Barcelona finally agree a deal to sign Aubameyang from Arsenal

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s transfer to Barcelona has been the ongoing saga of the day, and the latest reports claim that a deal has finally been made.

The Gabon international hasn’t played a competitive match since early December after falling out with manager Mikel Arteta, before being stripped of the captaincy also, and has been training away from the first-team since.

After being left behind whilst the rest of the senior team left for Dubai to undergo a training camp, Auba’s exit always seemed the logical move, and whilst it had looked unlikely numerous times today, Sky Sports has finally announced that a deal has been made.

While much of the talk was believed to be about a loan deal, Arsenal are now claimed to have agreed for the permanent departure of the striker, which will save our club massively due to his wages.

Arsenal are still yet to bring in a single player this month however, despite the fact that Auba’s departure will be the fifth senior player to leave the club this month, stripping our squad down to the bare bones.

There is just over three hours to get something done however, and we can only hope that there is a big surprise around the corner for us.


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    1. Arsenal will subsidize his salary like Ozil, Mustafi, Socritis, Willian Kolasinac. Its the old “He ripped up his contract lie”. And the fans fall for it every time. So now we await all our signings to be announced shortly.

      1. So Aubameyang cost 60 mill to buy and cost 37mill in salary = 97mill. How much did we get back on his sale? We already have Laca 50mill fee and 50 mill salary = 100mill going on a free. And Pepe 72m fee and 28mill salary =98mill not worth 30 mill. So 270 mill potential loss. Therefor we are not going to now splash 60/70m on another deadwood are we? Surely not?

      2. No mate they are not paying any of his salary it’s a free transfer and w3 are saving £25 million so get it right before you spout your usual BS!

        1. …and where will the goals now come from?
          We are a SOCCER team where goals matter, not some savings club, mate!
          Wake up!!

    1. That’s how I read it Declan
      It’s good news. Too much bad blood to make a happy ending at the Arsenal for Auba.

        1. Could we be surprised? I thought a couple of days ago that nothing would happen and looking at sky sports news , various clubs were announcing that business was done… but not from Arsenal. Who knows now?

  1. Not to worry we’ve signed Auston Trusty from one of Kroenke’s sports franchises Edu has pulled a rabbit out of the hat 😂

      1. Yeah I know Declan i had to use some sarcasm there 😂 looks like Saliba will be sold in favour of the old Trusty Auston 😳

          1. Your not wrong Declan we are 1 or 2 injuries away from calling another postponement and I guess we will do that again somewhere down the line 🙄

  2. As I already said that is 5 or 6 players walking out on loan etc without a single decent face brought in YET, cmon arsenal we need at least 2 players to cover the players that’s left so far, if we don’t were going to see us struggle from now on especially if injury’s happen and only the club and ARTETA WILL BE TO (BLAME) ,cmon times ticking …..c.o.y.g

    1. Can we stop blaming Arteta… he is not the owner not in charge of transfers.. thats Kroenke (who refused to santion Arthur) and Edu who keeps going for Brasilians (is he on a cut?)

  3. Apparently he took a pay cut ? Now if scores enough goals there then Arteta’s managerial skills will be questioned unless Arsenal manage to secure top 4 which looks difficult

  4. But why is it only arsenal that has problem with their players from Ozil, aubemayang, guendozi and more. Just look at how Chelsea handled the situation with lukaku. But arsenal seems to be different. once u are banished, then u are banished. But this wasn’t the case under arsene wenger. I jus pray we perform better from now on because we have becoming a mid table team.

  5. I’m so sick of those within the Kool-Aid drinking mob trying to hijack the Auba narrative by suggesting that we signed Auba, he came and scored a lot of goals, yadda yadda, yadda, then he forced us into re-upping him and he immediately said “f*** it” and instantly became a bad seed bent on destroying the club from the inside…you just can’t cherry-pick those “facts” that work best for you then simply disregard those that don’t jive with your particular narrative

    firstly, the manipulation of “facts” about Auba’s Dortmund days, yet both Klopp and Tuchel have spoken very positively about his impact on and off the pitch…of course, this isn’t meant to suggest that he’s entirely devoid of blame, but even if what some are suggesting was the case wouldn’t it be infinitely more logical to blame those at our club who didn’t vet him properly before he originally came and then again before we reinvested heavily in this supposedly highly flawed and problematic figure

    secondly, pretending that there would be no reason whatsoever that Arteta would do an about-face regarding Auba, even though there’s a very logical and Arteta-centered self-inflicted explanation…remember that Arteta attempted to cheat the “process” by changing the narrative following the FA victory, which failed miserably, and this managerial deviation originally led him to convince Auba to re-up

    in the subsequent months, once things had gone sideways and his negative tactics were incredibly problematic from a goal-scoring capacity, he flipped the script again and started to sell the notion that this was a “rebuild” all along…as such, Auba’s unreasonable wage and term, considering the new narrative, no longer fit MA’s plans, so the campaign to undermine his relationship with the fans began in earnest

    I can only assume that he was hoping that Auba would see the writing on the wall and publicly declare his desire to play elsewhere, but that was a difficult ask considering the length of his current contractual agreement and the financial obligations that another team would have to assume…maybe MA actually felt that if he was frozen out he might be willing to renegotiate the terms if a viable alternative, to Auba’s liking, emerged

    I guess he’s just the next in a long line of world-class players to enter our hall of shame…how many members are we going to induct before we come to the realization that maybe it’s not them who are the problem, it’s us

    1. Well said mate
      Arteta PR team doing their best to make this out as some kind of win win situation for the club .

      1. Cheers DK…btw did you notice how the FF is changing his approach now that he’s being largely ignored

          1. Yea he’s been doing it all season mate ,trying to get responses out of us by changing his tune to suit the situation and it worked up till the last week .
            He’s a FF for a reason as Declan as just pointed out

              1. Really @Fairfan???? You have alot a fans??? Must be a massive electricity bill with all of those ceiling FANS you have

      2. Yes, the Arteta propaganda machine has been blitzing the view that Aubamayang brings bad vibes to the club. No one questioning Arteta’s game plan and the lack of scoring opportunities created by Artetaball which would numb even younger more physical players.

  6. Am relieved we are moving on from this Aubameyang drama… and the club wasn’t bled dry like during the Ozil saga.

    1. Aubameyang cost 60m in his fee and 37mill in salary and Arsenal is subsidizing his salary at Barca. So a minimum of 97million he cost us and he is let go on a free. If this is not bleedng the club dry then I don’t know what is. Next up it will be Lacazette 50mill in fee and 50 mill in salary going on a free. Then 72 mill Pepe. And we are supposed to rejoice in the clubs brilliant contractual business model? To be fair though most of these debacles are pre Arteta but Arteta did give the Auba extension so he is not entirely clean. The long painstaking task of clearing the money grubbing deadwood kicking and screaming carrying their boat loads of cash out of the club gets one step closer. We never want to see this again which is why we won’t ever again sign any one for more than 30mill. You would hope.

  7. Ozil Captain? 3-4 games a season never officially captain.
    Kos and Aubameyang both reluctant captains.
    Both were quiet leaders did their job well.
    Both got old 32+ and needed to be replaced (Kos also injury prone archilles). RVP problem child and injury prone for 9 years with just one decent season forcing his way out because the “little boy told him to go to Man U” None leaving were the fault of the club.

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