Barcelona determined to get Bellerin but only want a free transfer

The continuing nightmare of Arsenal letting out-of-favour squad players leave for little or no return looks to be continuing with the news that Barcelona are trying to stop our right-back from re-joining Real Betis on a free transfer and want him to return to Catalunya, where he was nurtured as a schoolboy.

It has been continually reported that the 27 year-old would love to return to Betis, but Arsenal are wanting some form of transfer fee as he still has one year remiaining on his contract, but Betis are either unwilling or unable to pay and believe tha Bellerin will work out a deal with Arsenal in one form or another.

But the latest rumours in Spain are saying that Barcelona have also made him a top target, but are asking him to wait until the last minutes of the transfer window so that Arsenal are forced to let him go, or to continue paying his wages for another year to sit on the bench.

So now it looks like it will be Bellerin’s straight choice between the two La Liga sides if he will leave for free anyway, and it would be interesting to see which one he chooses.

Last month, Bellerin’s ex-team-mate at Betis, Borja Iglesias, told Estadio Deportivo  that the right-back definitely wanted to return to the Sevillana club: “I miss Hector Bellerin.” he said.

“I’m thinking of doing the crowdfunding we said we would do to get him back. I come out of training, and people ask me if Hector is coming, and they tell me that they are starting a piggy bank here to raise money.

“Hector Bellerin really wants to come back. He has always said that he wants to play here, what happens is that he has been there for a long time at Arsenal. It is a complicated situation because he has a contract. I have always said it. I hope he is here as soon as possible because he gives us a lot inside and outside the locker room.”

Personally, I hope he chooses Betis for his own piece of mind as he seemed to very happy back in Seville. He will more likely win trophies at Barcelona, but will he be as happy?


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  1. Beyond hoping that he DOES leave AND that we get at least some sort of fee, I care nothing about where he goes, but only that he DOES go.

  2. If Barcelona are really saying that I’d be pretty cheesed off with those antics. A club in their financial state should be a bit more careful who they annoy.

    If he’s going for nothing, it’s probably better to play Barcelona against Betis to get a longer-term fee arrangement – or some kind of appearance / perfomance related fees- out of Betis.

    Anything that weakens Barc/RM is a good move in my book. Those clubs annoy the hell out of me and Betis has been annoying too in the Bellerin issue so they all seem to deserve whatever we can dish out to them.

    That said, as AON showed, we don’t always see the real goings-on behind the scenes and we don’t want his wages on the books (unless they feel it’s time to make an example of someone who makes the tea for a year).

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