Barcelona free Arsenal to make Mahrez 2nd summer transfer

Even though the Arsenal transfer target Riyad Mahrez made it clear after the end of the season that he wanted to leave his current club and suggested there was an agreement in place with Leicester City not to stand in his way, there was still a major obstacle standing in the way of Arsene Wenger getting the deal done which he had tried unsuccessfully to do last summer.

That obstacle was the considerable financial muscle and allure of the Catalan giants FC Barcelona, who Mahrez was apparently keen to play for. According to a Metro report, though, the Algerian international has grown tired of waiting for Barca to make a move and so Mahrez is now said to be ready to sign for the Gunners instead.

The story is that the Spanish club are looking at other players such as Marco Veratti of PSG to boost their squad and bounce back after seeing their great rivals Real Madrid lift both the Champions League and La Liga trophies. That leaves Wenger and Arsenal free to pursue the 26-year old who the Foxes value at around ·50 million, so will Mahrez soon become the second signing of the summer for us after Sead Koaslinac?



  1. Wenger may like Mahrez but am not sure he really wants to sign him…at 50m he is even expensive
    Maybe if Leicester can take 25-30m max

    If Sanchez and Ozil stays, I don’t think we will go for him

  2. Fatboy reported this in the previous post. instead the fee was around 35mil.

    Rumors… i don’t think it would materialize, unless we lose Sanchez

  3. He could be the second signing, if other Arsenal’s deals like the Lemar’s deal falls apart. Barcelona is never really interested in him anyway.

    If that happens, Arsenal needs to restructure their whole transfer policy, budget, priorities and staffs. Because this would mean Arsenal cannot compete with the other top European clubs to get an in-form and sought-after player like Lemar.

    Rather than chasing Mahrez, I would prefer Arsenal to chase Cazorla’s replacement like Verratti, Rafinha, Jean Seri or Sergi Roberto. Because there is a big chance Sanchez and Ozil will not leave Arsenal, and Mahrez would just be a backup for them.

  4. mahrez for 50million.what re they smoking over there in leicester city.the guy is worth 30 or 35million max.

  5. I can almost sense it:

    Arsenal to sign Lacazette AND Mahrez in the next few weeks. Only to lose Sanchez at the end of August to City.

    That’s how it will go: he will get replacements early just so we can sell directly to our rivals.

    Remember RVP? We got Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla all before August, just to sell the Premier League title to United for £24 millions.

    1. You might be right. Let us see after the new players came in.

      I hope Arsenal will not repeat the Van Persie’s deal. It is very dangerous to let an in-form player go to a Premier League rival, no matter how bad the player’s attitude is.

      If Arsenal is not a greedy club, they would have sold the dangerous players like Van Persie and Sanchez to other league’s teams, even though they have to receive much less money. But after all, football is just business for Arsenal.

      If they do this and City becomes a champion afterwards, I suggest the fans to support another club. It’s just a waste of money and time to support any greedy and low level football club.

      1. Did you just say support another club? It’s shocking how some fans think. I mean even if Arsenal relegate to championship, I will support them. It’s till death do us part for me.

  6. I don’t think 50M is worth it for Mahrez…even for Lacazette it feels too much!I think its about time we started promoting academy players we cannot be robbed like this every time we try and do business.

  7. mahrez at that price. I think not, let’s tie up sanchez to a new contract, that’s what is needed

  8. I think this will be one of the most frustrating transfer period for Arsenal.
    Every transfer season we would brag about champions league football to attract talent and this time we don’t have that. Also we are not a club like ManUtd which pay heavily for the players they want.I hardly see any top talent coming to arsenal this time.
    I am just waiting for Arsene to give excuses at the end of transfer season.

    1. They will tell you Judge him when the transfer window close and once it close they will tell you to judge him at the end of the season…the cycle never ends at arsenal!

  9. Lacazette £56 million
    Mahrez £50 million
    Aubemeyang £63 million

    I know which one I would choose

  10. I very much hate the waiting game to see who is going to blink first and arsenal tends to love to play this game to the end, for me it is a must that you have the players you going to use for the season in pre-season so that they get a feel of the team in a friendly, but competitive circumstances. Our new players must at least be apart of two games with the other members of the squad.

    The Mahrez situation is very good for us, if we are actually interested, because there is no hype around him this year due to his team and his performances over the course of the season. A bid of 30-40 million would be about right in getting him, i do not see no one going in for 50 million. Is he needed, looking at the arsenal squad only sanchez, ox and sometimes Iwobi actually takes on the defenders, whether with a burst of pace or trickery, he has both qualities, which is an asset in crowded defenses. so yes he would be a very valuable addition. The thing s do we really want him, let us see.

  11. Not 50m for mahrez but let’s not forget the markets evolved a lot and think back to Andy Carroll and tores to Chelsea for 50m. David Luiz as well, Anthony Martial……
    There are some crazy fees in football these days and no player 100% guarantees success.
    Except of course rvp and sanchez WHEN we sell him to City 🙁

  12. @arsenalgirl.
    Totally agree aubameyang is unplayable at times not just his pace but his movement in the box.
    African cup if nations though is a real problem to consider.

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