he is not wanted and offer peanuts if not wait for a free transfer.

  4. Once again, I pick up on something that seems wrong to me from the article.

    If Aubameyang proves to be a great signing for Barca, it will prove he wasn’t motivated to play for The Arsenal….

    Firstly, one has to be selected to play and secondly, why wasn’t he motivated to play for The Arsenal?

      1. Exactly RFrancis, that was my point.
        I believe it should be the manager and the player…. when he is selected.

        1. Well,if he performs well again,people will say it is because la Liga is an easier/inferior for Auba’s performances,in the last year,he caught malaria (lost 4kgs),caught COVID twice and his mother has been very ill,that could explain a lot no?lastly Xavi plans to play him as a number 9(CF),with Torres) Traoré he will get enough chances to score for sure.

          1. Ask the author of the article, we’re only giving our opinions
            Have you ever had someone who motivated or demotivated you, either in sport or work?
            It’s part of the art of man management and very obvious to see, when watching a team’s performance.

    1. He was picked over and over for months on end despite his poor performances, so I’m not sure what is meant by the first point.
      Motivation is an interesting question – it definitely cuts both ways. RVP played in a poor team and was clearly frustrated for a while at arsenal, but he still scored tonnes of goals, often with very little help. You could say similar with sanchez – his form dropped slightly before he left, but nothing like we saw with auba.
      I think the manager obviously has an effect, and you could give wenger some credit there, but the player cannot be absolved of responsibility. Personal pride has to drive you to some extent, and I can’t imagine someone like RVP playing so poorly, so consistently under arteta – he’d still stand out, even if we couldn’t get the maximum out of him.
      Overall though, my expectation is that auba will continue playing poorly for Barcelona (possibly after a decent first few games)

      1. In fact, I’d say one of the big reasons for wenger’s successes was that he assembled a squad with a core group of highly motivated players – do you really think he had to motivate Vieira, Henry, Toure, Ljungberg, Lehmann etc? Not to mention Adams and keown. These guys set standards for the others as well.
        If any of those players was playing on this squad, they might look to move if they were unhappy, but do you really think they’d let their standards drop so low? The manager is important for motivation, but it has to come first from the players

    2. Ken1945,

      Second part of your question, Answer because Arteta is not a motivator but a sulk.
      Look at how Klopp deals with his players, Ever smiling, explaining to them why he has subbed them. Hugging all after a game. Happy coach, Happy team, greater performance.

  5. I do not need to be motivated to do my job. The day I seem disinterested in my job for any reason personal or professional I could be terminated instantly being an engineer. On a weekly pay packet in excess of 300K/week, does one need motivation? Are we talking of school children waking every morning for school. These fellas play 90 minutes once a week, come on, give me some other more sensible reason.
    Nevertheless, I wish him good luck and would not care any more as he is no longer our player.

    1. LC
      Its not just about money. Players are not Robots but emotional beings. In some situations money is meaningless. Some one with a sick mother needs to be talked to nicely not shouted at. Our coach needs an HR course to add on the little field knowledge he has leave alone an economics course to stop loosing the club assets.

      1. This Motivation bullcrap makes me cringe.
        These are multi millionaires, some are in their 30’s, they are fathers etc. Making £100’000 a week just to kick a ball around.
        Stop the cringeworthy nonsense.
        If doctors, nurses, care home workers, those in the military can motivate them when earning just £20,000 – £100,000 a year then what stops melts on £350,000 a week from motivating themselves?

        I don’t earn as much as these guys but I am always motivated to do the job that I love. I have my bad days like we all do but I don’t spend 2 years sulking and unmotivated.

        If you are not happy in your job or at a place, then move. But expecting us all normal working people to all feel sorry for you is cringeworthy.

        We have those in the military always on alert. They don’t know which war place they are going to be sent to, they don’t know if they will be able to come back and see their families but they are mostly always motivated. Privileged primadonna on £350,000 a week are never going to get my sympathy because they get dropped for underperforming and being unmotivated.

        1. What is funny is that you use Military as an example…
          Do you think the squad leaders don’t motivate there team? Army sometimes got traumatized but they have phycologist and people who motivate them.

          If you think because players earns millions they don’t need to be motivated, why not pay millions to the players and ignore giving them coach?

          Why do you think City players lose matches at first half and you heard them saying(after winning) that the coach motivate them?

          You people compare your mere jobs where you can be sacked anytime without affecting your boss to a player who deal with contracts?
          If you pay players million and doesn’t give you what you want, you can’t just sack cos you’re going to pay another huge million to pay him off and yet go to another club to receive another payment. Can you compare that to your job?

          That is why players need coach motivation. Coach need to motivate is team.
          Do you think Leceister city won the league without Coach and the Owner’s motivation? Do you know what they were promised if they could keep just clean shit. And when that happened, do you think they will be motivated without there coach because they are bunch of millionaires.

          Think mate think

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